Noah: Wait, wait, wait! So, when do I, um, get my miracle cure?
Reid: I deal in science. You want a miracle? Go to Lourdes.

— Noah and Reid

2011 ATWT Dankies Results are In! Eric Sheffer Stevens/LuRe win six Dankies!

ETA: 7th March 2011, 7.53pm GMT – It turns out complete results (along with the original ballot) are up on the SoapCentral site. With this data, you can see that Luke and Reid TIED with Carly and Jack for Best Couple with both at 35, both more than twice above 3rd-placed Henry and Barbara. WOW! More highlights after the jump.

SoapCentral has just posted the results of the ATWT-only ballot for the 2011 Dankies. The winners of the ATWT ballot will go on the All-Shows ballot which is live as of today. Voting concludes on Sunday 27th March (I believe at midnight Eastern Time). Click here to vote; you must be a registered member of SoapCentral’s forums to vote.

The good news: the ATWT-only Dankies results are in and Eric Sheffer Stevens won in virtually every category in which he was nominated. This includes:

  • Outstanding Supporting Actor
  • Outstanding Newcomer
  • Most Attractive Male Star, and
  • Most Missed Performer.

The LuRe storyline won both Favorite Storyline and Most Memorable Moment. Hopefully this bodes well for this year’s Emmy race!

The bad news: he outpolled screen partner Van Hansis in the Supporting category and the duo lost the Favorite Couple contest to Jack and Carly; perennial favorite Carly/Maura West took home both Favorite Character and Outstanding Overall Performer (as she has every year starting with the 2007 awards).

Then, I don’t know whether to call this good news or bad news: The train wreck lost the Least Favorite Storyline competition to the Mick Dante arc which was truly abysmal and to me lacked any redeeming qualities. Though it lacked anti-LGBT sentiment, it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t truly atrocious on its own, um, merits.

And, oh yeah, Janet beat out both Noah and Chris (both of whom did make the ATWT ballot) for Least Favorite Character.

ETA: 7th March 2011, 7.9.51pm GMT – With the additional details, there is more good news and some quite remarkable news. First – in Outstanding Overall Performer, Eric finished a close second (23% to 20%) to perennial favorite Maura West, and Van Hansis came third at 10%. In Supporting Actor, Van finished 2nd at 26%, well ahead of 3rd pace votegetter Grayson McCouch (Dusty, 16%).

And as a big Benry fan, I was thrilled to see Trent Dawson do so well in the Lead Actor category against the always-awesome Michael Park (36% to 42%) – though that means more competition between Trent and Eric for the Emmy.

As a refresher, the Dankies are a fan-voted award run by the website All votes are tracked by SoapCentral forum user name (I think it’s a moderated forum), and the ballots are fairly lengthy, so cheating is relatively difficult. And judging by the fact that CarJack, Carly, and Maura won as they have for pretty much forever, I’d guess the results were not dominated by Eric-spam, but rather likely included votes from the show’s broader fanbase, including those neutral in the LuRe/Nuke wars.

The first round (beginning January 2nd) of pre-balloting allows fans to nominate in an open-ended “vote” for each category. I think you had to make nominations in a minimum of 10 categories, so this would have been particularly painful to spam. The top 4 or 5 in each category then become part of that show’s ballot. Voting took place between January 31st and February 27th. The winners from each show go up against each other in the All-Shows ballot for the ultimate Dankies winners.

I can’t seem to find the original ATWT ballot for this year anywhere on SoapCentral’s site, but I have most of the nominees listed on my original Dankies post. The complete list of ATWT winners follows below the jump.

2011 ATWT Dankies Winners

Outstanding Lead Actor: Michael Park (Jack Snyder, ATWT) 42%
Trent Dawson 36%

Outstanding Lead Actress: Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT) 45%
Colleen Zenk 25%

Outstanding Supporting Actor: Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid Oliver, ATWT) 43%
Van Hansis 26%

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Kelley Menighan-Hensley (Emily Stewart, ATWT)

Outstanding Newcomer: Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid Oliver, ATWT)  75%!!
Daniel Cosgrove 18%

Outstanding Younger Performer: Mick Hazen (Parker Munson Snyder, ATWT) 43%
Billy Magnussen 40%

Most Attractive Male Star: Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid Oliver, ATWT) 32%
Daniel Cosgrove and Michael Park both with 22%, Grayson McCouch 21%

Most Attractive Female Star: Terri Colombino (Katie Peretti, ATWT)

Favorite Storyline: Gone Too Soon: Luke instantly forms a dislike for Noah’s new doctor, Reid Oliver. The pair’s mutual disdain for one other turns into love, but unfortunately their time is cut short by Reid’s tragic death. (ATWT) 43%
CarJack reunion 31%

Least Favorite Storyline: Fountain of Youth: Mick Dante arrives in Oakdale, claiming to have discovered a miracle anti-aging drug. His story gets more outlandish when he claims to be a younger version of James Stenbeck. Ultimately, it’s discovered that James brainwashed Mick in an attempt to get close to the Ryan family (ATWT) 39%
His Heart Goes On: An illness severely weakens Chris’s heart, and he is in dire need of a transplant. Though he is given one just in time, the success is bittersweet when it’s learned that the heart belonged to Chris’s doctor, Reid Oliver, who died in a train wreck. (ATWT) 28%

Favorite Character: Carly Tenney (ATWT) 35%
Reid Oliver 29%
Henry Coleman 22%
Luke Snyder 11%

Least Favorite Character: Janet Ciccone (ATWT) 32%
Noah Mayer and Meg Snyder 25%
Chris Hughes 15%

Most Memorable Moment: Farewell, My Love: After his car is struck by a train, Reid dies at Memorial after saying goodbye to Luke (ATWT)  37%
The World Keeps On Turning: At the end of his last day at Memorial Hospital, Bob spins the globe on his desk before exiting. The globe glows and continues to spin as the show fades to black. (ATWT) 33%

Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo: Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney (ATWT) 35%
Luke Snyder and Reid Oliver 35%
Henry Coleman and Barbara Ryan 17%

Most Missed Performer: Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid Oliver, ATWT) 43%
Helen Wagner (Nancy Hughes) 40%

Outstanding Performer in a Special Guest or Recurring Role: Larry Bryggman (John Dixon, ATWT) 59%

Outstanding Overall Performer: Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT) 23%
Eric Sheffer Stevens 20%
Van Hansis 10%

BTW – for any Kish fans, Scott Evans/Oliver Fish is also on the ballot for Most Missed Performer.

5 Responses to “2011 ATWT Dankies Results are In! Eric Sheffer Stevens/LuRe win six Dankies!”

  1. Linda says:

    While ESS is truly a very talented actor, Van Hansis is absolutely the BEST actor on the planet and I think it is terrible that ESS beat him out just because his character was new and was given the best lines. Van took what he was given and made it his own! The two were just dynamite together and I congratulate Eric, but Van is simply the BEST….

    • mmc says:

      Linda I totally agree with you.Eric is a wonderful actor and his character was so unique that he should be commended on his acting skills, BUT having said that no one deserved to win these awards more than Van.To me , Van as Luke was always so real and he was so consistently good and ALWAYS a joy to watch.And in 2010 he was at the top of his game.He kept the Luke /Reid lovestory balanced.i am an Eric fan but moreso a Van fan and I’m disappointed that he was so taken for granted and not appreciated like he should have been.Van is not only gorgeous to watch, bit he’s such a nice man.i wish them both good luck but this heart of mine will always belong to Van!

  2. mmc says:

    I’m so glad that Luke/ Reid was such a fan favorite.I’m not so happy that Van got less votes than he should have .Who voted in this anyway?I know that Erics character was so unique but Vans was so consistently good all of 2010 .I’m disappointed to say the least…even though Van was ackknowleged it’s not good enough for me.Sorry for venting, but I had to give my opinion!And thanks again lovelure, you are right on the ball!

  3. i do anything anything to meet the love of my life eric sheffer stevens i do anything anything to him

  4. luke and reid desrve there happy ending the one should die is damian not reid

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