Kim: Would you mind telling me how you guys came up with this unbelievable scheme?
Bob: I thought to myself, what would Dr. Oliver do?

— Kim and Bob

Van Hansis joins Japan Calls fundraising effort

How nice to be able to report some news on Van!

Over on LiveJournal, several members of the LuRe/Nuke fandom have been involved in an effort to raise money for charities aiding Japan. Known as “japan_calls,” organizers wrote:

The idea of this community is to give inspiration to others to give to a country in great need through the voice of entertainers that we admire. Provided that they are willing, we will host auctions where members (or non-members, this will be open to anyone willing to give) will bid on receiving either a

A) 15 second PERSONALIZED voice recording. (example provided at bottom)

B) Provided they are willing, a personalized YouTube video of their desired length.

However. I do not want people scamming others out of a cause of great importance. If you are a bidder who has won, I ask that you provide PROOF of your bid to a charity connected to Japan of your choice. (We will provide a list of options in a future post.) If you cannot provide such, we will have to go to the second highest bidder. Only myself, (or other mod depending on the success rate of this community) will see it.

So please, join and promote! If you have a way to reach a celebrity that you would like to see involved in this, please please please let me know!

Over 20 charities are listed as potential beneficiaries, including the American Red Cross and Sheltbox. The list of celebrities includes:

  • Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Dolls House)
  • Sasha Cohen (Olympic silver medallist figure skater)
  • Jennifer Finnigan (B&B)
  • Rick Fox (Boston Celtics basketball player)
  • Agim Kaba (Aaron, ATWT)
  • Marnie Schulenburg (Alison, ATWT)
  • Jake Silbermann (Noah, ATWT)

And, as of today, as posted on the forum:

  • Great news! Van Hansis has joined japan_calls. So be sure to check out japan_calls regularly to see when you will be able to bid on a personlized voice message from Van, Jake and the other incredible people who have joined the project!

As posted on twitter by becks2788


Sorry for the late pimping (RL has been crazy), but I hope better late than never!


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