Reid: Well, I figured since I’m gonna be working here in Oakdale, I should make more of an effort to be part of the community.
Kim: [sarcastically] Why?

— Reid and Kim

Transcript | 28 April 2010

Almost Kisses. Reid and Luke return from Dallas and try to have a quiet night in, but fate (and the network sponsors) step in to intervene in the form of pizza delivery boys and pagers. Nevertheless, they make an effort to get closer before Reid is called away and Luke returns to the Lilypad to let Noah know he’ll be there for the surgery…as a friend.

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HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story Parts TBC

Anthony D Langford April 28, 2010 Parts TBC


Luke: Is that from Katie?

Reid: Yeah.  Because my rent is due. She and the baby are having dinner with Nancy Hughes.

Luke: Ah. Well, I was just gonna say hi, so I guess I should get going.

Reid: Ah, where you got to go? Got another awards banquet to run off to?

Luke: You mean for my multimillion-dollar foundation? Uh, no, I — I think I am caught up. Why?

Reid: Well, I figure I owe you for helping me meet the medical board and saving my career. So what do you say? Pizza and a beer, we’re even?

Luke: [Laughs] You’re so generous. Uh, I don’t drink.

Reid: All right, forget the beer. I’ll throw in watching the game instead.

Luke: Look, that’s nice, but I — I think I’ll pass. You really don’t owe me anything.

Reid: And if you leave now, we can go back to being Dr. Oliver and Mr. Snyder, and we don’t have to talk about that kiss. Is that the idea?

Luke: Well, there’s nothing to talk about. A kiss is just a kiss.

Reid: Don’t worry, Luke. It won’t happen again — unless you want it to.

Luke: Pizza sounds good.

Reid: Pizza it is.

Luke: Looks like your cable’s out.

Reid: Yeah. Sorry about the game.

Luke: Yeah. I’m sure you are.

Reid: Hey, I like baseball.

Luke: I know something that you like more.

Reid: Brain surgery?

Luke: More than that.

Reid: What’s that?

Luke: Not talking. You live for not talking.

Reid: I like to talk. I just don’t do small talk. It’s a waste of time.

Luke: Yeah, but this means you’d have to be civil — at least until the pizza came.

Reid: Hey, I haven’t said anything insulting to you for at least 48 hours.

Luke: Yeah. What happened?

Reid: Well, you get enough of that from Noah. It’s not fair to pile on. Want something to drink?

Luke: Soda’s fine. And, you know, you’re wrong. Noah and I are okay.

Reid: He kicked you out. Do you call that okay?

Luke: If that’s what he needs.

Reid: No, what he needs is to learn some gratitude.

Luke: You think I want Noah to give me —

Reid: You know he’s still punishing you for his accident.

Luke: But it was my fault. He — he was messing with fireworks. I was distracting him. If he was totally focused on that instead of me —

Reid: Everything you’ve done since then doesn’t matter? Getting him into rehab, kidnapping the finest neurosurgeon in the country to do his surgery?

Luke: Full of yourself much?

Reid: I’m just saying, for him to keep dumping on you after everything you’ve done for him — frankly, it’s rude.

Luke: You’re not blind, and you’re rude. What’s your excuse?

Reid: Why are you sticking up for him?

Luke: Because you’re talking trash about him.

Reid: I’m just speaking the truth. It’s time somebody stuck up for you.

Luke: I’m fine.

Reid: Noah’s blaming you. You’re letting him. You guys are both idiots.

Luke: And now you’re back to insulting me. You know, I knew it.

Reid: Accidents happen. They’re not always somebody’s fault. It’s not okay for Noah to beat up on you, calling the shots while you put your life on hold, waiting for him to come around. Aren’t you sick of that yet? You sure as hell should be.

Reid: What? You’re leaving? Where are you going?

Luke: I don’t want to discuss my relationship with Noah.

Reid: Okay, fine. We don’t have to talk about it. We can talk about something else. We can talk about your foundation, how the Cubs suck almost as much as the Astros, our kiss. What?

Luke: Well, now I’m the one that doesn’t want to talk.

Reid: It’s ’cause you liked it.

Luke: There could be a lot of reasons for that, like it’s been a long time.

Reid: Yeah.

Luke: And, uh — being wanted by someone like you, it’s a compliment.

Reid: Yes, it is. And —

[Doorbell rings]

Luke: Saved by the bell.

Reid: This guy is getting a lousy tip.

Delivery guy: Delivery for — Oliver.

Reid: Anybody ever tell you you have lousy timing?

Delivery guy: I get that a lot.

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: Do you want me to get that?

Reid: Yeah, could you? Thanks. Dr. Oliver’s phone.

Noah: Luke?

Luke: Noah, Noah, hi. Uh, we just got back from Texas. Good news. He’s been reinstated.

Noah: [Sighs] That’s a relief, considering my surgery’s scheduled for tomorrow.

Luke: It is? Oh, wow. I just had no idea. Well, I’ll be thinking about you.

Noah: Thanks.

Luke: But you wanted to talk to Reid.

Noah: [Scoffs] It’s Reid now?

Luke: Yeah. Um, can you just wait a couple seconds?

Noah: You know what, Luke? Uh, don’t worry about it. It’s, um — it’s not a big deal. I was just, uh, checking in. Um, he doesn’t have to call me back.

Reid: Who was it?

Luke: Noah. You didn’t tell me his surgery is tomorrow.

Reid: No, I didn’t. You want to get some plates.

Luke: No, I want to know what kind of game you’re playing.

Luke: Why didn’t you tell me that Noah’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow?

Reid: Family members are privy to that kind of information. You are not decidedly not a family member.

Luke: Yeah, but when did you plan this? You must have been talking about it with him while we were in Texas.

Reid: I’m not discussing my patient with you.

Luke: We were just talking about Noah. You brought him up.

Reid: We weren’t talking about his medical care.

Luke: All right, let me get this straight. My ex might get his eyesight back tomorrow, and we can’t talk about that, but you are free to tell me every reason that Noah and I shouldn’t be together.

Reid: Yeah, that — that about sums it up. It’s called doctor/patient privilege.

Luke: Well, that is not what this is about, and you know it. You didn’t want to tell me about Noah’s surgery because you knew that I would go straight to him and see him through it.

Reid: You’re acting like I’m the only one who knew the time and date of this surgery. Noah knew. Did he — did he call you? Did he ask for your loving support?

Luke: No. But that’s probably because he knew that I was in Texas with you and thought that you would tell me. But no, you were too busy trying to work me, trying to start something with me.

Reid: I thought we were starting something together.

Luke: You know, and I think that’s a conflict of interest.

Reid: What is my sinister plan, huh? Keep him blind so he’ll need you? Restore his sight so he wants you back?

Luke: Who knows? Who knows what you think. Because one minute, you’re this pompous ass, and then the next minute, you’re kissing me and making me feel like —

Reid: Feel like what?

Luke: I don’t know.

Reid: Yeah, you do. How do I make you feel?

[Pager beeps]

Reid: Oh, really? That’s the hospital. It’s an emergency. I got to get over there. Listen, can you put away the pizza, lock up?

Luke: Sure.

Reid: I don’t play games, Luke. I’m not that guy.

Craig: Well, I — I have no idea where Gabriel came from. Carly hired him. To be honest, I never trusted the guy.

Margo: Can you give me any details that might help me lead — lead me to next of kin.

Carly: No. I — I don’t think so. He — he started out by just doing some odd jobs, and he was good, so I gave him some more work, but I never got around to doing the actual paperwork.

Margo: Well, what about some conversations that you might have had with him about his past, hmm?

Carly: Nothing like that. Sorry.

Margo: Well, an address? Maybe he lived with family.

Craig: He lives at the Lakeview. But as far as I can tell, he’s a drifter.

Margo: A drifter who moonlights as a handyman can afford to live at the Lakeview?

Craig: Oh, here’s the doctor now. Dr. Matthews, can we have a minute?

Margo: Doctor, what about Gabriel Caras? Any prognosis?

Dr. Matthews: Uh, we’re waiting for — uh, here’s Dr. Oliver right now.

Reid: Matthews, you paged me.

Dr. Matthews: Yeah, I got a patient rescued from a fire.

Reid: Then you paged the wrong Dr. Oliver. I don’t do burns or smoke inhalation.

Dr. Matthews: I’ve got that covered. This patient might also have a head trauma.

Reid: Okay. Let’s go check him out.

Margo: All right. I’ll go with you.

Reid: Did my patient commit a crime?

Margo: Maybe, or maybe he saw someone who did.

Reid: Well, by all means, let’s heal him so you can lock somebody up.

Margo: Giddy-up.

Craig: Well, this could take a while. I’m gonna get some coffee. Can I bring you two anything?

Carly: No.

Parker: No, thank you.

Carly: We’re good. You, come with me.

Noah: Luke? Is that you?

Luke: Yeah, yeah. Come on inside. How long have you been out there?

Noah: Uh, I don’t know. Not — not that long.

Luke: Would you like something to drink?

Noah: No, no. I — I’m fine, thanks.

Luke: So, what are you doing here?

Noah: Uh, I’m having the surgery tomorrow.

Luke: Yeah, yeah, you told me.

Noah: Well, you know, I spent this whole time just thinking about when the surgery was gonna be, and I haven’t let anything else really penetrate for me until — today, and I’m kind of freaking out.

Luke: Anybody would be.

Noah: I — I tried not to call you. I mean, I’ve been pulling away so much. Then, you know, I just suddenly have one bad day —

Luke: No, you — you could have called.

Noah: I didn’t want — want to go there. So I called Dr. Oliver. You know, I figured he’d give me grief, but he’d probably calm me down. And you picked up, and it was like everything came together for me.

Luke: What’s that?

Noah: I’m scared, Luke. You are the only person I want to be with.

Noah: Look, I — I totally understand if you want to just kick me out, I mean — I’ve hurt you a lot, pulling away from you the way I have.

Luke: Well, you’ve needed space. I get that.

Noah: Yeah, but you still went to the mat for me. If it wasn’t for you pushing for that hearing in Texas for Reid, I wouldn’t be having this surgery. You — you’re not saying anything.

Luke: Well, I’m not sure what it is you’re asking me, Noah.

Noah: I’m sorry. I just — I’m blowing this. Um, I don’t, uh — I’m not —

Luke: Okay, okay, I get it. You’re not proclaiming your undying love.

Noah: I didn’t mean it to sound like that.

Luke: Then what do you want, Noah?

Noah: My dad’s in prison. My mom’s dead. This surgery tomorrow — I don’t know what could happen. I could die.

Luke: You won’t.

Noah: But if I did, who would they tell? And the thought of going into that room with nobody waiting for me on the other side, caring either way what happens —

Luke: If you want me there, I’m there.

Noah: You sure?

Luke: Yeah. I mean, I thought you’d never ask, but —

Noah: I didn’t know what you’d say. Just considering everything I’ve put you through recently and the fact that Dr. Oliver’s been so hard on you —

Luke: I will be with you every step of the way — surgery, recovery, whatever you want.

Noah: Could you just, um —

Luke: It will be okay. You’ll be okay.

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