Noah: Wait, wait, wait! So, when do I, um, get my miracle cure?
Reid: I deal in science. You want a miracle? Go to Lourdes.

— Noah and Reid

News and Updates | 7 March 2011

In today’s update:

  • Greg Hernandez gives a shout-out to Eric Sheffer Stevens
  • We Love Soaps and Nelson Branco both highlight Van Hansis’s Pale Swan
  • Nelson Branco offers his early predictions for the Daytime Emmy’s including his pick for Best Supporting Actor
  • Michael Fairman’s Podcast of Nelson Branco’s Soap Opera Spirit Awards postponed, but still this week
  • More info (but still no clips) of the ESS John Hancock ads – including some media buy information

And last, this was just too funny to pass up. Stephanie Gatschet (AMCStephanie, ex-Tammy on GL) tweeted:

To answer all who have asked, yes Danny Cosgrove was completely "nekked" under that towel. The shock on my face was an honest reaction! #AMC

Given that I just finished the LONG post on Van’s Emmy reels (one of which was up against Tom Pelphrey’s reel, where he played opposite Stephanie), she was already top-of-mind. Both Tom and Stephanie, BTW, are on the announced celebrity list for this year’s SoapFest event (May 14th and 15th on Marco Island, in Florida), along with Austin Peck (Brad), Ellen Dolan (Margo), Terri Conn (Katie), and Billy Magnussen (Casey). And having seen Billy in person in Utrecht, I can wholly endorse that experience!

In the meantime, Daniel Cosgrove (Chris) finished second to Eric in the ATWT Dankies’ Most Attractive Male Star competition. Plus he was in a couple of Trent Dawson’s potential Emmy clips, and was also in Tom Pelphrey’s GL clips (as a much more likable Bill Lewis). In all of these cases, I was amazed at how much more appealing DC and even Chris was than he was playing opposite Katie and Reid, and especially in the September 16th episode (which I just saw embedded and rewatched today).

For heaven’s sake – he had Reid’s heart already and was going to live happily ever after (or at least until Mike or Simon came back to town). When Luke says that he strongly suggested that they make Chris COS, why the heck didn’t he reply, “Thanks Luke, I’m really honored. And I’ll definitely do my best because I know Reid will find a way to kick my butt or give me a coronary if I don’t” instead of being a wishy-washy undeserving nincompoop? (I don’t think I’ve every actually used that word in writing before!).

But back on-topic. Well at least “on” my off-topic topic. About that towel. I would be remiss if I mentioned towel scenes without a nod to Jamie Bamber of Battlestar Galactica. Those of you who have followed this or read my bios on YouTube or may have seen that Starbuck/Apollo is one of my other ships. And in fact, BSG was my only material TV obsession prior to LuRe (nothing compared to this, though), not the least of which was thanks to this scene:

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There were some hilarious interviews surrounding this scene because apparently Jamie was definitely NOT wearing anything underneath and when he drops the towel, you can see Katee Sackhoff’s Starbuck in the background snickering, which apparently was a real response. Meanwhile, Jamie talks about being “intimidated” being naked in front of Xena on her first day on the set (she’s 1/2” taller than he is without heels, according to IMDb, and I’d guess that underestimates the gap). Not to be outdone, Lucy Lawless was quoted as saying that “Jamie Bamber’s towel (ahem) ‘held itself up.’ ”

If the screencaps from this episode weren’t enough eye candy, Jamie did a photo shoot wearing little more than a towel (with a strategically angled mirror, to boot!) as well as a PETA PSA for “bare skin, not bear skin.” I didn’t think I’d find an excuse to plug Jamie and BSG, but now that I have one, here is a taster:

image image

If you’re not familiar with BSG or Jamie Bamber, watch the above scene again – and then watch the either or both of the clips below before reading the spoiler.

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[spoiler]If you’ve watched either of the two Paley Center videos, you’ll now know that the incredibly amazing thing is that Jamie is British and does the whole show in American English. Living here in the UK, I’m particularly aware of differences in pronunciation, and I have to say that I noticed only 2-3 instances in the four-year run (totaling about 10 words) where I thought his British-ism was detectable. Really, he was phenomenal. BTW in the second interview, “candy floss” is the British term for cotton candy!

He and James Calliss (who played Gaius Baltar on BSG) have done several interviews joking about how James gets to keep his accent, and Jamie doesn’t. Hugh Laurie (House) was famously quoted on the subject of acting with an American accent as saying:

It’s like ‘Everybody is playing tennis with a tennis racquet, and you’re playing with mackerel.[/spoiler]

Oh, and for any of you who adore Eric because he’s cerebral, not just a hunk, (Jamie was #72 on the 2010 After Elton Hot 100), Jamie graduated from Cambridge University with 1st Class MA Honours in Modern Languages (the highest you can achieve, according to Wikipedia). He also drama at LAMDA (the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art – like a British Juilliard, if I can be American-centric for a moment) and speaks French and Italian fluently (I think he’s done an interview in French). Plus in the interview, he uses “parochial”, “pertinent” and “eviscerated.” If you’ve read any of my ESS interview liveblogs, you’ll know that I have a thing for men using big words. Squee!

Even if you hate science fiction, there is much in this series to love. If you haven’t seen BSG, I’d strongly recommend watching the pilot miniseries and then the first regular Season 1 episode, “33” which is probably the best hour of television I have ever seen (so yeah, the rest of the series can’t quite live up to that unbelievable start). I have never simultaneously felt like I was on such a heart-pounding ride (not even during a big-screen action flick) for such a sustained time, and yet dreaded that the episode was coming to an end because it was SO good. FWIW, this episode won the 2005 Hugo Award for Best Presentation, Short Form, and received an A+ rating from its TWoP recapper.

At any rate, back on-topic. On the subject of towels. Anyone else wonder what Van was wearing underneath his in the Dallas scene?!?

And with that pleasant thought, I’ll leave you with the rest of the news after the jump….

Soap Opera Spirit Awards on Michael Fairman’s On-Air On-Soaps Podcast

When the Soap Opera Spirit nominations were originally announced, Michael Fairman and Nelson Branco both noted that the winners would be announced on Michael’s Podcast on Monday March 7th. I was surprised to see that neither had published an update, and so posted a comment on Michael’s site. His reply earlier today:

The Very special podcast is coming to you this week! Look for it Tues or Wed night!

In the meantime, in today’s SoapGeist, Nelson Branco posted:

Fourth annual Soap Opera Spirit Awards: Co-hosts announced!
James Franco and Anne Hathaway need not apply. Male kissing and dancing welcomed! Oh, and we won’t put you to sleep within the first half hour. Yes, we’re talking about the fourth annual Soap Opera Spirit Awards, which will air on Michael Fairman’s On Air, On Soaps podcast for a second year. Co-hosted by GH’s Carolyn Hennesy and DAYS and Venice star Nadia Bjorlin, both  are nominees (as Outstanding Female Actor in a Guest Star or Recurring Role, and Outstanding Female Actress In a New Role or Recast, respectively), and Master “Flamin’ 50” Fairman, of course. Also, expect many surprise guest stars and winners to call in. (Shhh … Charlie Sheen may crash the ceremony!) The complete list of winners will be printed by Thursday, March 10 on To refresh your memory, click here for the entire list of nominees.

Nelson Branco’s Early Emmy Predictions

In an earlier edition of SoapGeist, Nelson published his “before the reels” Emmy predictions:

The final list of nominees will be announced on May 11, but here’s the complete list of pre-noms and my early predictions without having seen the Emmy reels.

Cornelius Smith Jr. (Franklin Hubbard), Jacob Young (JR Chandler)
AS THE WORLD TURNS: Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman), Eric Sheffer Stevens (Dr. Reid Oliver)
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Patrick Duffy (Stephen Logan), Rick Hearst (Whip Jones)
DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Shawn Christian (Dr. Daniel Jonas), Jay Johnson (Philip Kiriakis)
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer), Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake)
ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Brian Kerwin (Charlie Banks), Mark Lawson (Brody Lovett)
THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Doug Davidson (Paul Williams), Billy Miller (Billy Abbott)

EARLY PREDICTIONS: Trent Dawson, Eric Sheffer Stevens, Patrick Duffy, Jonathan Jackson, Jason Thompson, Brian Kerwin, Billy Miller


It is interesting and material to note that in all of the other categories, he refers to his prediction as “Front Runner.” This is the only category that has the additional “Lock-to-Win” added in.

More information on Eric Sheffer Stevens’s John Hancock ad

Still no signs of the actual ad on the John Hancock site or on YouTube (though eagle-eyed visitors to John Hancock’s YouTube page will note that pretty much ALL of their subscribers are LuRe fans!), but I did find the press release announcing the launch of the ad campaign that includes Eric’s ad.

Specifically, the “Who Knew” campaign pitches John Hancock Funds (mutual funds) and the broader campaign includes print, television, and online (though Eric apparently is only in the TV ads).

BOSTON, February 14, 2011 – John Hancock Funds today announced the launch of a new advertising campaign designed to increase awareness of the breadth and quality of its mutual fund family among investors and financial advisors. The "Who Knew" campaign leverages the strength of the iconic John Hancock brand, one of the best-known and trusted names in life insurance.

The key message of the campaign is that, while John Hancock is widely recognized as a leading provider of life insurance, annuities and long-term care insurance, it is also a mutual fund company that offers four- and five-star funds, as rated by Morningstar®, concentrated in large asset-gathering categories that are often cornerstones of investors’ portfolios.

The ‘look and feel’ of the new advertisements is similar to John Hancock’s award-winning "Cursor" ad campaign, which reflects how prevalent it is today for conversations to take place via Instant Messaging on a personal computer or mobile device.

"’Who Knew’ carries a brief and straightforward message – let the performance, and stars, speak for the quality of our fund family," said Carey Foran Hoch, Senior Vice President and head of marketing for John Hancock Funds. "We want advisors and investors to become intrigued enough to visit our web site for more detailed information about our funds, along with investment commentary, calculators and other financial planning tools."

Television ads are scheduled from February 14 through June 25 on Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business. A second phase of the ad campaign is slated to launch in April, and is expected to include a special Webinar event hosted by Morningstar and featuring John Hancock Funds management.

So Eric projects success and credibility, eh? Who woulda thunk it? Duh, everyone! Or at least a smart casting director. 🙂

Greg Hernandez gives a shout-out to ESS in his 2nd Anniversary post

Earlier this week, Greg Hernandez published a retrospective marking the second anniversary of his blog. In it, he writes:

It was two years ago that I launched this blog…In that time, I have posted just under 5,000 items…

Greg In Hollywood is the successor to Out In Hollywood, the blog I founded at the Los Angeles Daily News in June 2006 and authored until February 2009. I felt it was important to not only cover the entertainment industry, but to focus on the LGBT aspects of it all….It’s been such fertile ground with the gay marriage debate continuing to rage, with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell set aside, with the launch of the gay television channels like Logo and Here! TV (and Bravo!), and with a growing number of significant gay characters on such prime-time shows….Even more significant is there are openly gay performers…playing gay or straight roles on these and other shows.

…I do have some BREAKING NEWS for you: Starting today, I’ll be working out of an office on Wilshire Boulevard inside the newsroom of the Los Angeles Business Journal. I start today as the award-winning publication’s entertainment and media reporter….

Where does this leave Greg In Hollywood?

I remain dedicated to keeping this blog going just as strong and hope that you remain dedicated to reading it! But my posting schedule will be a bit more erratic since I will be doing this in my spare time and not have the luxury of spending my day at a coffee house blogging and working on freelance assignments any time I please.

In closing, I want to thank you for the first two years, for showing up each day to check out what I’ve come up with for you. I love bumping into readers around town who I’ve never met and I appreciate all the kind words they have had about the blog.

Then there are the readers I know who have consistently posted comments either on the blog, on Facebook or Twitter and stars like Lily Tomlin, Florence Henderson, Wilson Cruz, Chris Gorham, Nick Adams, Thom Bierdz, and Eric Sheffer Stevens who are among those who have taken the time to send a nice note or email along the way.

You make it all worthwhile.

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