I can’t get baby pictures in the mail. It’s bad for my image.

— Reid (to Katie)

Transcript | 4 May 2010

Noah’s Surgery. Luke arrives at the hospital to check on Noah and Reid, catching them looking suspiciously friendly, gets his shorts tied in a knot. Surgery begins and Katie tries to convince Luke that Reid likes him, but Luke’s not buying. Meanwhile, in surgery, Reid and Noah have a nice moment where Reid tries to calm Noah, Noah dreams about Luke, and Reid encounters unexpected complications.

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Chris: Is that Noah Mayer’s chart?

Reid: And if it is?

Chris: That surgery’s been performed what, like 20 times? It’s still experimental.

Reid: Make your point, Doogie.

Chris: Are you sure you can handle it? Don’t get all bent out of shape. Even you have to admit it’s risky.

Reid: Yes, you’re right, it would be risky for someone the likes of you to attend.

Chris: Because I’m so much less talented than you are.

Reid: Don’t worry about Noah Mayer. I’ve performed the surgery several times, always successfully. Would you like to observe? You might learn something.

Chris: Thank you for the offer, but I’m gonna go meet a friend. Would you like to observe? Maybe you’ll learn something. Yeah. .

Noah: Nurse, are we ready?

Luke: It’s me.

Noah: Hi. I wasn’t sure if you were gonna come.

Luke: I’ve been here for a while. I was waiting in the waiting room.

Noah: Why?

Luke: Well, because the nurses were getting you ready and having you sign forms. I didn’t want to get in the way.

Noah: Well, I’m glad you’re here, but you might want to run while you till have the chance.

Luke: Why’s that?

Noah: I’m — I’m, uh, just a little bit wired.

Luke: Well, that’s totally understandable. And that’s why I brought your camera.

Noah: What? Why?

Luke: Because, Mr. Filmmaker, you whip this thing out when anything important happens. And getting your eyesight back — that’s — that’s pretty major. So, um, just talk to the camera. You know, scream, laugh, cry, whatever you want.

Noah: Um — I feel, um — I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment forever, and now that it’s here —

Luke: You’re excited.

Noah: Yeah. Yes. I feel like my insides are jumping up and down. I — I am so revved at the thought of what I’ll be able to do when I can see again. But I’m also scared.

Luke: Well, don’t be. You have an amazing surgeon.

Noah: Mostly, but — I’m — I’m just glad you’re here. Thank you. Thanks so much for coming.

Luke: If it was me in that bed, you’d be here for me.

Noah: I don’t know. Sometimes, the things I’ve been saying to you recently, I just —

Luke: Hey, look, look, look. We’re not gonna talk about that, okay? Not today.

Noah: Okay. Hey, I — I want you to come in. Come on. I want you in the picture. Come here. Come on. Is it still focused?

Luke: Uh — yes. I know what I’m doing.

Noah: All right, well, smile for the camera. Dr. Oliver?

Reid: Yeah, it’s me.

Noah: Okay. Let’s get my life back, huh? Whoa, my cut’s still there.

Reid: The anesthesiologist has been in?

Noah: Yeah. He asked me about allergies and all that stuff. Why did they put me in the chair if they’re not ready to take me down to pre-op? I — I feel like we’re never gonna get started here.

Reid: Any questions before we do?

Noah: No, no. I’m ready. If I was any more ready, I — I’d perform the surgery myself.

Reid: Well, since you’re gonna be unconscious, you might want to leave that to me.

Noah: Yeah. I’m blind. Let’s not forget about that.

Reid: After today you won’t be.

Luke: You sound so sure.

Reid: That’s my job. Your nurse is here.

Nurse: Okay, Noah, let’s get this show on the road.

Noah: Okay. Uh, Luke — I, uh — I — I don’t know what to say.

Luke: How about "See you later"?

Noah: Yeah. That sounds good. See you later, Luke. Okay, Peggy, let’s roll.

Luke: Take good care of him.

Reid: That’s the point, isn’t it? That’s what you dragged me here for.

Katie: Oh, am I too late? Did they take Noah in to surgery already?

Luke: Yeah. They took him in a few minutes ago.

Katie: I wanted to bring this for Reid.

Luke: A four-leaf clover. You really think Dr. Reid Oliver puts that much weight in lucky charms?

Katie: No, but I do. Maybe you want to hold on to it.

Luke: I will. Thank you.

Katie: Reid is the best, you know.

Luke: I know. That’s what he keeps telling everybody. That’s why I tricked him into coming here. I think he’s still holding a grudge about that.

Katie: Oh, that’s just Reid being Reid. He would never admit it, but I think he likes it here. And he likes you.

Luke: Well, I helped him get his medical license back. I think that threw him.

Katie: And made him like you?

Luke: Well, it made him feel like he owed me something. But I — I kind of think that’s — that’s over now.

Katie: Why?

Luke: Well, right when Noah was going in to surgery, Reid was acting the way he was before, you know, kind of rude.

Katie: Did he see you and Noah together?

Luke: Yeah.

Katie: Were you two?

Luke: Oh, no, no. Katie, we’ve — we’ve broken up, you know? Noah asked me here for moral support, and that’s it.

Katie: Well, maybe you should explain that to Reid.

Luke: Look, Reid really doesn’t care about me. You’re reading him wrong.

Katie: No, something’s changed in him. He’s not that surgeon 24/7 anymore. He’s a little more human, more kind. And I think we both know why.

[Monitor beeping]

Reid: How’s his blood pressure?

Nurse: Still a little high.

Reid: How are we doing, Noah?

Noah: Um, just waiting, wondering why we haven’t gotten started yet.

Reid: Well, your blood pressure’s spiking. What’s wrong? Are you losing faith in my consummate skill?

Noah: Um, I shouldn’t be nervous, but I am.

Reid: Just think about everything you’re gonna be able to see after you get out of here — flowers, birds, trees.

Noah: And you. I’ll finally see you. What — what do you look like, Dr. Oliver?

Reid: Comb-over, buck teeth, this big old beer belly.

Noah: And a huge unibrow, too, right?

Reid: Oh, come on. Who told you about that? All right, your blood pressure’s going down. You keep these funny pictures in your head, okay?

Noah: Yeah, okay, I’ll try.

Nurse: He’s almost out.

Reid: You know, the idea is to go with the anesthesia, not fight it.

Noah: I just have a question.

Reid: Ask me anything.

Noah: Do you really think that this is gonna work?

Reid: You just close your eyes, Mr. Mayer. Next time you open them, you’ll be able to see.

Katie: What did the nurse say?

Luke: Well, that he just started surgery and he won’t be out for a couple of hours.

Katie: Did Reid send her out to tell you?

Luke: Yeah.

Katie: ‘Cause he didn’t want you to worry.

Luke: Katie, if Reid’s changed, I think it’s probably because he’s been living with you and Jacob, you know? The baby might have thawed him out.

Katie: Maybe.

Luke: Well, and Dr. Hughes treats him like a long-lost son. Maybe he taught him some bedside manners.

Katie: Possibly, but I think it would take more than friends and a cute baby to change someone like Reid.

Luke: Look, Katie, I can’t do this right now, all right?

Katie: Do what?

Luke: Well, I know you’re on some kind of matchmaking binge, but I can’t go there while Noah’s still in surgery. Look, we might not be together, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love him and want him to get his sight back and life the kind of life he wants to live.

Katie: Okay. As long as you get to live the life you want to live. Otherwise, no one’s happy. Good luck.

Reid: All right, how’s he doing?

Doctor: He’s fully under. Vitals are good. Let’s do this.

[Noah dreaming – ed’s note – dream sequence n/a in transcript and will be added at a later date]

Noah: All right. Let’s do this. Action! Yes, that’s it. Keep rolling. Perfect. Go in closer. Closer.


Reid: I’m losing him. Get me some suction. Give me some suction. I can’t see what I’m doing. Where’s the damn bleeder?

Luke: Oh, I was just about to get some coffee. Everything go okay?

Reid: When I got in there, I found some damage that wasn’t revealed in the CAT scan or the MRI. A blood vessel leaked. There were complications.

Luke: So, what does that mean? That Noah might not get his eyesight back?

Reid: Noah’s eyesight is only a part of it.

Luke: But, even if he’s still blind, he’s gonna be okay, right?

Reid: There might be brain damage. We’re not gonna know how serious until he wakes up.

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