Katie: What about neurosurgery?
Reid: If I could find somebody in this town with a brain, I might consider it. But so far, no such luck.

— Katie and Reid

Episode LiveBlog | 17 September 2010

Sunday, 19 Sep, 12.38pm GMT/7.38am EDT

The final 2 minutes and 19 seconds of the Luke half of LuRe. 🙁

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Liveblog follows…

7.46pm  GMT/2.46pm EDT

Katie and Chris at Tom and Margo’s. Chris makes a crude joke about filling up the bedrooms. Ugh. More snogging.

Tom and Margo at Katie’s putting new artwork up. Have they always had a fireplace? Tom: We can make love in this room any time we want.

Margo: Then what are waiting for? They snog.

Emily: I’m proud of you, you know.

Paul: Thank you. I’m just so relieved I’m not going to be in business with my mother any more.

Emily: Your mother will always be apart of your life.

Paul: You will still love me, right?

Emily: Oh, baby, I’ll always love you.

They snog.

Henry: Dusty has no problem selling Metro back to me if it will make my wife happy.

Barbara: Nothing will make me happier than working and dancing with you in our club. Strains of Donna Summer in the background. Last Dance plays in the background.

Henry: May I have this dance?

Disco lights. They dance, spin, dip, kiss.

John and Lucinda run into Lisa. Since I’ve paid for these flowers I expect to see then. Gather those rosebuds while you may. Lisa looks confused/sad.

Lucinda: Are you getting those roses for me or just to get a rise out of Lisa?

John: A bit of both. Nobody knows what the future holds. Let’s make a pact – that we’ll have a hell of a good time finding out.

Lucinda: You’re on.

They get on the elevator making out. I think this is why they had to kill off Reid – otherwise they would have had to show LuRe in bed, and making out – multiple times.

Holden: What are you thinking about?

Lily: My mother and John. I can’t believe I’m saying this. I’m worried about her. What if things don’t work out. They tried before and it didn’t last.

Holden: They’re older, wiser and I believe they love each other – other wise they wouldn’t have made it back together.

Lily: You think that’s enough, loving each other?

Holden: I do. Sometimes it just takes a few times to get it right.

Classic romantic movie music playing in the background. Really beautiful scene. Jon is killing it, again.

Holden: I better get going. I’ll call you in the morning.

Lily: I’d like that…..Holden, I….

Holden: I know.

Very romantic movie music playing. Holden gives her a face touch and she emotionally watches him leave.

Carly: Go to sleep, Sage, you can text your friends about in the morning.

Shirtless Jack! Carly hops into his lap in bed. They spoon.

Jack: At last, it’s just the two of us.

Carly: Don’t you mean the three of us. This little one will be with us for 18 years.

Jack: Way to kill the mood, lady.

Carly; With you, that’s impossible, G-Man.

Sweet kiss. Man, these two have great chemistry. Jack turns out the light, bed springs squeak – literally.

Oakdale may be an ordinary town filled with ordinary people but it’s an ordinary town where something extraordinary happens every day.

Kim: Are you ready?

Bob: One more thing to do.

Kim kisses him.

Bob: What’s that for?

Kim: Just a little encouragement. (ENCOURAGEMENT?! Luke does encouragement better!)

Bob: I didn’t realize how hard it would be to say goodbye.

Kim: I don’t think there should be goodbyes, just goodnight. So it’s time to have fun. I’ll meet you out in the car. Take as much time as you need.

Bob picks up his name plate. He says, “Goodnight” and turns out the light. Camera pans to the globe conveniently spinning in slow mo. It’s lit up. Fade to black.

And the fat lady is now singing….

7.35pm GMT/2.35pm EDT

Luke has arrived at Katie’s.

Luke: I just came from dinner with a board member at the hospital and I strongly suggested that once you’re well they make you COS.

Chris: I’m not sure that’s the path I want to go down. (BONK!)

Luke, incredulous: What? You know Reid would be seriously ticked off after all he went through.

Luke apologizes for being snippy: it’s just being here..where Reid lived.

Katie goes to the drawer: Luke, wait. Here – they brought this from the hospital. It was Reid’s – he would want you to have it. (They make housecalls for stethoscopes? wouldn’t it have been in the bag he had with him in the car?)

Luke: Chris, this may sound a little weird, but could I?

Chris, smiles: sure.

Luke places the stethoscope and Chris helps him aim it.

But I’ve also come to believe htat out of loss comes something great – rebirth. (THAT”’s IT?)

Lucinda and Lily.

TYhey sound like giddy teenagers. Lily looks like her chin coiuld stand to be scraeped off the ground.

Lucinda: I have not intention of getting in your way at Worldwide. It’s yours for the taking….I’m going to spend the rest of my time with John an dforget all aboiut work. Y You’re off the hook. That’s what you’ve wanted all along.

Should you get a hankering to see your old mother, you’ll know where to find me.

John puts an arm around Lucinda and walks her off.

Lily: Did that just happen?

Holden: If anybody could

WHo knew John Dixon would be the answer to my payers

I thoguth tahat was my job.

It’s not going to be the same

I can ‘tb elieve I’m stuck here working with John Disxon as the new actinc COS

Kim waslk in – Oh Susham, Hi

Goodbye old friend.

You take good care of him No body can do it better tha him.

They share a big hug. Thanks Susan, so much. No more animosity. They relaly buried the hatchets.

It’s starting to feel real. Bob says he’ll take a box down t hte car.

And so a perfectly ordinary day in Oakdale comes to an end.

7.30pm GMT/2.30pm EDT)

I think I missed some Benry. and the intro.

Benry show up at Fairwinds where Pem are.

Barbara to Paul: I’m dissolving our partnership at BRO. I love you, but I have Henry now and I want to spent my time with him, so I hope you understand. (she looks at Henry with an adoring look).

Paul: I understand, more than you know.

Paul signs Barbara’s contract.

Emily:I never thought I’d see the day you’d walk away from your son.

Barbara: I’m setting him free. I’m setting both of us free.

Paul: To the future – to us all getting exactly what we want.

(Except for Luke. *more sobs*)

Commercial break.

7.18pm GMT/2.18pm EDT

something about how do our kids suddenly wake up grown up…

Casey and Ali leaving Tom and Margo’s. Susan and Emily are there. They say they’ll take care of each other. Ali says she’s ready now and will take care of him

Tom: You changed my life forever and I was completely filled with pride that day and I still feel the exact same way.

Casey: I hope I always make you so proud.

(OKAY, I’m leaking)

Margo: I know you haven’t always thought I was fair..I just wanted to be better than you thought you could because I believed in you.

Casey: Thank you. (a perfect happy ending)

Emily: Our little girl just moved away. (nice nod to Ali’s parentage)

Margo: There goes our little boy.

I read somewhere that a happy marriage is a conversation that always seems too short.

Katie is making a Reid-esque sandwich when Chris says “Come here, it’s important…there were some promises I made. One of the things I said is that I wanted to marry you.”

Katie: I’m not going to hold you to any of it.

Chris: I want you to hold me to it.

Chris weakly gets off the couch onto one knee. We both know how unpredictable life can be, how quickly things can change just when we think everything is perfect. This is what I fought for when I was sick – to wake up to your beautiful sunny smile every morning, and to fall asleep with you curled up in my arms. Katie, I promised to love and care for you and Jacob for forever. Will you marry me?

(I’m big time leaking wishing it were Reid saying these words to Luke)

Katie: You knew the answer before you asked.

WIll you help mje up so I can kiss the hell out of you.

Margo – I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut.

Tom: We have the whole house to ourselves.

Margo: A big empty house.

Tom: This reminds me of all the promises we made when I had my heart attack….

Margo: I’m not ready to retire.

Tom: I’m talking about living in the here and now.

He grabs her hand and drags her out.

Chris: I’m thinking we should get a bigger place.

Katie: I like it here.

Chris: I”m already living with Reid’s heart – I was thinking maybe we could have something of our own.

Tom: Your sister needs a distraction.

Margo: Now I just have big empty house and a lot of dirty dishes.

Katie announces the engagement. Margo and Katie –

Chris: Tom, I’m scared.

Tom: You’d better get used to that feeling.

Commercial break.

7.10pm GMT/2.10 pm EDT

(Sorry – it took awhile to catch up on the opening scenes)

To witness the birth of a child is a miracle. (something about normal everyday occurrence)

Carly and Jack talking about morning sickness.

Janet has made a decision about the baby.

Carly – the car is making a funny noise – do you realize what’s happenign to us? We’re NORMAL!?

(OMG – this whole montage of normalcy is killing me. This is what we were always dying to see for LuRe. All the little moments of intimacy and every day life. 🙁 So sad).

Janet arrives with the baby. Sorry we were keeping our distance. They say baby’s about a month old (guess that’s how we’d know) and named Lorenzo Dustin. Janet asks Jack to be godfather. Carly announces she’s pregnant.

Janet: I think things turned out exactly as they were supposed to. (NOT THEY DIDN’T!)

Commercial break.

7.00pm GMT/2.00pm EDT

Bobbo!  A large globe has conveniently and iconically appeared on his desk. Voiceover as he is packing up his desk and a montage of all Oakdale favorites getting up in the morning. Voiceovers will be shown in italics. A month has passed (not sure how we’d know that if we hadn’t read the spoilers)….the world will have turned and another day will have arrived in Oakdale IL.

Holden arrives at Lily’s to take Ethan fishing.

I’ve taken care of some of them since they were kids…and watched them grow up and have families of their own.

I’ve seen them find happiness where they least expect it.

Janet and Dusty in bed with the baby (almost wrote Jack and Dusty!)

I’ve seen them get married, divorced and get married again, sometimes more than once, but who’s counting.

Carly and Jack in bed. – Jack: Talk about a wakeup call, Mrs Snyder. Carly: I like that Mr Snyder. Child calls from the other room. Jack: To be continued. Carly: Most definitely. *sniffle – those are LURE’s lines*

Something about quirks.

Henry: Good morning Mrs Coleman.

I’ve seen them conquer their demons against all odds.

Paul Emily, Eliza.

Because love can come in the most unexpected places.

John arrives at the Lakeview and orders a room with a large and very bubbly jacuzzi. Lisa: so you’re bringing back a little Dutch Treat….Who is this tulip? Lucinda arrives: Good morning! John: How do you like them streudels!

Over these years, I’ve watched these people face every possible challenge.

Margo looking sad. Ali stops by – Casey is still asleep. Tom, buttoning up his cuffs: It’s gonna be okay. Margo: I can’t believe Casey’s leaving.

Challenges that everyone faces like new beginnings.

Shirtless Casey! (Thank you, wardrobe!) Ali hops on the bed. Is this what it’s going to be like when we’re married? She proceeds to devour his face.

And endings that come much too soon.

Luke looking at a program with the smoking head shot of Reid in th e black shirt on the cover. Natalie comes out and snuggles. Luke looks sad. Sometimes in the form of heartbreak. And other times in hope. *sniffle* (cuts directly to….)

Chris in Katie’s bed. Chris says something about wanting exercise (I’m going to hurl!).

Katie: Sorry baby – you’re not gonna be running laps for awhile.

Chris: That’s okay b/c laps are not what I’m thinking about. (Yes, hurling now)

But the biggest challenge may be the time you realize it’s time to take the next step and walk away.

Kim comes in.

Bob: Just thinking about all the patients I’ve cared for here.

Majestic music in the background – Bob: It doesn’t seem possible that I’m going to retire today.

Commercial break.

6.56pm GMT/1.56pm EDT

Brooke and Ridge are snogging again. So what else is new. B&B just ended, so it’s just about time….

9.43am GMT/4.43am EDT


  • New Michael Fairman interview with Van Hansis promised for this afternoon immediately following the show at 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific Time. As MF put it himself, “We saved the best for last.”
  • Meanwhile, over in the second half of today’s Soap Central Live opens the phone lines to ATWT fans. Reggie Jackson and Jennifer Biller, soapcentral.com’s Two Scoops columnists for As the World Turns, offer their thoughts on the end of the 54-year-old show; part one will feature GL actress Tina Sloan talking about her new book. The show airs at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific.
  • Here’s the link for Van’s Birthday Tribute (September 25th) donations: Walnut Hill School for the Arts.
  • And for the Eric Sheffer Stevens/Doctors without Borders campaign, which is now up to $16,880. Karen Riel’s latest SOS column starts off: “Fans of Eric Sheffer Stevens owe themselves a big round of applause….” – That’s us!
  • The link for the last snicks ATWT liveblog (he has a great screen cap of Van’s first episode up)
  • And the last time we’ll need links for today’s livestream (JayJay’s is my preferred b/c of the larger viewer size)

4.36am GMT/11.36pm EDT

Since there’s no Luke in today’s preview, I thought I’d start off today’s liveblog with two of my favorite (among very many) ingenious LuRe-inspired creations. First, the LuRePuffs, created by the brilliant mamalaz over at LiveJournal:




And, in case you missed it (where’ve you been), Hayley (aka fatherbananas on LRO and bunchoflemons on YouTube)’s incredibly funny Reid Oliver Cartoon Saga, as featured in Soap Opera Weekly (I think this is part 1):

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