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— Reid (to Luke)

Only one more day until the premiere of ‘I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER’! | Promos, pix, and where to watch (live stream links)

Sorry for the radio silence – life has been insanely crazy – even more so than usual. But the World Premiere of ‘I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER’ is TOMORROW night!

Okay, since I only have time for a short post, here are the most important bits…

When to Watch

I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER premieres tomorrow night, Wednesday 11/30 at 9:30/8:30c, on FOX!

It looks like the episodes are airing not only Wednesday nights after X-FACTOR, but each episode will repeat the following Saturday at midnight Eastern time (which arguably is a more humane hour for those of us watching in Europe!).

The FOX official scheduled confirms it: “VIEWER’S NOTE: This episode will encore on Saturday at 12Mid ET/PT” and also notes that the episode is being broadcast in HD. has the names and times for the first four episodes. They are:

Where/How to Watch

For a list of Fox-affiliated local broadcast stations, click here.

For those of you living outside the US or unable to get to a TV to watch Eric Sheffer Stevens’s new sitcom, here are the livestream links I promised. – This is a direct link to Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This should be in the Eastern time zone. This will be my preferred stream as they are the source providers.

However, if you are unable to access the stream through the Fox 17 site, here are two other sites where you can watch their stream: – (annoying ads on the sides) – click on Stream 2

In the meantime, my InBox is overflowing with Google alerts – too many for me to keep up with. Here are some highlights:

The Dads and Uncle Promo clip

Pictures, Interviews, and other Goodies, which has been following the show because of star and Tony award winner, Katie Finneran has posted this pic, featuring ESS:


(As ESS fan Pin pointed out – Reid fans take note – he’s hugging a pillow!).



(Are those black jeans I spy?)
There are several short featurettes available now to view. Check them out at the official show site (USA only) or the FoxBroadcasting YouTube channel, follow @IHMTDFOX on Twitter, or Like the show’s page on Facebook.

The chemistry between leads Jamie and Katie looks fabulous and the cast really seems to have gelled.

Speaking of Twitter, star Jaime Pressly tweeted: "

@ChadLColeman tweeted:

Hey y’all Great review and photo of TEENAGE DAUGHTER in DEC.2011 issue of OK Magazine! Check it out! Thanks!

And @TheJaimePressly tweeted:

Watch E! Tonight at 7pm for an interview w me and my co star Katie Finneran!

And from the folks at, an earlier tweet:

My tv schedule shows IHMTD being a topic on Entertainment Tonight (the syndicated 30 minute show) on Tuesday 11/29. I think most of that content is then available on their website.

I just checked and it’s not up yet, but maybe tonight after airtime.

Enjoy the show!

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  1. M. Oerlin says:

    >> (Are those black jeans I spy?)

    Are those maybe even black shorts?! Might be wishful thinking… too bad BroadwayWorld mostly lies when they say they have HQ pics available. 😉

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