I’m not a magician, Mr. Snyder. Even if I were, I’d only give Noah a 20% chance of getting off the table. He needs months of surgery, not a drive-by. I came, I saw, I folded. Now I’m leaving.

— Reid (to Luke)

News and Updates | 18 November 2010

Okay – just a quickie for today. The BlazinRy/BlogTalkRadio interview with Eric Sheffer Stevens is THIS AFTERNOON (tonight for those of us overseas).  I’ll liveblog it if I can get away from my family, but I have young kids and 7pm is not exactly the ideal time to abandon them!

The interview airs at 2pm Eastern Time (I may have incorrectly stated 3pm previously) and is usually available on demand thereafter. The player below should allow you to listen via this site, but in case it doesn’t update to the current interview, click here to listen via BlogTalkRadio.

Listen to internet radio with BlazinRy Radio on Blog Talk Radio


BlogTalkRadio offers an online chat, the ability to comment, and a call-in line at (917) 388-4131.

The description of the interview is: “The actor who plays Dr. Reid Oliver on As the World Turns—and also appeared opposite Meryl Streep in last year’s critically-acclaimed film Julie & Julia—drops in to chat with BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes about upcoming dramatic projects.”

As nuts as I am about Luke and Reid, I’ll join the chorus of supporters encouraging fans who call in to keep the focus on future projects as we strongly suspect Eric is trying to move past his ATWT past and onto future projects which include Left Loosey Righty Tighty, and his horror flick Silent House.

Van’s interview with BlazinRy will follow on Tuesday December 7th at 8pm Eastern Time (I think!).

And in unrelated news, for anyone needing a LuRe news fix, Seth in the City, who blogs on a variety of gay literature and media topics finally posted his summary on the wrap up: LuRe/Nuke: The End (In So Many Ways).

Enjoy the interview!

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  1. Lester Strickland says:

    I listened to the interview and enjoyed it very much. My concern is that ATWT is what brought Eric popularity up. I was concerned about the comment that was made about him trying to move away from his ATWT past and on to future projects. I would love to see more of Eric and Van. Do you think that will ever happen. They were wonderful together.

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