Lily: What exactly did Damian say to you?
Luke: He said that if you love somebody, the ends justify the means. Mom, what are you thinking?
Lily: I’m thinking I need to speak to your father.

— Lily and Luke

8/2 and 8/3 Highlights | Encouragement

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Aside from the fact that my laptop can barely keep up with the HD clips, making this video was a complete luxury thanks to the fabulous smuchshypush (BTW, smuch – I think I’m staying less than a mile from you, so hope you can feel the disturbance in the Force).

Like, any good LuRe fan, I liked these episodes a lot when they aired, but I have to say, I like the "bridal suite" scenes much better after editing them down, if I do say so myself.

Some highlights: Eric’s hands in this episode, and contagious Reidism, sparkly Luke and sentimental Reid.

In this epic, I’ve tried to put the emphasis on the visuals in the scene. There several other ideas I’ll capture whenever I get to the episode reviews. In the meantime, enjoy the video!

  • 0:00 Luke looking particularly sparkly and gorgeous all through this episode – probably because he looks so HAPPY.
  • 0:13 The number of double-entendres and not so subtle hints Reid has been handed by the writers on a platter must set a new record. "…unless the shower’s an open invitation." The smile SO says he knows that line won’t work and Luke’s says he has totally accepted this as part of the mating game. Would be really funny if it weren’t for the later scene in the bridal suite where it’s clear where that it’s not just a game. In hindsight, it’s a little bittersweet.
  • 0:19 LOVE the smiles on both of them in the "love" discussion – so unforced. It looks like Van and Eric had fun filming this, but then again, their chemistry is so amazing, it’s hard to tell how much of it is natural and how much of it is their stellar acting…and BTW, if Luke were any closer to Reid, you’d have to scrape him off with a spatula.
  • 0:27 Love the grunt. Wow.
  • 0:40 Holding hands! In public! and I believe Reid would actually do it!
  • 1:18 "Ha ha, no!" LOL – the pitch of Reid’s voice!
  • 1:38 "Don’t make it so complicated" – I don’t think this choice of wording is a coincidence, since Reid likely overheard Luke lamenting how complicated Love is as he entered the scene. The sexiest “he’s mine” hand grab ever. (More hand holding!)
  • 1:48 check out Reid’s expression as Luke is talking – it totally says, "No, that’s not what I meant at all!" And Abigail is just wonderful here. Without saying a word, she is clearly completely sizing up the relationship between the two of them and coming to all the right conclusions. Plus she looks fantastic. I could definitely have used more Abby and less Janet/Blackthorn/Gabriel/Vienna/blah blah blah.
  • 1:59 After Luke thanks Reid for the "mitigating circumstances", Reid does a little sidelong smiling glance – this completely parallels the very early scene at the PD when they’re watching Molly talk about how Reid busted Damian and Luke smiles at Reid in thanks and he does the same microscopic little smile with his eyes. *swoon*
  • 2:11 Reid hand movement #1 – love how he signals to Molly to go hide
  • 3:02 I have not seen such a natural smile from Molly since….she came back to be with Holden. There are so many parallels between Molden and Nuke in that clearly Molly and Luke were clearly with the wrong partners (hence the non-stop waterworks). Like Luke, Molly was sparkly in this episode, despite the tears (thank you, Reid)
  • 3:25 Reid hands #2: "I’m gonna grab a snack!" LOL. I just wish this clip weren’t edited so tightly in the original so you could see it better!
  • 3:34 Reid hands #3: After grabbing a cookie from the jar (what else), Reid sticks out a hand to help (?) Carly as she is helped up by Molly and Abby?!
  • 3:40 Loved Jack in this scene, trying to keep from laughing, and not at all believing Carly’s ruse is going to make one iota of a difference in keeping Holden and Lily apart.
  • 4:15 Reid hands #4. Aside from the hysterical Reid-stuffing-his-face throughout this scene, it’s capped off by Reid, still stuffing his face, giving Jack and Carly a "toodles" wave as they depart!
  • 4:25 This scene largely parallels the one where Luke watches Reid and Katie say goodbye. Reid is doing something unexpected (involving kids!) and it catches Luke’s eye and he tunes in. In both cases, he is completely mesmerized and cannot take his eyes off Reid. In the Katie goodbye scene, I think it may have been the first time he thought about Reid "in that way". This time, he SOOOOOO looks like he’s completely in love. If he smiled any wider, they’d have to broaden the doorway to get his grin through. He is SO lovin’ what he’s seeing, emphasis on LOVE.
  • 4:28 The fact that Ethan turns around in his seat is hysterical. It’s more typical of someone marching into the boss’s office and having him (or her) turn around in their big office chair to confront the nervous employee…Love how snarky Reid is intimidated.
  • 4:53 "Uh huh. Cake." ’nuff said.
  • 4:58 Reid hands #5: Love the thumbs up for Nathalie!
  • 5:03 Never realized that "hop down" could sound sexy! And aww….they look like a family.
  • 5:15 Poor Reid. "I think you should take a breather….you must be exhausted" The guy never gives up on trying to get Luke horizontal. And he’s lost all sense of subtlety. Never mind – he never had any – and now he’s trying for some. Ack – it would be side-splittingly hysterical if it weren’t so sad!
  • 5:24 Contagious Reidism – "Meaning?" Since when did Luke start talking with his mouth full?! LOL
  • 5:34 Luciano, I love you more than ever, but if you actually are so dense you are missing the “hints” that Reid is dropping, you need to get some people skills training of your own.
  • 5:45 I CANNOT believe that after glancing at the bed threatening to swallow him alive, and noting that they are “in the bridal suite,” Luke does a blink and come hither eyeflirt/smile that just screams “TAKE ME” before what follows. He did this same blink and smile in the Near Kisses episode. *swoon*
  • 5:51 After Reid says, “So the wedding didn’t happen, but we did” and Luke replies, “Yeah, we did,” it sounds like Reid says something at the same time as Luke says “didn’t we?” Can anyone tell what Reid says?
  • 6:29 I’m sorry, I just didn’t buy this. The writers have done a great job fulfilling my onscreen SORAS wish fulfillment. Luke (with the exception of his notable lack of sexual history and the elephant in the room) has lost all resemblance to the 22-year-old at the beginning of this storyline. Instead, he’s looking and acting completely grown up. I could buy an inexperienced college-aged Luke saying “I need time,” seeing those lines coming out of very adult-looking, 28-year-old Van Hansis’s mouth? Van’s a GREAT actor, but I couldn’t believe it. He’s done too good a job convincing me Luke is mature enough to deserve Reid. I could see the Luke of the “I Can’t” episode asking for more time, but not Grown-Up, “I’ll quit my seat on the board” Luke. Sigh.
  • 6:58 The look on Reid’s face before the kiss? *thud*
  • 7:12 Not sure how Luke could actually break off that kiss (especially after practically inhaling Reid in, and that hair grabbing), especially with that smug/playful/cute smile. Normally I think Luke’s flirty smile is to die for. Here, I was ready to slug him.
  • 7:17 Reid hands #6 (the best for last). Along with Reid’s face? Four seconds of sheer perfection.

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  1. ashley says:

    dude when abby says hi im abaigail you must be noah i love how reid goes ha ha no he sounds like elmo and there is this running joke about hime looking like elmo at times

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