Henry: No, I — not technically I don’t live — I don’t get my mail here. But, uh, I’m here a lot. I’m actually here almost all the time. I have my own key.
Reid: So do I. And I will be getting my mail here.

— Henry and Reid

News and Updates | 1 February 2011


The 2011 Soap Central ATWT Dankies award ballots are available. If you’re not familiar with them, they do an open ended fan/viewer nomination which closed mid-January and then they just launched their by-show ballot. Winners from each show will go against other shows for the final awards.


Trent Dawson is up for Lead Actor (HOORAY! That was what I put on my pre-nom!). Why do we care? That means that BOTH Van and Eric are up for Supporting (vs Grayson McCouch and Don Hastings). But wait, there’s more…

Best Newcomer: ESS – vs Faith, Chris Hughes, and Gabriel. NO CONTEST.

Most Attractive: ESS – vs Chris, Dusty, Jack. Closer, but still NO CONTEST.

Best Storyline: Gone Too Soon: Luke instantly forms a dislike for Noah’s new doctor, Reid Oliver. The pair’s mutual disdain for one other turns into love, but unfortunately their time is cut short by Reid’s tragic death. vs CarJack, Benry and Nutmeg (!)

Worst Storyline: His Heart Goes On: An illness severely weakens Chris’s heart, and he is in dire need of a transplant. Though he is given one just in time, the success is bittersweet when it’s learned that the heart belonged to Chris’s doctor, Reid Oliver, who died in a train wreck. vs Mick Dante, Chuckles, and Janet pressuring Jack to have a baby to save Liberty. NO COMMENT.

Favorite Character: Luke or Reid or Carly or Henry. Ooh tough call!

Least Favorite Character: Chris or Noah or Janet or Meg. Hahahahahahaha.  But another tough call.

Most Memorable Moment: Farewell, My Love: After his car is struck by a train, Reid dies at Memorial after saying goodbye to Luke vs CarJack wedding, Nancy’s death, final globe spinning

Fave Duo: LuRe vs Carjack,  Benry and Bob and Kim

Most Missed: ESS vs Meg, Nancy, old Liberty (I think)

Outstanding Overall Performer: ESS, VH vs the rest of the cast

Just about the only categories they aren’t listed in are the Actress ones (!) and special guest (Jonathan Pelphrey, Larry Bryggman, Cady McClain or Julianne Moore)

P.S., they remind us that "Remember: This is not a popularity contest — you are voting for the best, not your favorite." Bwahahaha aren’t they the same thing where LuRe are concerned?""

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  1. mmc says:

    Can the outstanding overall performer be anyone but Van Hansis.?To me there is no contest, Van gets my vote.And my favorite character will always be Luke , even though a tie with Eric as Reid would be nice too.And though many of the other actors are so good too Van and Eric deserve to be singled out .To me , they are my favorites but also the best!And as a duo there’s no doubt, Van and Eric….they should go down in history as the best duo of all time….I love them and miss them and always will!

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