Katie: Uh, well, first of all, my pediatrician is a she, and apparently, she’s on vacation, according to her service. Do you have another pediatrician you could recommend?
Reid: Oh, I’m a podiatrist, remember? What do I know from pediatrics?
Katie: I’m sorry I said that before. I was just a little stressed out, and you were being, um — not like you’re being now.

— Katie and Reid

Episode LiveBlog | 6 August 2010

9.18am EDT

Three episodes in one week? After the plethora of ESS interviews last week, it’s like dying and going to LuRe heaven (despite the shortcomings of the last episode, which, for now, shall remain unmentioned)….

In the meantime, a preview of today’s episode:

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And a preview for next week:

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Thanks, Anthony!

2.00pm EDT

Henry and Will at Party Warehouse. Will ready to give up. Henry

Iris and Barbara….in the Fairwinds winecellar? Barbara tied up. How many people have been locked up here. Shouldn’t this be one of the first places to check for missing persons in Oakdale?

Paul and Emily sharing a drink. Emily promises to make piece with mom when she returns.

Iris threatening Barbara.

Two nurses gossiping – Gretchen and another. Something to the effect of: “They say Chris Hughes wants it by Dr Oliver’s in the lead and Dr Hughes okay with that.” Gretchen (I think) says something to the effect of if that happens, I’m quitting. Reid, who has overheard most of this, but was unnoticed, says, “Why wait.” The nurses look very guilty and skedaddle.

Hmmmm….I don’t think Reid knew before now given Luke’s “next chief of staff” comment on Tuesday. Finding out this way serves him right given how he stuck it to Chris last week.

(Note: no scrubs today – back in a lab coat).

Katie and Chris at the cabin. Katie in a bra, clearly worried about Chris who has almost passed out (“the thought of making love to me gives you a panic attack?”) in the pre-throes of passion. Katie says he’s pale except that makeup looks like they went extra-dark.

Here we go….

Commercial break

2.08pm EDT

Chris does completely pass out and wakes up out of it. Katie being sensible says she wants to call 911. Chris says he doesn’t want some country docs. Katie says she’ll call Reid if he needs brain surgery otherwise she’s going to get him medical attention.

Paul, Emily, and Gwen. Henry calls with update.

More Iris threatening Barbara.

Henry, Will, Paul and Margo at the Party Warehouse. Henry trying to convince Margo that he recognizes Barbara’s lipstick.

Commercial break

2.18pm EDT

Margo disses Henry and tells him there is no evidence at the Party Warehouse, and that she has real cases to solve. Henry asks about his gut instinct and Margo tells him that his gut told him to marry Vienna so his gut is a bit questionable. Paul (thank you!) calls Margo on being harsh, and Henry says his gut said don’t marry Vienna.

Barbara and Iris still jawing in the wine cellar. Yawn.

Emily warning Gwen about Iris’s drinking. Gwen defending Iris. Geez, thank GOD they didn’t make Reid an alcoholic (see John Dixon post about cliches). On top of recent wedding guests Luke and Carly and Iris there’s also at least Andy Dixon (John and Kim’s son – yes, that John, and that Kim)  and Susan Stewart (Emily’s mom – part of why Emily’s counseling Gwen that Iris will never change).

Katie and Chris arrive at Memorial. Katie trying to convince Chris to see a doctor. Chris saying he doesn’t want them involved. Chris raiding a medication cabinet. Chris sends Katie to the cafeteria to get him some

Reid spies Katie leaving an examination room looking very flustered. He asks a nurse why “that woman” was in an exam room and she pulls a Sgt Schultz and says “I know Noffing!” Reid looks suspicious. He peers into the exam room and sees Chris shooting up drawing blood from himself (sorry, couldn’t tell what he was doing until we got further into the plot). “Hey. What the hell are you doing?”  Chris has an “oh sh—oot!” look on his face.

Katie calls Margo and begs for her help. Margo ditches the Munson/Ryan/Stenbeck boys for Katie because of course that’s way more important than Barbara’s non-kidnapping. Henry looks at Chuckles as if he’s hopping the clown will talk.

Iris. Barbara writing out a check for $25K. “This is the start of a beautiful relationship,” gloats Iris. Barbara jumps her and slugs her (YAY!), though why she didn’t smack her with one of the THOUSANDS of bottles of wine in the cellar is beyond me!

Commercial break

7.33pm EDT

Iris comes up with a gun-like contraption of some kind (looks like it shoots T-shirts or something). Barbara says it’s a toy gun and Iris shoots her anyways. Barbara looks hurt. Told you she should have clubbed her with a bottle of wine.

Henry, Paul, and Will at the Party Warehouse. Henry now babbling about using psychic energy to solve a crime. Will and Paul look at Henry as if he is as raving as he is and Will asks where he will find a pyschic. He says he’s looking at a psychic now (Paul)  .

Margo arrives at Memorial and tries to get the details from Katie. They talk about her going to the cabin with Chris. Margo notices Katie took off Brad’s ring – I woke up and it felt right. It was sad, but it was time. Katie relating that Chris couldn’t breathe, was grabbing chest, sure it wasn’t a heart attack and played it off as low blood sugar or something. Katie thinks he was faking it and got cold feet! Margo tells her she’s nuts.

Reid challenging Chris and saying something like “If you don’t get the COS it’s not because you’re sick, it’s because you’re not good enough” and Chris retorting “Go to hell.” (sorry, didn’t catch exact wording on this because of COURSE these are the 40 seconds when my 3-year-old decided he needed to turn up the iPod to 100% volume while demanding help finding a new video!

Commercial break

7.42pm EDT

Hmmm….Reid knows Chris’ is hiding something. Not sure how much there will be left to play for LuRe today. 🙁

Emily STILL trying to convince Gwen that Iris is still a bad egg. Gwen still defending Iris, saying she wouldn’t let Hallie any where near Iris if she were still drinking. Emily wondering where the heck Iris actually is, noticing that the level seems to have dropped in the brandy on the drinks cart (wasn’t Iris ever a teenager – you’re supposed to redraw the marker mark after you sneak drinks from your kids’ liquor stash…um, your parents’ liquor stash, that is).

Henry trying to get Paul to play along as the psychic and Paul totally NOT into it.

Chris hands a blood sample to the nurse and asks for the tests to be run and expedited, with no name (just to get the results to him ASAP. Reid overhears. Conveniently, the nurse sees an emergency call on the monitor and runs off, leaving Chris’s test request on the counter for Reid to see. Reid, of course takes a look and gets a meaningful dramatic look as he watches Katie and Margo rush in to see how Chris is.

Commercial break

7.50pm EDT

Katie and Margo leave Chris. Reid walks in and goads Chris about having sudden onset acid reflux as he told Katie and Margo. Then wants to know why he’s having himself tested for a rare tropical disease. He’s holding a copy of the test requests (he sent the original to the lab). Sounds like he’s holding onto ammo and ready to fight hard….or dirty?

Emily looking at the alcohol and thinking about saving Iris from herself.

More Barbara and Iris. Snoooorrre – zzzz—- Oh. Emily just showed up in the winecellar and sees Iris and Barbara. Oh boy. Iris is busted.

Previews: Reid and Chris, but no Luke 🙁

So you’re brothers, but you’re not. And you have many conflicting emotions about the missing woman.

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