What I see is the big, fat, silver spoon in your mouth that I hope you choke on. You have any idea how many people actually wait their turn to see me, who don’t feel that they deserve to move to the front of the line just because they were born with blue blood in their veins?

— Reid (to Luke)

News and Updates | September 17, 2010

On Soap Central’s Live call-in show, Two Scoops writer Jennifer Biller was asked what story has generated the most interest and her response? No question: Luke and Noah, Luke and Reid.  Interestingly, both columnists generally liked the ending, pointing out the lack of story for Lisa and Emma being the two glaring omissions. It definitely felt like they did not have much airtime.

The new Michael Fairman interview with Van Hansis is up. He’s put a note in the header of his website that the promised second surprise is for CarJack fans.

ESS/Doctors without Borders is up to $18,200 and the Van Hansis Birthday Tribute, which raised $7255in 2008 and $8487 in 2009 for Van’s alma mater, the Walnut Hills School for the Arts, is up to $13,400 as of late last night/early this morning. Organizers are hoping to match the 2008/2009 total of $15742 combined before Van’s birthday next week (September 25th). This fan base can do it…

More news coming….

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