Reid: Are you proud of yourself, Mr. Snyder?
Noah: Dr. Oliver? I thought you went back to Dallas.
Reid: Oh, did you not tell your boyfriend about your little stunt?
Luke: Well, I didn’t have time. Uh, Dr. Oliver had a little accident.

— Reid, Noah, and Luke

Transcript | 10 February 2010

Noah decides to move in with Maddie, while Luke finds clues suggesting Damian is dead. Henry, who is still worried about Katie and Reid ticks him off, causing Reid to quarantine him with a made-up case of TB. Katie has Jacob tested as a bone marrow match for half-sister Liberty (Brad’s daughter with Janet). When she breaks down, Reid shows his soft side and they bond.

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HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story Parts TBC

Anthony D Langford February 10, 2010 Parts TBC


Luke: So, this person you saw on the deck of the "Fortuna," could it have been my father?

Gregor: There’s no way to be certain.

Luke: Yeah, but you were looking right down at him. There must have been something that you could recognize — his hair, his clothes?

Gregor: It was dark. The water was rough.

Luke: Yeah, but there must have been something that would give you a clue as to who this guy was.

Gregor: By the time I reached him, he was gone.

Luke: But this person you saw, you said that his clothes were bloody. Was he alive when you saw him?

Gregor: I can’t say. If he was washed overboard, he’s dead now.

Maddie: Just because Dr. Oliver doesn’t want the two of you to be involved doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to me about him.

Noah: Yeah. You know, it’s hard, actually, talking about anything that’s happened in the past couple of years without mentioning Luke. He’s become a huge part of my life. It’s hard to avoid him.

Maddie: Well, you’ve been managing so far.

Noah: Not really. I mean, I’m living at his mother’s house. I’m there all the time. Luke’s doing his best to keep his distance. But, you know, it’s not easy.

Maddie: Well, don’t even think about moving out. You’re not gonna be able to find a cheap place anywhere in this town. Even your big, bad doctor couldn’t find a place. He’s living with Katie.

Noah: What? How did that happen?

Maddie: I don’t know. I just wish I got there first. All right, how does this sound? "Needed — apartment to share."

Noah: That works.

Maddie: Okay, good. I’m gonna go post this one.

Noah: Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Maddie: Hmm?

Noah: Don’t waste your time.

Maddie: Uh, you don’t think I’m gonna be able to find a roommate?

Noah: You already found one — me.

Reid: When did it happen? Was his family with him when he died? Don’t — don’t bother. They’re not gonna want to hear from me. Just you take care of it.

Katie: Uh, have you seen Jacob’s blue-striped sock? I can’t find it anywhere?

Reid: I hate it when people feel the need to walk around on eggshells. Just ask me what you want to know.

Katie: It sounded like someone died.

Reid: A patient. It happens.

Katie: Doesn’t it get to you?

Reid: Only if you let it.

Henry: Dr. Oliver.

Reid: Hank.

Henry: Henry, actually. How are you today?

Reid: Needed.

Henry: Really?

Katie: Oh, stop!

[Henry stammers]

Henry: Don’t you "Oh, stop" me. That guy gives rude and insensitive a bad name.

Luke: Sorry.

Reid: I made my position clear?

Luke: Crystal.

Reid: I agreed to treat Noah, but your involvement is neither warranted —

Luke: We’re following your rules, Doctor. I barely see Noah, let alone speak to him.

Reid: He’s still living at your mommy’s house.

Luke: We’re in separate rooms. We’re on separate floors. I am going out of my way to give Noah the space that you think he needs. You’re holding all the cards here, all right? So you don’t need to rub it in my face every time we run into each other.

Reid: The point is, I don’t like running into you, Mr. Snyder. But since you’ve shown up uninvited to my patient’s appointment, what is it you want?

[Luke scoffs]

Luke: That is none of your business.

Reid: Okay, well, when I’m informing Noah later on that I’m dropping him as a patient —

Luke: You can’t do that! Look, Noah didn’t know that I was coming here. I overheard him talking to Maddie, and she was gonna bring him here, and I thought that maybe I could run into him before you showed up. I just — I need his advice for something.

Reid: What’s the emergency? Did you snap a string on your tennis racket?

[Luke scoffs]

Luke: My father’s disappeared. Is that enough of an emergency for you? He’s vanished, and he’s left me with a company and a million questions, and I just — [Luke scoffs] Why am I telling you this? The only thing that you’ve ever lost is a fee.

Noah: Maddie, I have to get out of there.

Maddie: Is Luke pressuring you to get back together?

Noah: No, but I know that’s what he wants. And if we’re ever gonna work later on, we have to stay apart now.

Maddie: Right, so you can concentrate on your surgery with Dr. Oliver.

Noah: Yeah. I mean, if — if I tick him off because I can’t stay away from Luke, then I lose everything, including my chance of seeing again. So let me be your roommate.

[Maddie sighs]

Maddie: Okay. But you have to pick up after yourself.

Noah: Hey, blind guy here. Hello. I mean, clothes on the floor could be a hazard to my health. Thank you, Maddie.

Maddie: You’re welcome. This will be fun. We might want to find a third roommate, though, if we want to afford a decent place.

Noah: Well, then, okay. I will do that. Hey, um, it’s time to go.

Maddie: Okay. I’m gonna drop you off, and then I’m gonna start looking for places.

Noah: Okay. Wait.

Maddie: What?

Noah: When did you start listening to heavy metal?

Katie: I’m sorry, I don’t have time for this. Jacob and I have to go.

Henry: Where are you going?

Katie: The hospital.

Henry: Oh, come on! Isn’t it enough that you have to share the place with McBrainy? You got to have lunch with him, too?

Katie: Would you stop dumping on him? He’s a nice guy.

Henry: He is not a nice guy! He is rude, and he is snide. He’s so conceited!

Katie: Okay, he’s not all warm and fuzzy. And on the outside, he’s a little cold.

Henry: Try heartless.

Katie: He’s driven.

Henry: He’s a monomaniac.

Katie: He’s focused. That’s why he’s a good doctor.

Henry: He is focused! He’s focused on himself all the time.

Katie: He has feelings, Henry. He just doesn’t show them all the time like —

Henry: Like — what, like me? Well, I am sorry, Katie, but I will not apologize for being human. It comes in handy when you need a friend.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Luke, I was just about to call you.

Luke: What’s going on?

Lily: Meg’s turned herself in.

Luke: When?

Lily: I don’t have the details, but she’s back at Deerbrook.

Luke: Did she tell the police anything about Damian?

Lily: I’m not sure, but I am still concerned that she may have done something to him.

Luke: Mom, I need to talk to you, but I have so many calls I’ve got to make. Can you come to the office?

Lily: What’s wrong?

Luke: Not over the phone.

Lily: I’m on my way.

Reid: We are done.

Noah: Wait. How are my pupils doing? I mean, are — are they getting worse? Is the surgery still on?

Reid: Fine, no, yes. I’ll call to schedule our next appointment.

Noah: Wait, wait, wait! So, when do I, um, get my miracle cure?

Reid: I deal in science. You want a miracle? Go to Lourdes.

Noah: What’s with you today? Did Katie wake you up for Jacob’s 3:00 A.M. feeding?

Reid: Does everybody in this town make it a point to know everybody else’s business?

Noah: Yeah, except I don’t know why the hell you’re mad at me.

Reid: You want to know what my problem is? Ask your buddy Luke.

Noah: When did you see him?

Reid: Oh, he was having a bad hair day. He wanted to see you.

[Noah scoffs]

Noah: But he knows that you don’t want him anywhere around me.

Reid: And yet for some reason, he decided to ignore that.

Noah: I’m sorry. Luke and I have been together for a long time. It’s kind of difficult for us to just stay apart from each other.

Reid: Let’s be clear, Mr. Mayer. I’m not your friend, and I’m not your shrink.

Noah: Right. I know that.

Reid: When those lines get crossed, things get messy. I don’t like messes. Clean up yours or find another surgeon.

[Door closes]

Maddie: "Needed — apartment to share. Three –"

Henry: Look who decided to stick around!

Maddie: Hi! Well, you know, I have my vlog and my brother.

Henry: Vlog. Wait a second. You’re sticking around for me, even though you never make any time to see me?

Maddie: Excuse me. I have been helping my dear friend Noah.

Henry: Oh, that is — that is a good deed, considering the situation.

Maddie: Why? What do you mean? ‘Cause he left me for Luke?

Henry: No, not at all. I mean because of his neurosurgeon from hell, this Dr. "It’s all about me," Reid Oliver.

Maddie: Wow. He’s not so bad.

Henry: Have you met the guy, Maddie?

Maddie: Well, just in passing. But I’m not surprised he has a chip on his shoulder. I mean, I’d be pretty ticked off, too, with the whole blackmail thing.

Henry: Oh, excuse me. What? What blackmail thing?

Maddie: Oh, yeah. Luke basically blackmailed him to come to town to treat Noah.

Henry: Really?

Maddie: Mm-hmm. Down, boy. I don’t think he had any dirt on him. I think it was just all bluff.

Henry: Bluff? Well, I — I’ve played poker long enough to know that you can’t bluff someone unless they think that you’re holding a lot of aces. So the all-important Dr. Oliver has something to hide.

Reid: What are you doing here?

Katie: I brought Jacob in to be tested to see if he could be a bone-marrow donor for his sister, Liberty.

Reid: The one with leukemia.

Katie: Yeah. But now I’m having second thoughts.

Reid: Why?

Katie: He’s just — he’s so tiny.

Reid: It’s just a blood test.

Katie: Right. But they say the brothers and sisters are the best match.

Reid: They are.

Katie: So what if he’s a match and they need his bone marrow?

Reid: Then they’ll take his bone marrow.

Katie: What if there’s complications, or what if something happens to him?

Reid: You have a chance to save a life, and you’re getting cold feet? What the hell’s your problem?

Luke: They were already in the Mediterranean when he saw a body on the deck of the "Fortuna."

Lily: So this injured person was supposedly on the ship for days with no one noticing?

Luke: Yeah, I guess so. But by the time he went down to investigate, the body had disappeared, probably washed overboard. Mom, that was most probably Damian, and if it was, he’s probably dead.

Lily: Just because this man he thinks he saw something —

Holden: Mom, I did a background check on Gregor, the guy who came to see me. He’s been the first mate on that ship for Grimaldi shipping for years.

Lily: But he still could have been mistaken, Luke.

Luke: But then why would he fly all the way here to tell me if he hadn’t really seen somebody? Someone left that body on the deck for dead, knowing full well that it would wash off to sea.

Lily: Holden was on the docks when the freighter left port. He saw Damian get on that ship.

Luke: And now we know Meg didn’t attack him.

Lily: I suppose someone else on the ship could have, but — but who? Why?

Luke: Or else it —

Lily: No. No, that’s impossible.

Luke: Mom, there is no other possibility. If it wasn’t Meg or a stranger who attacked Damian, then it must have been Dad.

Luke: I keep thinking that there is some other explanation, Mom, but there’s just not.

Lily: Holden didn’t hurt Damian. He is an honest, decent man.

Luke: Yeah, but even honest, decent men can be pushed to the brink, and God knows that Damian knew how to push.

Lily: Stop talking like this!

Luke: They found his wallet in the water, Mom! And you said it yourself. He wouldn’t just toss it overboard.

Lily: I said that because I wanted to believe that he loved you too much, that he cared about us too much to let us worry, but I gave him too much credit, Luke.

Luke: You don’t honestly believe that, Mom, do you?

Lily: There’s one thing that Damian has consistently done since I’ve known him, and that’s look out for himself.

Luke: Look, I know — I know that he’s no saint, but he’s also my father.

Lily: No, no. Holden is your father. He’s the man that has raised you, that has loved you your whole life, Luke. And if he thought that you were accusing him of attacking Damian, leaving him to die, his heart would be broken.

Luke: Do you think I want to do that? That’s the last thing I want to do. I just wish that there could be —

Lily: I know, Baby. I know. I wish that he had become the man that you thought he was, too, but he wasn’t. He is a liar and a thief. Don’t you let him steal the love and the trust that you have for your father.

Luke: I have to get back to work. There’s so much that I have to do.

Lily: Can I help you?

Luke: I need to take some papers to the attorneys, see where we go from here, but — I’ll call you if I need anything.

Lily: Promise?

Luke: Yeah.

[Lily sobs]

Lily: Not Holden. Please, God, no.

Katie: Sorry to bother you. Come on, Jacob. Let’s go.

Reid: If Jacob’s sister needs a bone-marrow transplant, then she needs one now. You wringing your hands and dreaming up worst-case scenarios — it just wastes time.

Katie: Let go.

Reid: If Jacob were sick and Liberty’s mother was dragging her feet, would you have any patience?

Katie: No, but Jacob —

Reid: Don’t tell me that Jacob is just a baby. It just means that he’s too young to worry about it. Give him a kiss. Give him his teddy bear. Get over yourself. See? That wasn’t so hard.

Henry: If it isn’t the infamous Dr. Oliver. Did you have a nice lunch with Katie?

Reid: Hank.

Henry: You’re smiling. You never smile. What’s the matter with you?

Reid: You tried to make trouble for me, Hank. You shouldn’t have done that.

Henry: Me, make trouble for you? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Reid: I just got a call a few minutes ago from a friend back in Dallas, John Barber. I thought that name might get you. Seems somebody’s been asking questions about me, offering to pay for information. He thought I’d want to know. He owes me one for cutting a tumor out of his grandma. That someone wouldn’t happen to be you, would it, Hank?

Henry: What if it was?

Reid: Why are you digging into my past?

Henry: I want to prove to Katie that I’m right about you.

Reid: Prove what, that I’m not all warm and fuzzy? She already knows that.

Henry: When she finds out what kind of guy you really are, she is going to kick you out on your tail.

Reid: You think so?

Henry: I’m absolutely sure.

Reid: Here’s the thing, Hank. I like Katie’s place. Hell, I even like Katie and the kid. I’m not going anywhere.

Henry: Here’s the thing, Reid. Once I expose you for who you really are —

Reid: Oh, speaking of exposing, excuse me. Hey, orderly?

Orderly: Yes, Dr. Oliver.

Reid: I need some help with my patient here. He just tested positive for tuberculosis.

Henry: I did not.

Reid: He needs to be quarantined immediately.

Henry: No, I don’t.

Reid: He’s a bit resistant, but he’s highly contagious.

Orderly: Come along.

Henry: I’m not his patient! Look, I am not — I am not his — I don’t anything!

Orderly: Come along quietly, Sir.

Henry: This is ridiculous!

Noah: Luke.

Luke: How did you know it was me?

Noah: Most people, when they come in, they don’t just stop dead.

Luke: Well, I was just gonna grab a coffee. I have a meeting in a couple minutes anyway.

Noah: I — I heard you, uh, stopped by the hospital.

Luke: Did Dr. Oliver tell you that?

Noah: Told me, yelled at me, threatened me, yeah.

Luke: Well, he’s still gonna treat you, right, Noah? Because if I messed that up for you, I will fix it, I promise.

Noah: The surgery is still on.

Luke: I almost blew it for you today.

Noah: Luke, why were you looking for me? You can tell me. We’re not at the hospital. Dr. Oliver isn’t here — unless you see something I don’t.

Luke: Is this seat taken?

Noah: Uh, yeah. I’m just watching it for Maddie. She went out to make a phone call. Yes, Luke, please, sit. Come on. Don’t make a blind guy beg.

Luke: So, um, how are your treatments going?

Noah: Luke, I don’t need to be able to see your face to know that something’s wrong. Have you heard from Damian?

Luke: No. No, not a word. He told me he was getting on a freighter bound for Malta. And, uh, then they, uh — they found his wallet in the water.

Noah: What do you think that means?

Luke: The first mate of the ship came to see me, and he said that he saw or he thought he saw a body on the deck of the ship.

Noah: What?

Luke: Yeah. And, uh, by the time he got down to investigate, he thinks that Dad washed overboard.

Noah: Wait. You think that was Damian?

Luke: I don’t know. It might not have been. But — but either way, I think Damian’s dead.

Noah: Luke —

Luke: And the thing is, I don’t — I don’t really know what to feel about it, you know, because — ’cause he was my father, and I loved him. But then I hear all of these stories about the things he did to — to my mom, to Meg.

Noah: And to you. He hurt you, too, Luke, so it’s okay. It’s okay for you to hate him.

[Katie sobbing]

Katie: I didn’t think you’d be home so early.

Reid: Uh, feel free to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. I’m gonna go to my room.

Katie: Aren’t you gonna ask me why I’m crying?

Reid: No.

Katie: Well, don’t feel bad. It’s not ’cause you were such a jerk to me before.

Reid: Okay.

[Katie sobs]

Reid: Is Jacob okay? No problem with the blood test?

Katie: He’s fine. They don’t have the results back yet.

Reid: All right. What’s — what’s with the tears?

Katie: I’m crying because life is so unfair. Not only did I have to lose Brad, but now his daughter has cancer. Liberty’s so young. She shouldn’t have to worry about if she’s gonna have time left. She’s just supposed to know that she does and be frustrated because it’s not happening fast enough. [Voice breaking] She shouldn’t be terrified that she’s not gonna have enough time left. I just — I don’t know how I’m supposed to teach my son to be hopeful and look forward to things in life when stuff like this happens. How do you do it? How do you wake up in the morning? How do you — [Katie sobbing] Is this a hug?

Reid: Absolutely not. A — are you — are you done yet?

Katie: I can’t help it. I’m sad. And when I’m sad, I cry.

Reid: Well, tears don’t help. They just cause your eyes to swell and your skin to blotch.

Katie: How would you know?

Reid: I’ve seen examples.

Katie: You’re not the hard case you seem to be.

Reid: Your friend Henry might disagree with you.

[Katie laughs]

Reid: All better? Okay, good.

Katie: Reid, I need your help.

Reid: With what?

Katie: Grief. I have it, a lot of it, and it’s not going away.

Reid: What do you expect me to do about it?

Katie: I mean, I know I’m not gonna ever stop missing Brad, but now all this other stuff is happening, Liberty getting cancer, and —

Reid: You have to grow thicker skin.

Katie: Yeah. How do I do that?

Reid: Those who can do. Those who can’t cry.

Katie: You did it.

Reid: I was born this way.

Katie: So you’re telling me when you were a brand-new doctor and you lost your first patient that it didn’t get to you? You just said, "Oh, well, that’s it. On to the next."

Reid: No.

Katie: So what do you do when one of your patients dies?

Reid: I save them.

Katie: I don’t understand.

Reid: I save them. Each picture in here is of a patient that I lost. Not every patient, just the ones that, um —

Katie: Made you want to cry.

Reid: If I’d been quicker to stop a bleed, this guy would be coaching his soccer team. If I’d spotted a hidden tumor, this guy would have played for Alabama.

Katie: So these pictures keep you humble.

Reid: They keep me enraged. These patients, I couldn’t beat their tumors and their aneurysms, but I learned from them. I studied every step, every misstep, training for the next one.

Katie: You make it sound like a prize fight.

Reid: I fight death every day. The ones I lose make me meaner and tougher for the next time. I guess it’s a little different when you lose a husband.

Katie: I hate that I lost Brad. I hate it so much. So if I can be tougher and meaner and — I’m gonna do what you do.

Reid: Become a brilliant neurosurgeon?

Katie: I’m gonna use my grief to fight for Brad’s daughter, and I’m gonna win.

[Baby crying]

Reid: You’re okay taking your baby along for the ride?

Katie: He’ll be okay. He’s a fighter, too.

Reid: Hi, this is Dr. Reid Oliver. You keeping a close eye on my patient? How’s he doing? Excellent.

[Knock on door]

Henry: Hey! If you’re not gonna let me out of here, can you at least give me an extra blanket? My backside is freezing! Quarantine my frozen tundra. And find that quack Reid Oliver, okay? Tell him he can’t do this to me! [Henry grunts] Tell him I’m going to take his butt to the AMA, and the CIA, and the — the AARP, the ASPCA! He’s history, do you hear me? He is history!

[Henry sighs]

Luke: I don’t think I could ever hate Damian. Does that make me some sort of pushover?

Noah: No. No, it makes you human.

Luke: Do you hate your dad?

Noah: Sometimes. But you’re the one that made me feel like that was okay, that if I could accept everything about him, all the good and the bad stuff about my dad that I could deal, and that would help me get past it.

Luke: I said that? That’s pretty smart.

Noah: You have your moments. Um, what else is going on? If something else is bothering you, Luke, you can tell me.

Luke: Well, there was something about the night that Damian disappeared.

Maddie: Hey! What are you guys doing?

Noah: Oh, hi. Uh, just, you know, getting caught up.

Maddie: Oh, good. You told him. Because I have the best news.

Noah: Maddie —

Maddie: No, I have found the most amazing place, and it’s within our budget. But we have to move fast — like in the next 15 minutes. Oh. When you said "Getting caught up," you —

Noah: I — we hadn’t quite gotten that far yet.

Maddie: Oh.

Noah: Yeah.

Maddie: Sorry.

Luke: You’re moving out?

Noah: Yeah.

Maddie: Uh, I’m gonna get us a couple of coffees to go. But, I mean, I hate to rush you.

Noah: Uh, no. I’ll be right there.

Luke: Is this because of Dr. Oliver’s rules?

Noah: No, it’s not just because of that.

Luke: Wow. I thought living on separate floors was tough, but it seems like you really want to put some space between us.

Noah: No. No, Luke. I need to be independent. I mean, I need to be able to go out by myself, go to the market, cook and clean. I need to know that I can do all those things without my eyes. And without you.

Luke: Yeah, but once you have the surgery, you’ll get your eyesight back.

Noah: Or not. If I’m stuck like this for the rest of my life, I have to figure out some way to deal with that.

Maddie: Hey. So, I was thinking, you don’t have to do this today. I’m — I’m sure we can find another place.

Luke: No. You know what? If it’s good for Noah, I’m all for it.


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