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2011 AfterElton Hot 100 announced | Plus ‘Glee,’ ‘Will and Grace,’ IMDB’s STARmeter rankings, ‘How to Succeed in Business,’ Cookie Monster, Oprah, saving soaps, and more!

Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens are still hot! (but you knew that, didn’t you?)

In addition to yesterday’s AfterElton Hot 100 list, today’s post includes items on: ‘Will and Grace watch Glee,’ Van and Eric’s current IMDb STARmeter ratings (as well as their recent projects and some interesting benchmarks), some thoughts on Daytime Emmys and How to Succeed without Really Trying, the Save the Soaps rally last week, Cookie Monster, and Aaron & Andrew (the musical talent behind ‘More Than Friends’):

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There are a bunch of graphics and lists in today’s post, making it really slow and long, so I’ll put most of it after the jump. In the meantime…

Familiar faces make the 2011 AfterElton Hot 100

Despite being off the air since September, our favorite Oakdale duo still retain a place in many hearts as Van, Eric, Jake, and One Life to Live’s Scott Evans all remained on AfterElton’s 2011 Hot 100 list.

Though I’m sorry to see the boys drop, it’s not a surprise given that they’re no longer regularly on-air.

Also making the cut this year, though, were two of my faves, from the rebooted Star Trek:

Missing from this year’s list were Chris Meloni (Oz, Law & Order SVU), Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica 2003) and BD Wong (Law & Order SVU).

Glee, Glee, Glee, Glee, and still more Glee!

Unquestionably, though, the top headline makers for this year’s AfterElton poll were the men of Glee. Including three of the top 10, the adorable chanteurs of Glee were shown plenty of love. Interestingly, on the pre-announcement speculation thread, there was a bit of a flame war going on, with some commenters accusing Glee of being popular only with the fangirls who were going to distort the poll, and others popping on to defend gay men’s choice to like (or not) the Glee guys. Guess we all like ‘em!

How much do AfterElton.com readers like Glee? Let’s just say the male Glee cast members who made The AfterElton.com Hot 100 could just about put together an all male show choir and compete against Vocal Adrenaline at Regionals. Indeed, virtually every male cast member, lead or supporting, made the Hot 100, our recent reader-generated list of the world’s hottest men.

Continuing his meteoric rise to the top of the pop culture zeitgeist, Darren Criss (Blaine) came in at number one, with Chris Colfer (Kurt), probably the show’s most surprising breakout star, landing at number three. Meanwhile, Broadway’s Jonathan Groff (Jesse) scored the number seven slot while Cheyenne Jackson (Dustin) came in at number twelve.

Colfer, Groff, and Jackson are the three out gay male members of the Glee cast, but demonstrating just how much Glee is at the cutting edge of our post-gay pop culture world, both Groff and Jackson play straight characters, while the heterosexual Criss plays Blaine, Kurt’s boyfriend.

It’s so 2011 and part of what makes Glee so remarkable.

Other Glee cast members who made the list include Chord Overstreet (#18, Sam), Mark Salling (#20, Puck), Cory Monteith (#23, Finn), Matthew Morrison (#48, Will), Harry Shum Jr. (#51, Mike), Max Adler (#64, Dave), and Kevin McHale (#90, Artie).

Speaking of Glee, AE recently ran a four-way, all-Glee ballot (right around the ‘Prom Queen’ episode) for their Battle of the Network Gays feature a few weeks ago (kind of like when they pitted Luke vs Reid to keep them from squashing the competition). Any guesses as to the results? Click here to check if you’re right.

And also on the subject of Glee, if you haven’t seen this ingenious YouTube video, it is DEFINITELY worth a watch. The Will and Grace portion of the clip comes from the episode ‘Acting Out’ where Jack freaks out when the camera cuts away from an anticipated (fictional) primetime gay kiss on his TV, and Will ends up kissing him.

Meanwhile, the Glee kiss comes from the episode ‘Original Song’ where Blaine finally kisses Kurt; as they go to kiss again, the scene abruptly (and conveniently) changes to a rehearsal with blaring drums (hmmm….wonder if that’s metaphorical….). As it so happens, I had just seen the Glee clip for the first time (I’ve been avoiding the show like the plague because I can tell it will be addictive) before seeing the Will and Grace version, so I found it particularly ingenious:

[tubepress video=ALoFeG37wuk title=false description=false]

If you want to watch the original Glee clip, it looks like the folks at FOX have been pretty draconian with their YouTube smackdowns, because it’s pretty much impossible to find full episodes, and the clips that are there are “enhanced” to avoid automatic detection (e.g.,flipped backwards or filmed with a handheld camera pointed at the TV). That’s the case for this Klaine clip:

[tubepress video=DxLUgOTvoTA title=false description=false]

IMDb’s STARmeter/MOVIEmeter

Okay, to make up for the fact that the above is yesterday’s news, here are some other tidbits (also from yesterday) just to give you a sense of the industry pulse. IMDb’s STARmeter/MOVIEmeter is calculated in a similar way to Daytime Confidential’s “top” lists (which features Roger Howarth, ex-Paul, ATWT, at #3 this week) and We Love Soaps’s hot lists – it uses searches and page views on the site to gauge popularity (and not surprisingly, will change drastically from month to month). So, as of yesterday, for the MOVIEmeter, we have:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 #2
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides #4
  • Glee #11
  • Body of Proof #434
  • Psych #629
  • Terra Nova #1,187
  • La Casa Muda/The Silent House (2010) #1,996
  • Silent House (2011) #2,397
  • Smash #7,024
  • I Hate My Teenage Daughter #8,066
  • Occupant #33,248
  • Stuffer #36,339
  • Left Loosey Righty Tighty #67,772

In the meantime, on the STARmeter front, just a reminder about what a small fish soaps are in the big entertainment sea, even Susan Lucci who has been everywhere lately between her book tour and the being the poster girl for the recently-cancelled All My Children, is still in the three-thousands. Hopefully this means that Eric and Van can enjoy their private lives while their stars continue to rise!

  • Natalie Portman #3
  • Johnny Depp #4
  • Vin Diesel #7
  • Jordana Brewster #13 (ex-Nikki Munson, ATWT) – you go, girl!
  • Ashton Kutcher #14
  • Brad Pitt #29
  • Tom Cruise #75
  • Charlie Sheen #129
  • Dan Radcliffe #181
  • Neil Patrick Harris #205
  • Chris Colfer #218
  • Darren Criss #235
  • Mark Harmon #283
  • Jeri Ryan #615
  • Vincent D’Onofrio #626
  • Jaime Pressly #687
  • Dana Delany #692
  • Cote de Pablo #716
  • Ellen DeGeneres #2,105
  • Oprah Winfrey #2,476
  • Dule Hill #3,246 (from PSYCH)
  • Susan Lucci #3,260
  • Jeffrey Nordling #5,257 (plays the ex-husband of Dana Delany’s character on Body of Proof)
  • Katie Finneran #6,636
  • Scott Evans #6,929
  • Eric Sheffer Stevens #13,412
  • Van Hansis #19,471
  • Brett Claywell #19,032
  • Colleen Zenk #21,324
  • Michael Park #25,623
  • Jake Silbermann #26,132
  • Trent Dawson #55,907

At #1 currently is Chris Hemsworth (which, as out of it as I am, made me ask, WHO?).

How much is a Daytime Emmy worth?

Not much, apparently, judging by the following video. In it, Daniel Radcliffe and the Broadway cast of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying perform a BIG show number on David Letterman. Dan, of course gets the full intro, and John Larroquette (who has TONS of primetime Emmy nominations) whose Tony nom for this role gets a mention.

On the other hand, Michael Park (last year’s Best Lead Actor Daytime Emmy for his portrayal of Jack Snyder on ATWT), who is a seasoned Broadway veteran, is merely a member of the cast – though you can see him in the background during the number and at the end as the cast are taking their bows.

[tubepress video=HR5ArnGJfmw title=false description=false]

Incidentally, speaking of hot, the show is all sorts of hot on Broadway right now with 8 Tony nominations including Best Musical Revival, Best Actress (Tammy Blanchard, ex-Drew on Guiding Light!), Best Choreography and Best Direction. No Tony for Dan this time, though he has a nomination for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actress.

I’m not much of fan of Dan’s voice in this number, but I think that’s actually an intentional part of the role. How to Succeed may actually be the last show I saw on Broadway, and I remember being annoyed by Matthew Broderick’s (Tony and Drama Desk award-winning) rendition of J. Pierrepont as well (it also starred Sarah Jessica Parker).

But the dancing and sheer big-production-number-ness of this piece is awesome and I’m really impressed by Dan’s physical ability to do some serious dancing (while singing and acting!). The pace is blistering and the choreography really amazing in places. For Dan, the role is quite a contrast from both Equus and Harry Potter, so the talented young man is making some really interesting and probably very shrewd career choices. Good for him. The clip is definitely worth a look.

Incidentally, if you want to catch the show, TKTS in New York surprisingly lists How to Succeed tickets as “frequently” available at a discount (not sure how much). They have three ticket locations in New York (two in Manhattan) and you have to queue up the morning of the performance (the day before) for matinee’s. If you go, get there early, bring a friend (so one of you can save your place while the other takes a break!), and read up on back-up shows in case you preferred show is not available.

How big is soap fandom? Can soaps be saved?

There is a LOT of talk about saving the soaps. The good news is, some voices are being heard. Apparently, if you call Disney’s central phone line, you now get a message saying, “If you’re calling about the cancellation of All My Children, please press 1. For all other questions, press 2.”

Plus Oprah Winfrey was sufficiently inundated to post a video on YouTube, depressingly titled, “Why Oprah can’t save soaps.”

[tubepress video=Gg2-AtKvQeQ title=false description=false]

While all sorts of “knowledgeable” soap fans immediately started criticizing Oprah, citing a broken ratings system and low ratings for her show and for OWN, there were a few key points they missed. First of all, if you look at ratings for the ATWT replacement show, the much-reviled The Talk, CBS KNOWS that the ratings are lower – but not by much; and they’ve noted that the talk show is MUCH cheaper to produce.

But Oprah makes one very good point – if there were “tons” of money to be made, someone would be doing so!

I was optimistic when I heard about the Save the Soaps rally at Lincoln Center in Manhattan last week on Tuesday May 17th, but was surprised I couldn’t find any reports on the protest in major news media. In the end, the only reports I could find were on soap blogs. After much scouring, I figured out why – reports of attendance (including ATWT’s Colleen Zenk) varied from 30 to 50 (We Love Soaps’s estimate).

Some of those fans were reported to have come from as far away as New Hampshire. In a way that makes things even worse. That means that of Manhattan’s daytime population of 2.9 million, only a mere handful cared enough to take a late lunch to attend the 2pm-6pm rally.

In the meantime, a few more numbers, for comparison’s sake:

Sobering, eh?

Cookie Monster and Aaron & Andrew

Speaking of Cookie Monster, I just came across this on Aaron’s blog page at www.aaronandandrew.com. Enjoy!

If you like ‘More Than Friends,’ check out Aaron & Andrew’s site for links to their albums and concert info for the CT-based duo. Published live dates currently are:

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