Maddie: Excuse me. I have been helping my dear friend Noah.
Henry: Oh, that is — that is a good deed, considering the situation.
Maddie: Why? What do you mean? ‘Cause he left me for Luke?
Henry: No, not at all. I mean because of his neurosurgeon from hell, this Dr. “It’s all about me,” Reid Oliver.

— Maddie and Henry

Fifteen more days and counting | FOX’s ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ launches show website

FOX has upgraded their I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER show section on their website. So far, only the ‘First Look’ video is available (and not viewable outside the USA), but it also features actor and character bios.

I can confirm that Eric gets top billing after the moms and daughters. Highlights include:

Sheffer Stevens’ work on television first earned critical acclaim on “As the World Turns” in which he played neurosurgeon “Dr. Reid Oliver.” The character’s controversial storyline immediately became a fan favorite and garnered Sheffer Stevens widespread recognition.”

Hmmm….wonder if we fangirls (and fanboys) had anything to do with making sure the FOX publicity folks knew he was a “fan favorite”?

View Eric’s full bio after the jump, or on the FOX site at:


I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER premieres on FOX television, Wednesday 30th November after X FACTOR, 9:30/8:30c.

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