Bob: Not in this hospital. There’s a patient in 406 that has a suppurated cyst that needs your attention.
Reid: What? No way! Find someone else.
Bob: That’s an order.
Reid: You know what you’re doing? You’re using your hospital privileges to settle a personal grievance.
Bob: I am? Where would I learn a thing like that?

— Bob and Reid

Susan Dansby’s LuRe Credits

This post was originally published on the Luke and Reid Online fan site.  Updated June 4th and again July 10th.

Okay, I’d never heard of Susan Dansby a week or two ago. And even if she’s solidly pro-Nuke and were deliberately tweeting to jab Lure fans in the eye (NOTE: That’s a subjunctive, NOT an accusation! I don’t want to hear on any pro-Nuke boards that I’m insulting Susan Dansby!), I think we probably owe her a word of thanks. I think I’ve seen a post alluding to part of this but not all of it. I have seen Nuke posts about the writers for various eps and finally found the gold mine that lists the official “script writer” for each episode.

If you look at that list and match it up with the episode list, you’ll find that Susan Dansby is listed as SW for:

  • Feb 10 – did you snap a string on your tennis racket? the only thing you’ve ever lost is a fee, bad hair day
  • Plus the rest of Feb 10 (I missed this before b/c Anthony, who dates his eps doesn’t include non Luke scenes): “not a hug”!
  • Mar 1: Justin Timberlake, “prove me wrong, Hank”
  • Mar 12 – the goodbye gifts with Katie, OMG you’re sitting down, HWTWE and Pisces!
  • Apr 2: “I always knew you were a bastard”
  • Apr 22 – Texas/I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a long time…Luke.
  • Apr 28 – near-kisses at Katie’s House, How do I make you feel?
  • May 4 – Hospital/Would you like to observe? Maybe you’ll learn something, That’s what you dragged me here for, combover, the scene with Katie
    May 12: Lily face-touch, “He’s rude”, “mom, we BROKE UP”, “happy and Noah – they used to mean the same thing”, “among other things”, moving on to the next case, part 1 of rooftop Luke “you have to focus on your health not on our relationship”

Pretty good stuff!

If anyone has  familiarity with how soaps work know how they go about listing an episode’s script writer? It would seem to me it makes more sense to have a writer follow a storyline across episodes (since one “day” or scene or kiss (!) can stretch out over weeks).

If we can associate those brilliant eps with Susan, the other writer who seems to stand out is Janet Iacobuzio, who’s listed as SW for:

  • Jan 19 – first Reid ep ever! how about never? I don’t need your money; it bores me to tears just like you’re doing
  • Jan 25 – could you just pull out your gun and shoot me, I’m a neurosurgeon – that means I operate on brains; confederacy of idiots, clown college, rocks – that’s a medical diagnosis, what is this horrible rabbit hole; can I still choose jail or a firing squad
  • Jan 29 – you bore me; i can’t be bought and i can’t be pushed around – that leaves you out of luck
  • Feb 24 – probably Holy Codependency! and folding the Onesies (Anthony doesn’t have Reid-only scenes on his site so I couldn’t xref Happy’s scenes by date)
  • Apr 9 -suspended, I need you, chili, Orchard!
  • May 5 – EPIC KISS #2, ’nuff said

If Janet’s really responsible for all this stuff then we owe her a big vote of thanks!

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