Luke: Do you hate your dad?
Noah: Sometimes. But you’re the one that made me feel like that was okay, that if I could accept everything about him, all the good and the bad stuff about my dad that I could deal, and that would help me get past it.
Luke: I said that? That’s pretty smart.
Noah: You have your moments.

— Luke and Noah

New Postcard | Luke + (Reid) Oliver + Van + Eric = LOVE

Don’t know why I didn’t notice this before (I’m sure someone on Facebook has already done a similar post),  but
Luke + (Reid) Oliver + Van + Eric = LOVE

Like I didn’t have enough to keep me busy already? But I just couldn’t help myself! At any rate, in case you want to jot down any of your thoughts and send them TPTB/soap mags. Click to download high-res version.

I’m hoping to do a Doctors without Borders one, later this week.

2 Responses to “New Postcard | Luke + (Reid) Oliver + Van + Eric = LOVE”

  1. alison says:

    so in love with the storyline so for.because Reid and Luke is the best couple on the show so sad that Reid is gone dead leave Luke crying over is dead Noah being there for him too just love Reid

  2. tLuRefan says:

    Love this!!! 🙂

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