Let me guess. You both belong to the same country club. Or no, your wives play bridge together.

— Reid (to Bob and Judge)

Marisa Roffman’s GiveMeMyRemote.com interview with the men of ‘I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER’ is finally available to view!

We’ve known for awhile this is coming, but here it finally is, in anticipation of tonight’s premiere! They don’t cover a lot of new ground in this interview with series stars Eric Sheffer Stevens (MATT), Kevin Rahm (JACK), and Chad Coleman, but the guys are cute, and the gal-pal stars Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran drop by for an impromptu visit (check out how Katie touches Jaime’s hands at 2:39 – their chemistry in interviews has been phenomenal and I really hope it carries over the show!).

[tubepress video=zfwHrza5oY4 title=false description=false]

Any one else up for an Eric sandwich?

IHMTD premieres tonight on FOX Network, 9:30p/8:30p C.

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