Henry: He is not a nice guy! He is rude, and he is snide. He’s so conceited!
Katie: Okay, he’s not all warm and fuzzy. And on the outside, he’s a little cold.
Henry: Try heartless.
Katie: He’s driven.
Henry: He’s a monomaniac.
Katie: He’s focused. That’s why he’s a good doctor.
Henry: He is focused! He’s focused on himself all the time.

— Katie and Henry

Episode LiveBlog | 3 September 2010

Hi, everyone, given the content of this episode, I’m going to reverse the chronology so it reads in sequence top to bottom. I’ll eventually get around to doing this for all the liveblogs, but this one just kinda warrants the treatment. STAT.

In the meantime, still raising funds for Doctors without Borders in honor of the incomparable Eric Sheffer Stevens….$8900 $9725 $10,025+ as of Friday evening, with a goal of raising $15,000 by show’s end.

Saturday 9/4 12.37am GMT/7.37pm EDT

The videos are up, courtesy of ADL. Part 1:

[tubepress video=Q8ZLOY-BKB0 title=false description=false]

Part 2:

[tubepress video=dO15_xBR5BM title=false description=false]

and Part 3:

[spoiler]Warning – last scene contains potentially disturbing images beginning at 5:50[/spoiler]

[tubepress video=g_Iqw61yyG8 title=false description=false]

Thursday, 9/2 11.17pm GMT/6.17pm EDT

Yes, I will continue to liveblog to the end – livestream and schedule permitting.

In the meantime, here’s the preview for Friday’s episode, courtesy of ADL:

[tubepress video=H3gcbqPVNTA title=false description=false]

BTW – kudos to eagle-eyed, um – eared, um dog-eared ?!? jc1706 at EricShefferStevens.com who noticed that the voiceover saying “On the next ATWT” sounds like Eric! 

Friday 9/3 6.28pm GMT/1.28pm EDT

The TVPC and JayJay’s links appears to be working. Bridget and Owen are in the cabin, so it looks like the CBS timing is okay today at least. I couldn’t get ChannelSurfing to work today. Here are the livestream links:

  • Happy LuResday?[spoiler]Didn’t think there was any other kind…until today[/spoiler]

    6.42pm GMT/1.42pm EDT

    Grr….the livestream keeps freezing.  Grrr…..

    6.59pm GMT/1.59pm EDT

    Livestream loading….again. Getting local CBS ads – good sign.

    John and Bob trying to fix Chris. Kim panicking. John telling Kim to get the hell out. They are defribbing – didn’t someone on LRO say that this won’t work if he’s gone into arrest already? Reid looks and says “I’m going back in there.” Luke comforts Kim who’s moaning “my son, my son.”

    Arggghhh… At Al’s. Happy Ali talking to Casey about getting married in Vegas. So unfair.

    Kim says Chris’s heart stopped. Barbara and Henry arrive together (awww….they’re holding hands). Barbara comforts Kim, and Henry suggests she get out of the way.

    Henry asks if Katie’s in there. Luke says no.

    Katie confessing to Brad – I’m in love with Chris. Not the way I loved you. Different, strong, the real thing. WTF?  Now I’m ready. Chris is in trouble, fighting for his life. I need to be with him. I can’t do it….

    Chris is awake. John and Bob looking over him. Reid looking at him sympathetically. Bob says he’ll make a call to move Chris up the list. John tells Chris the IV won’t work any more – until they find a new heart, they need to keep this one going.

    Opening logo, ominous music.

    7.09pm GMT/2.09pm EDT

    Ali worried about celebrating when people are still mourning Nancy. Ali and Casey being kissy face and snoggy. Luke walks in.

    Henry turns up at Brad’s grave to talk to Katie. Henry says he does it all the time – that he brought a bottle of scotch and shared it with Brad glass for glass (poured Brad’s on the grave) before passing out. Ah, Henry. He’s being a good friend, and remarkably mature and not freaked out. Marriage must be good for him. Counsels Katie not to be overly safe – unless she wants to lock herself up and stop living. He ends: “whatever decision you make,m you should do it soon.”

    Katie asks Henry how fast he can get her to the hospital.

    Chris begs Reid to tell Bob and John not to treat him (I think). John and Bob are insisting that he will get a heart and needs to be treated. Chris says he’s going to be stuck on the machine and he wants to be unplugged. Bob says these are not extraordinary measures – you’re a perfect candidate if a heart becomes available. Chris says he’s just another patient.

    Reid speaks up – you’re not just another patient. Chris says he doesn’t want special treatment (to get a donor).

    Reid: That’s not the point, you moron. If we don’t keep you hooked up, the search for a heart is useless.

    Chris: I’m not gonna do that to Katie

    Reid: What, you mean survive?

    Chris: She needs a partner, someone to help her raise her son.

    Bob says no reason why you can’t.

    Chris is not sounding noble – he’s sounding like a stubborn dope..


    In break room, Barbara telling Kim how happy she is (giddy in love). Kim’s mind wanders off. Kim returns.


    John insisting that the machine will keep him stable, not be a permanent solution.

    Reid: The worse you get, the higher up the list you move, so shut up and let it work.

    Kim walks in. The men are all avoiding eye contact. They tell her Chris is refusing a device to help his heart pump. Barbara peeks in. Kim starts begging him to take the treatment. Katie walks in with Henry looking like hell and asks, “You wanna know what I think?

    Commercial break.

    7.22pm GMT/2.22pm EDT

    Katie has an incredibly long monologue. She says Chris has to try. I need you; Jacob needs you.  I don’t care if you have wires hanging out of your chest, at least you’ll be here. when the time is right you will get the heart that is meant for you and John will fix you. In the meantime we’ll spend the time getting to know each other. Don’t cheat us out of that. Nobody who loves you wants to be spared. I haven’t given up. I can handle it – I can handle all of this; let me. I want us to start our life together so you’re stuck with me. I’m gonna make you watch ballroom dance classes so you understand why l love them so much and when you get better you and I are gonna take tango lessons and dance with Barbara and Henry (they show a nice look between Benry).

    Luke tells Ali and Casey the scoop. They all go to the hospital.

    Chris says okay to the “bionic heart.”

    Kim says thank you to Chris. Chris says thank Katie, she’s reminded me there’s something worth fighting for. I think Reid is in a shorter lab coat than in yesterday’s episode.

    Barbara and Henry having a nice moment. Eyeflirting, lint brushing. Kim tells Katie she’s so proud of her. Bob calls Tom for status and then

    Katie goes to suck Chris’s face. Henry warns bubbles to wait until the new heart is installed. Bob comes in and announces, perfect match in Bay City. Harvesting now, helicopter ready and will airlift it to the hospital. All look happy and relieved.

    Luke arrives with Casey and Ali. Reid comes out and says he was gonna text Luke that heart is on the way.

    Casey and Ali ask if they can go in…..Oh, be still my heart. Do they get a few moments together now. Please? Without all the drama around.

    Luke: Even you must be a little bit happy for Chris.

    Reid: You have no idea.

    Reid looks really relieved. He has a nice, weary smile.

    Bob asks Ali to scrub in on Chris’s surgery – I want my best people on the team.” Kim notices Ali’s ring and Bob says "I had no idea (LOL – such a man!) Kim says don’t hide your job. More cuddlies with Casey and Ali. Luke watching the scene and smiling the big smile.

    Luke says something to the effect of isn’t this nice, I think.

    Reid: It ain’t over until the fat nurse in pediatrics sings.

    John comes out of Chris’s room, on the phone but frowning. Luke notices something’s up. Reid says, he’s probably just coordinating the transplant team, but looking suspicious. He has a crappy cell signal. Reid and Luke watching as John hangs up and does not look happy. They follow John into Chris’s room with the party.

    John just got a call – you’re a perfect match but the young hotshot head of cardiology is taking it for one of his own patients. Reid looks over John’s shoulder and looks devastated.

    Damn. Guess not.

    Commercial break.

    7.33pm GMT/2.33pm EDT

    Okay – EVERYBODY is getting to snuggle their loves…..except a certain pair of men.  Lots of Benry and Casey/Ali affection. Bob and Kim. Sheesh, even Katie got to snog dying Chris. So unfair.

    So strange – they’ve definitely taken Noah out of the bumpers but Vienna is still there. WTF?

    Luke puts a hand on Reid’s shoulder and says they’ll find another heart, right? Reid says it might be too late.

    Everyone exits Chris’s room. Katie rushes off and Barbara goes after her. Barbara: Every once in awhile things work out.

    Barbara sounding Reid-like: I’m not trying to be nice, I’m often not nice. There was something keeping me going that I didn’t know – there was something loving here and caring about me.

    Katie tells Barbara how relentless Henry was. Barbara says – and now it’s your turn to be relentless. Don’t give up, for both your sakes.

    [spoiler]Sheesh. So Reid doesn’t have people who love him enough and Luke “Mr Pitbull” Snyder isn’t sufficiently relentless. *headdesk*[/spoiler]

    Bob tells Chris he’s proud of him. Chris whispers something to Bob, who listens, frowns and leaves. Reid is out there with Luke and Bob says Chris has asked to see Reid.

    [spoiler]Oh shit.

    Goddamn the spoilers and Chris Goutman’s interview. This would be SUCH better drama if we didn’t know what was coming. We’d be paying less attention to the overly heavy handed foreshadowing and parallels, and we would be somewhat less irate that there are no PDAs for Luke and Reid because the assumption would be that there’s always another chance.[/spoiler]

    Commercial break.

    7.43pm GMT/2.43pm EDT

    Reid goes in and Chris says congrats to the new COS.

    Reid: Oh shut up (so cute!) – you know I don’t want the job that way. But seeing as you’re on dad’s door I might as well admit I DID steal that grant back in grad school. (OMG! I would have guessed that was true! But I actually cheered/laughed out loud at this line. So EPIC!) This time I’m not gonna have to cheat to beat you because you’re gonna get better and jog out of here and then I’ll kick your butt.

    Chris asks him to come closer.

    Reid: Are you gonna hit me? I like my chances.

    Chris tells him to take care of Katie.

    I have to say, as much as I would be happy for Chris (or at least his story) to flatline, this was a nice scene. Reid is still Reid to the end – in other words, he’s WONDERFUL in this scene, and he and Chris do have a nice chemistry. If it weren’t for their interrelated plot complications, this could be a nice dynamic.

    Katie enters and says: Beat it roomie. I want some quality time with the patient.

    Reid: He’s all yours.

    OMG this is a COMPLETE quote of the scene after Noah’s surgery, starting by saying “He’s all yours” and somberly walking out. Reid looks back through the window at Katie and Chris snuggling. Then Reid looks around and sees all the couples paired off and being there for each other while waiting (Benry, Calison, Bob and Kim). Luke follows him into the break room.

    Preview scene. Luke asks Reid where he’s going and Reid says he’s going to get that heart and make sure it ends up in Chris Hughes’s chest where it belongs.

    Katie and Chris – Katie lying down next to Chris in his bed – she has her arm around his arm and they’re snuggling.  So freakin’ unfair. Plus the livestream just putzed out.

    It looks like Luke has followed Reid out to his car – still no sound. Arrrrggh!!!!!!

    Reid explains why he’s doing it. For all those people waiting there worrying about Chris.

    Reid: Don’t go getting any ideas. I’m still the same selfish jerk.

    Luke: Just don’t punch anyone’s lights out.

    Reid: Don’t tell anyone where I’m going. Chris will get noble. Bob will resort to protocol. Kim and Katie will chew their nails off.

    Reid ends with “I love you. There, I’ said it.” They have a nice kiss (not hot, just nice) and Luke has the biggest grin on his face as Reid gets into his car and drives away.

    bout freakin’ time.

    Commercial break.

    7.50pm GMT/2.50pm EDT

    Bob notes that the bionic heart won’t work. Gee, way to pile it on.

    John: We need a new heart and we need it soon.

    Luke comes back in. Casey reports that Ali was just told the surgery to put in the machine can’t happen.

    Luke: You won’t need it – Reid’s got a plan. He doesn’t want anyone to know but he’s going to Bay City for the heart.

    Casey and Ali: Can he do that.

    Luke: I’ve never seen Reid not get what he wants. Luke has a bit of the the “He’s cold and he’s rude” look on his face.

    Ali: You’re really crazy about him aren’t you. I didn’t realize you were so serious.

    Luke says yes and he just realized it. He smiles another nice smile.

    What follows isn’t a spoiler, but is not for the faint-hearted either.


    Oh crap! Reid’s driving while talking on the cell phone. “I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Don’t you dare give that heart away.”

    Oh fuck. RR Crossing. Lights flashing. OMG the dope tries to run it. Car stalls. Reid, GET OUT OF THE DAMN CAR! NO, REID GET OUT OF THE CAR. HE’S STILL TRYING TO START THE FUCKING CAR!  Train approaching….

    Oh fuck. Not only did the livestream cut out, but the browser crashed as well, so clearly it can’t handle this either.  I miss what happens next.

    What struck me here, and this will be debated for some time to come, is the whole time Reid is trying to start the car, he does not look scared. He looks annoyed. Impatient. Like this little train is an inconvenience. If I were psychoanalyzing this, I would say it reeked of hubris – what Luke calls his “hero number.”

    Oh, Christ – I was just rewatching that clip from July 17th to get the exact quote and Luke actually says, “I was willing to take that chance because I thought that underneath everything you had a heart, but like I said, I’m an idiot.”

    Reid unquestionably has a sense of invincibility about him. But it seems pretty unlikely that he would let it get so out of hand! Then let’s not even start on what message it sends about gays who are actually out, confident, cocky and unapologetic….

    Commercial break.

    8.00pm GMT/3.00pm EDT

    Missed previews. Checking on Facebook – sounds like his seatbelt got stuck, too. As if talking on the cell phone, trying to run the RR crossing, and stalling on the track weren’t enough (it’s fucking automatic, for Christ’s sake) but they  need to make the seatbelt stuck, too. FAIL.

    As snicks over at AE.com says: The show ends with a freeze frame of Reid’s panicked eyes. Preview Time: Let’s just have a pleasant weekend, and forget what the preview shows.[/spoiler]

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