Luke: You’re standing on some of my papers.
Reid: Am I?

— Luke and Reid

Transcript | 15 April 2010

Dallas Part 1. Luke and Reid prep for his testimony in front of the Texas Medial Board while the bed in Luke’s hotel room threatens to swallow them whole. Luke asks Reid why he insists on calling him “Mr.Snyder.” Reid shows up to find Luke dressed only in a towel and the two exchange briefly bond before Noah calls to interrupt. Luke brushes lint off Reid’s shoulder, which appears to be as close as two gay men on daytime will ever get to reaching third base.

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HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story Parts TBC

Anthony D Langford April 15, 2010 Parts TBC


Reid: All right. I’m going back to my place to watch some TV.

Luke: Not until we go over your testimony one more time.

Reid: Annie Judd died. The cancer killed her, not me. I’ve got the facts and figures to back it up. If you’re not convinced of that after hearing me go on and on for the last four hours —

Luke: All right. Well, you know what? It’s obvious, you know, what happened, but that’s not the problem.

Reid: No, the problem is her father won’t accept her death and he wants somebody, preferably me, to pay for it.

Luke: Well, maybe you should try explaining it differently.

Reid: Excuse me?

Luke: You’ve got the medical jargon down pat, but that doesn’t mean anything to me.

Reid: Yeah, well, I’m gonna be explaining this to a panel of doctors, probably not good ones, but hopefully they’ll have some clue what I’m talking about.

Luke: Look, that’s not the point. This is more than just science.

Reid: And you know this from your dozens of successful interrogations by the Texas board of medicine?

Luke: Look, Annie was not a number. She was a little girl. You knew her. You did everything you could to save her life, and when she died, it broke your heart.

Reid: I don’t let my feelings get in the way of my work.

Luke: See, the thing is, I think you feel a lot more than you let on, and how you tell her story is gonna be the difference between you keeping your medical license or losing it.

Reid: This is a medical hearing. It’s not a talent show. What matters are the facts, not feelings.

Luke: Yeah, but facts are more than just numbers! This board is gonna want to hear from you and not Dr. Reid Oliver, the incredible neurosurgeon. They’re gonna want to hear from Dr. Reid Oliver, the man.

Reid: No, they’re gonna want me to appease the patient’s family. A year before Annie Judd died, I told her father that she had terminal cancer. Now he wants to punish me for being right.

Luke: Or maybe he just wants to hear that you’re sorry.

Reid: That’s not relevant.

Luke: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. You should try being human once in a while. It won’t make you any less of a surgeon.

Luke: Mr. Judd is a grieving father hell-bent on revenge. He’s gonna talk about her — her final days, her battle. He’s gonna talk about how she died. He’s gonna break their hearts.

Reid: With any luck, one of them will be a cardiologist.

Luke: You know, this is not the time to joke around! Look, I know you care about your work, but, quite frankly, you come off as just really cold, and I know you don’t mean to.

Reid: Oh, come on. Don’t psychoanalyze me.

Luke: Why not? That’s what the board’s gonna do. They’re gonna try to figure out if you’re too reckless to be in the O.R., and you need to prove to them that if they take away your medical license, they are killing people.

Reid: She had a nice smile, Annie.

Luke: Nice?

Reid: Brave, like she knew that we were worried for her. She wanted us to know that it was gonna be all right. I was the one that was causing her pain, cutting into her skull, sticking her with needles, ordering chemo, but she always lit up when I walked in the room. I miss that smile. Nobody smiles when I walk in a room. Most of the time, they act like it’s the grim reaper, and I’m okay with that, but I didn’t want to be that for Annie. I miss Annie. The world misses her. Because I couldn’t save her, they’re never gonna know it.

Luke: People think that you’re a brilliant doctor because you’re fearless. They don’t know it’s because you care so much.

Reid: You sound like a self-indulgent celebrity therapist.

Luke: Why do you do that? You came so close to being a real human with real emotions, and you just go right back to being a jerk.

Reid: You’re wrong, Mr. Snyder. I’m always a jerk.

Luke: What’s wrong with you?

Reid: What do you mean?

Luke: After all this time, you can’t call me by my first name?

Reid: Oh, come on. I don’t have time for —

Luke: No, no, no. My name is Luke. Just say it.

Reid: What does it matter what I call you?

Luke: Mr. Snyder is my father. I’m Luke.

Reid: Can I have my files back, please?

Luke: You call Noah by his first name.

Reid: He’s my patient.

Luke: So?

Reid: It’s a simple, well-defined relationship. It’s patient-doctor. It’s clear.

Luke: So what does that make us, then?

Reid: All right. I’m tired of explaining myself. That’s what I’ve been doing all night. I’m gonna go home and get some rest. Thank you for helping me prep for the hearing.

Luke: Are you sure you’re ready for this?

Reid: Yeah, I’m sure.

[Knock on door]

Luke: Just a second. Oh. You’re not, um, room service.

Reid: You’re not, um, dressed. I knew you’d take forever getting ready. Here, maybe this will help get your butt in gear.

Luke: All right. Just — just give me — give me two minutes.

Luke: You sure you’re ready for this?

Reid: The inquisition? Sure. I’m not afraid of those dinosaurs.

Luke: [Laughs] Well, could you just try to respect them for a couple hours? You can’t be the head of the new wing and don’t have a medical license.

Reid: They’re not gonna take away my license. They don’t have the guts.

Luke: All right. But one word of advice.

Reid: Just one?

Luke: Yeah. Keep repeating your mantra.

Reid: Which is?

Luke: Don’t be an ass.

[Both laugh]

Reid: That’s good. I should have that tattooed on the palm of my hand. Bob Hughes would love it. It would make his wife ecstatic. That lady doesn’t like me.

Luke: Well, maybe that’s because you never apologized for hitting her car.

Reid: The woman can’t take a joke.

Luke: All right, come on. Let’s go.

Reid: Hey, thanks, you know, for all this. Nobody’s ever — I mean, I know you’re not doing it ’cause you care about my career. It’s all for Noah’s sake, but —

Luke: No. I — I do care.

[Cell phone ringing]

Reid: Oh, speak of the devil.

Reid: There’s nothing to worry about, Noah. The hearing’s just a formality. Mr. Judd just wants to make sure that somebody’s paying attention.

Noah: Yeah, but you could lose your license, right? I mean, that’s what they’re gonna decide today.

Reid: That’s what I’m trying to tell you, that it’s just for appearance’s sake. They’re not gonna take away my license. It would cost too many people their lives.

Noah: But if it should happen by some fluke, what then? And before you ask, I’m not just talking about my surgery. I mean, I know how important this hearing is for you. You shouldn’t have to go through it alone.

Reid: I’m not.

Luke: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Reid: Tell him.

Luke: Noah, hi. It’s me.

Noah: Luke? What are you doing in Texas?

Luke: I flew down with Dr. Reid.

Noah: Wow. I’m surprised you guys didn’t kill each other on the flight.

Luke: There were more important things to focus on. If Dr. Oliver loses his medical license, he won’t be able to perform your surgery. So, the most important thing is to keep him on the job so you can get your sight back.

Noah: That is so you.

Luke: What is?

Noah: Putting aside your personal feelings for me. It can’t be easy for you.

Luke: Well, it’s not as bad as I thought. But we should — we should go. The hearing’s really soon.

Noah: Okay. Well, good luck.

Luke: Thanks. Bye.

Reid: You ready to go?

Luke: Yeah. No, actually, hold on. Hold on, hold on. Just — one minute. You’re gonna be great.

Reid: Easy for you to say.

Luke: No. It’s not.

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