Reid: We both know why I’m here. Let’s not pretend that this is a normal consult.
Luke: Look, I — I’m sorry. I just felt as if —
Reid: You felt that you could blackmail me. I’m curious, how much did it cost you to get dirt on me?

— Reid and Luke

Eric Sheffer Stevens’s John Hancock ‘Some Help’ ad

Update, 22 Mar 2011, 1.57am:

Okay, now I believe this ad is getting somewhere, and it’s not just appealing to diehard ESS fans. Someone just found my blog looking for “john hancock typing commercial.” 😉

Update, 21 Mar 2011, 11.06am GMT:

The ESS Crew have finally found the 30 second version. This one (and the 15-second) one courtesy of eagle-eyed ltklo, now officially known the phenomenatastic Goddess of the ESS fandom. Enjoy!

[tubepress video=I79kEZ2F5zE title=false description=false]

Update, 14 Mar 2011, 6.57am GMT: As reported on the fan forum, the clip received several YouTube ‘Honors’ including being:

#90 – Most Discussed (Today) – Entertainment – Canada
#28 – Top Favorited (Today) – Entertainment – Canada
#44 – Top Rated (Today) – Entertainment – Canada

The 15-second ad plus some background on the effort to chase down video footage, after the jump…

Update, 13 Mar 2011, 7.42am GMT: There have been a number of Eric sightings on during this weekend’s Cadillac golf tournament on NBC, during college basketball on ESPN, and one during Taking Stock on Bloomberg. But finally, the Crew at have managed to get their hands on the hot little clip and have posted it on their YouTube channel! This is the 15-second version (and don’t forget – this is by a man who claims he barely knows how to check his email!) Woohoo!

[tubepress video=utpxru2t5Eg title=false description=false]

Update, 23 Feb 2011, 10.13pm GMT: The Crew at are staying on top of this and just posted:

He is actually in two spots – one is a 30 second TV spot, the other is a 15 second TV spot. We do not feature him in print or any other form of creative. We are working on updating our website, so I will send you the link once that is complete where you should be able to view both spots. It was really a pleasure working with Eric! I hope this helps!

Here is the link to the John Hancock website’s “Our Ads” page…just in case you’re thinking of wearing out the Refresh button on your computer…. 😉

Original Post, 23 Feb 2011, 8.10am GMT: Okay, maybe this is a sad statement on the pathetic state of desperation of ESS fans, but there has been a bunch of buzz on fan boards regarding a new John Hancock ad that Eric filmed (I think he mentioned it in one of his Susan Dansby updates).

I can confirm that the ad is airing and there are reports on the lure_atwt community from fans who have actually witnessed it(watching Illini basketball on ESPN, I think). Apparently he’s sending a text in it (you can use your imagination to fill in the blank about who the recipient might be!).

The Crew at emailed John Hancock marketing who replied:

We are pleased to learn of your interest in our advertising. Eric Sheffer Stevens is featured in our brand TV ad, "Some Help." This ad started airing on February 14th and will be running through June 30th on network high profile golf tournaments on NBC and CBS, as well as on ESPN and ESPN2.

John Hancock do have a YouTube channel but the only ads listed currently are three months old. have said they will post the video as soon as they get a hold of it, and I’ll embed it here as well whenever I hear anything.

5 Responses to “Eric Sheffer Stevens’s John Hancock ‘Some Help’ ad”

  1. just seeing them on the tv during anything. tried switching back & forth between a basketball game & a golf game & NOTHING. wasted time & no ESS.

  2. GoBucks says:

    I can also confirm that they’ve been playing on ESPN. Ohio State Buckeye fans have seen them during the Illini game and the Purdue game. Doesn’t get any better for me–ESS & the Buckeyes, what more can a girl ask for??

  3. ok, how pathetic is it i just did a happy dance over ESS filming 6 commercials, that’s how bad i’m missing his acting, now if Van can get something so i can see his happy, smiling, shiny face again all will be right with the world.

  4. Love Lure says:

    I suggested to the folks that they should send a reply to JH Marketing gently suggesting that they would get HUNDREDS of hits they wouldn’t otherwise get if they would just post the darned thing on their website. It would SWAMP their channel hits.

    PS says Eric filmed SIX! *thud*!

  5. i tried even going to YT & typing in John Hancock commercials to see if i could see it, it wasn’t put on YT yet, bummed me out.

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