Luke: What will it take to get you to stick around and finish what you started?
Reid: My God, you’re relentless.

— Luke and Reid

News and Updates | September 4, 2010

Things have been insane in LuReland for the last 72 hours or so with the 90-minute delay in Thursday’s livestream, and technical glitches at Facebook yesterday preventing fans from Commenting or Liking posts on the Reid Oliver fan page wall pushing many frayed nerves to a breaking point. UPDATE: Sep 5 – The technical gremlins in LuReland continue to wreak havoc as the server for this site has been up and down for the last several hours; sorry about that! FYI, a few people have asked me about this – this site will be up for as long as people continue to discover and enjoy Luke and Reid, so it’ll be a LONG time before it goes anywhere (if ever).

First of all, I am no longer going to try to keep this site a spoiler-free zone.  I tried, and I know I probably personally slipped on a few posts, and the comments all allude to what we know is coming. So while I will try to minimize my focus on spoilers, I can’t hold back this tidal wave any longer.

In the meantime, I am so excited to report that fans are indeed channeling grief through positive action. As of this morning, donations to the Doctors without Borders campaign in honor of Eric Sheffer Stevens have reached $11,320. To make a donation in honor of Eric, or to Van’s alma mater, the Walnut Hill School for the Arts, please visit:

Last week, I found some great items at CafePress that seem to summarize how many of us are feeling. They offer T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, posters and all sorts of things with appropriate slogans. I couldn’t make the pictures any bigger, but the Love is Love one features three pairs of icons – boy-boy, boy-girl, and girl-girl; the Straight but Not Narrow one features rainbow fish – an intended jab at the symbolic Christian fish. My favorites:

UPDATE, Sep 6: This poll appears to be closed. I have emailed for results, but don’t expect to hear much. Last I saw, “Furious and annoyed” was well in the lead, followed by “It’s so stupid.” Meanwhile, over at, they have a new poll up (wish I’d thought of this one myself). How do you feel about Reid dying to save Chris? You need to be a registered member to vote, but it’s helpful to have as many venues to rant as possible. The options:

  • Furious and annoyed.
  • It’s touching and poetic.
  • It’s so stupid.
  • I don’t care.

Fans looking to actors Eric Sheffer Stevens and Van Hansis for vindication against TPTB will still be looking following two new interviews released this week.

  • TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco published a follow-up interview with Eric Sheffer Stevens this morning. Conducted in his usual brash tone, Nelson asks Eric to elaborate on his feelings about the ending, on the fact that Luke and Reid do not have an opportunity to have sex, and on a gay character dying to save a straight character.
  • Meanwhile, Van Hansis’s interview earlier this week in Soap Opera Weekly covers much of the same ground, and also his feelings about a Nuke reconciliation.

Last week I posted two new pages that I hope will eventually serve as tribute pages. Both pages have had steady traffic, but few posts. I understand some people want to watch through the end before summing up their thoughts. While a tribute to fictional characters is a bit futile, the words have been comforting to fellow  LuRe fans, so but I hope you’ll take a few moments to add your voices to the tribute pages:

Last, I will leave you with another chance to rewatch the bittersweet but keenly anticipated scene from Friday’s episode, courtesy of smuchshypush:

[tubepress video=pxCGr6g6Hq0 title=true description=false]

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