Reid: Now I need an O.R. and a full staff, your best people. It would help if they’d been to medical schools sometime within the last 30 years.
Bob: My chief of neurology is bringing his team in. Uh, he’s aware of you and would like to observe.
Reid: As long as it’s clear to everyone that I’m in charge of the O.R. No back-seat driving.

— Reid and Bob

Interview LiveBlog | ESS on BlazinRy (BlogTalkRadio), 18 November 2010

Hi everyone – according to host Ryan Holmes, today’s BlazinRy show was one of Today’s Picks on BlogTalkRadio (gee, wonder why?!). Ryan was on the chat room and I asked him how the show did, and he guestimated that it tied with Jake for most popular (can’t recall the exact wording b/c the chat is so active it fell off my screen before I could write it down).

Here’s the link to download today’s interview from iTunes. And here’s the player if you want to listen online:

Listen to internet radio with BlazinRy Radio on Blog Talk Radio


And here’s a screen cap of “Today’s Picks.” They rotate through the right side of your screen (see below). Incidentally, there was a recent thread on the about the color of Eric’s eyes – this photo does a pretty good job of capturing them!


I got most of it, but not quite all (too much RL going on around me). So the highlights:

  • In Silent House Eric will be playing the Uncle, and he will be in the house with the dad and the daughter. It sounds like the are keeping true to the original and filmed it single camera, single shot – and it will be creepy.
  • The actress who played Jessica the babysitter (Rebecca B whose last name I’ll have to IMDB) went to the same school as Eric and her appearance in both was a coincidence – she earned it on her own merits.
  • He wasn’t a big fan of his part in Twelfth Night (Orsino?) but thought Jenny was great.
  • No plans to move to LA though he will entertain auditions there.

The following probably captures 85% of Eric’s responses and half of the questions. It hasn’t been proofed or checked for typos so read at your own risk. I hear it’s up on iTunes already but I haven’t had a chance to check yet (iTunes is not loaded on this PC).  Will post the link when it’s available.  More below…

Okay, I’m going to give this a go (kids seem pretty happy right now). I’m listening to the player below, and they’re airing yesterday’s show still, but I believe it will switch over at 2pm when the new interview goes live. There’s a healthy chat going on in the comments box.

Today’s interview airs at 2pm Eastern Time (about 3 minutes by my clock).

BlogTalkRadio offers an online chat, the ability to comment, and a call-in line at (917) 388-4131.

The description of the interview is: “The actor who plays Dr. Reid Oliver on As the World Turns—and also appeared opposite Meryl Streep in last year’s critically-acclaimed film Julie & Julia—drops in to chat with BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes about upcoming dramatic projects.”

As nuts as I am about Luke and Reid, I’ll join the chorus of supporters encouraging fans who call in to keep the focus on future projects as we strongly suspect Eric is trying to move past his ATWT past and onto future projects which include Left Loosey Righty Tighty, and his horror flick Silent House.

6.59pm GMT/1.59pm EST. Wow, the chat on the BlogTalkRadio site is hoppin’!  It’s like being on LRO/LJ during the July/August episode days. Sigh. If you want to participate, you need to have either a BlogTalkRadio account or sign in with your FB account.  Stay tuned….

7.01pm GMT/2.01pm EST. Okay, my player is playing music and yesterday’s interview, but others are reporting music as well. Lotta people on the edge of their seats….

7.05pm GMT/2.06pm EST. The host has come on to make an intro and there’s some random music playing (I think it’s called ‘Filler’). The link above appears to show the current show, but it keeps buffering on my browser.

Welcome Eric

ESS: Hi…I was listening to (the music playing) on hold and thought ‘did I call the right number?’

RH: From a popular cabaret show in Manhattan. The switch board is lighting tup like crazy. The chatroom is completely insane. Thanks for doing this. So Eric, sow hat can you tell us about our new film LLRT. Will it be the long awaited documentary on how to open doors (?)

ESS: It’s about 3 friends who are about 3 years out of school who are not quite where they thought they would be. A friend wrote the screen play, another friend directed it. James Y was the one who really pulled it together and made it the 14 days…the people who worked on it all came out of Wheaton College out of Chicago – it was a lot of fun; it was a great project.


ESS: I didn’ tknow what I was getting into. We did a reading of it and we all said fantastic, good luck with that. Then he sent me a note while I was on vacation – can you start shooting the day before labor day. I got back on a redeye and started shooting that day. A lot of great NY actors are in it. Some 12-14 houar days. It was very intense and in th emiddle of it I was kinda dying. Fortunately we shot all my favorite scenes earlier on. It was just good. It was a great project. Finished that right a tthe end of September. Their goal is to have it all put together which is pretty ambitious.

Okay there is now a wiggly toddler in my lap so this may be a little spotty.

They’re talking about Conan O’Brien’s favorite actress from Julie and Julia and Eric is raving about how funny she was….

ESS: all of the screwing around and eating was off-camera.

ESS: They ha d areal chef right on chef…and they were making all these meals for the whole film and they would bring it in…I haven’t had lobster since; I had a little too much that day.

(Amy Adams) was doing other things at that time. I don’t know about her personal capabilities, but she did not (cook it all).

RH: I got my equity card doing a mariachi version of Much Ado…

ESS: A buddy of mine from my grad school class at Bama had started this company in VT about five years ago. My wife and I did Twelfth Night 4 years ago and he asked us in the winter if we could do Much Ado and we said yeah b/c it was amazingly fun last time. The first time I thought he was doing me a favor to get thing sstarted but it turned out to be the other way around so this time around i just jumped at it…another classmate…Sheffield/Dogberry…stage manager….PR….10th anniversary – just came together that way. That was another GREAT show. I was very impressed wiht that production. We rehearsed it for 4 weeks and then went up to VT and that wasn’t enough. It was very goo dand I was really happy with it.

ESS: That was another reason I didn’t want to di (Twelfth Night). It’s a crap play (!)…Jenny had a better part? So she was just a full-on clown, singing, and a one-person band. And I went up there and played Orsino and I ended up mining it and it ended up being a lot of fun. But I’m not going to be traveling to do that part again.

RH: You just mentioned that your wife was singing. blah blah blah more about the host. Never really got into it until seeing it at the Globe in London….interactions with the audience….the way Shakespeare was meant to be….all-male production.

ESS: Yeah. I love storytelling like that. That’s one thing VT Shakespeare does – you’re double-cast so you’re playing two roles. So you’re running around doing costume changes and for me that’ smore powerful theatre – to let go of the realism…much more fun and interesting and engaging.

ESS: Same group of people – did that in grad school…7 people cast of some play previously mentioned.

RH:….blown up over last year- Reid Oliver one of the best characters in soap history.

ESS: [embarrassed] Oh my god.

RH: Vilified first then become heroes. Why do you think he was so popular from the start?

ESS: I’m not really sure.

RH: An imposter…Why not more like Reid.

ESS: It’s a good formula. I don’t know. I have no idea what dictates storylines on daytime so I can’t really speak to how they develop storylines and what woiuld be better or worse. I woudl think you want to generate.

Trent’s character was a complete oddball. Henry was always doing bizarre stuff. So I was aware of what kind of character he was and what he’s done over the years b/c we did a Shaw play. He’s doing a play on 42nd stret –= the Memorandum, and he’s fantiastic. It’s a great show!

RH: Now that Reid and Luke are done do you have a favorite moment?

ESS: [laughs] Nothing pops out. I had a LOT of fun. A bunch of things that were fun. These are sort of towards the end because it was towards the end. All the roleplaying stuff – I like that whole episode. Loving Reid, growing together and it was just funny writing – I really enjoyed htat. I loved the little bit abou the toothbrush – Chris Hughes using the toothbrush and he throws it. I’m not sure – ther’e’s a LOT that was really fun aboiut that character.

RH: It must have been so much fun to play that character.

ESS: That was a lot of fun.

RH: Did you get a lot of hatemali b/c you broe up Nuke?

ESS: No – I didn’t get anythoing that was negative like that. I’m sure that a lot of people were upset.

RH: Overwhelmingly positive feedback…and your portrayal…curious – a lot of gay-themed movies end in tragedy. ATWT pioneering…when Reid died….all the straight couples….and although you were amazing in the last scene can you see people’s frustration.

ESS: At the time we were doing it, I was not viewing it in the context…I thought it was good storytelling in and of itself out of context. ‘Sure, that’s great. ‘ As an actor it was a fun story to tell, but as far as that I think it’s an awful trend. A very strange trend. I don’t know – they don’t know how to end the story. Brokeback Mountain – pretty beautiful end to that story. It’s a definite trend and I”m not really sure why. But I’ve definitely understood the frustration with the ending and came to feel bad about it that people were genuinely upset about it for that reason.

RH: You shouldn’t feel bad – it’s not your fault.

ESS: I know that but I felt bad for people who were genuinely emotionally upset by it.

RH: It gives people a lot of hope and the endings come along and why do so many end so tragically. Every other couple ended in happiness….Luke and Reid ended in tragedy…Luke all alone.

RH: [changing gears] ….LA?

ESS: I’m not gonna pick up and move my family there right now. I change a lot, I’m moody. This is where I live. I was out there in September.  Two things I auditioned for both worked out and I had to fly back to NY…we just finished on Friday with the second one. That put the kibbosh on that trip. I might be out there in the spring or in January. But yeah, there’s a lot more work out there. But I don’t wanna live out there so I’m kinda negotiating that right now.

RH: Hot or hot mess game? Sounds like guest is supposed to rate everything ‘Hot"’ or “Hot mess”

RH: Random people doing random impressions. WTH is this waste of airtime?

ESS: [laughing politely] Says something about Rip Torn living in his neighborhood.

RH: Jake Silbermann and RH dueting clip on some random song?  More Eric, please!

ESS: That’s brilliant. Are you kidding me? That’s hot….um, anyway, I gotta give one hot mess.

RH: That was the most “hots” we’ve ever gotten….Open up the mailbag.

I definitely don’t think it’s twatted.

Happy birthday to Moey?

ESS: Happy birthday, Moey.

RH: Question about Silent House.

ESS: Just wrapped that on Friday. It’s a really interesting project. Psychollogical. A little bit arty. Definitely horror genre. Three of us go into the house and it doesn’t go well. Adam Tracey plays my older brother and Elizabeth Olsen plays his dauther and I’m the young uncle and I can’t say much plotwise but it’s all shot in real-time, single-camera, single-shot – whioch is the ambiution of the film. From the time it follows her outside, she meets up with her dad, she meets up with me, and goes through the entire house, all in one shot. And it was VERY hard to do and very fun to do. A really great project. A really great group of people. Really fun thing to do.

RH: Nadine aka Nads on twitter from Germany. I know Eric really likes soccer – did he follow world championship, surprised.

ESS: Followed, rooted for US. I was shocked that they were knocked out by Ghana. Amazing. Amazing by how England did. But ultimately I was just in heaven. I can’t wait for it to come around. I love the World Cup.

RH: Wanja from Norway asks – are you excited about LLRT and how does it feel you have fans from all over the world who will be traveling.

ESS: REALLY? [shocked, STILL!] It’s a great unknown for me. It depends on where it goes festival-wise. I can’t wait to see where it goes. Having a screen in NY. I don’t know if they’re gonna do the premiere before it goes to festivals. But that people would travel to the

But if it will be in London or something [SQUEE! Ack!] Silent House – sold distribution rights – know it will be shown in the UK next year [WOO HOO!]

RH: Do you wear a helmet when you rollerblade?

ESS: For me it sort of defeats the purpose of the speed and the skating and…I did just end up on the hood of a car a few weeks ago. It happens. Doors open…I was on Houston and this cab came over and I ended up junmping in his hood – more to freak him out than b/c I was gonna die.

RH: Lotta fans online. Do youw ant to talk to a couple. 440.

440: Stephanie – everyone knows me as Ripley. I’m calling from Cleveland OH. I was gonna ask about Silent House but that one got taken by the twitter comment.

ESS: Did I answer it?

440: Yes. We all saw the trailer…

ESS: I’m going to go over to James’s house and we’re gonna go over the footage. I tried to get him to go out but he refused b/c he’s been editing all night long…a LOT of footage for them to cut down…I have a lot of faith in him and Judd (?)…pretty amazing.

440: Quick comment….A lot of the people in the chat room – friends that I’ve made in chat room – b/c of the trip to VT – I’m the one who had you sign my book…b/c of that trip I came across two colleges….Burlington…brilliant programs…in less than a year I will probably be living in VT….lots of things you’ve done for your fans

ESS: Thanks. DIdn’t know that. Best of luck to you.

RH: Aw, that was sweet. 514.

514: Hi, this is Jessica from Montreal. How are you.

ESS: Great.

514: Loved L&R. Trailer for LLRT looks amazing. What do you think about the age difference between L&R?

ESS: I didn’t think anything of it.

514: We liked it. We were quite excited for it.

ESS: YOu always have to ask the younger person b/c it means more to the younger person than the older. I don’t hink of myself as that much older.

514: For the show, Luke is young(ER).

ESS: Sotryline. He’s younger than Van. That, I just ignored b/c it didn’t make sense to me. They age characters so quickly and obviously that was something they were doing with Luke.

514: I can remember that not even 7 yeras ago he was 8 on the show.

ESS: So was I dating a 15 year old. It was awesome. Honestly they were growing him up at an accelerated pace and the stuff they were having him do – being on the board of the hospital – it completely let go of his college life and he was supposed to be olde.r Never paid attention to it.

514: Certain other shows that fandom online are very into and these are shows that you NEED to get onto. the Good life.

ESS; Yes.

514: Glee.

ESS: I will porobbaly not be on Glee. But I tihnk he likes it.

514; Torchwood?

ESS: Okay

RH: 321 you are on the air.

321: This is Mary I’m in Melbourne FL….so glad I got through…..last interview I was int he queue.

ESS: That’s gotta be frustrating

321: What actually draws you to a rolre. The character? The show? working ewith a certain actor or director?

ESS: for me i’t’s that somebody actually wants me to do it. TH’at’s what’s attractive (how modest!) There are things I pass on b/c I don’t ‘get it’ or it would be boring or not interesting….[Reid] came along and i just loved it. Just from that scene that they wrote. I can find something in just about anything. It’s gotta be pretty bad for me to pass on….my preference is to do everything and to keep mixing it up. I like going between all of them. Each one is very fun and different and stimulating. To have work that you can say that about is great….Theatre….come back to it….I love it….that’s a big part of our lives….A lot of LA people are really NY people who just live there and make a lot of money.


ESS: I’m glad you got through. It was great to talk to you.

631: Hi this is Chirstine from Long Island….big fan….thanks….very excited for the new movie.

ESS: Thank you.

631: Want to ask you about DWB.

ESS: Oh, holy crap – that was a mazing. That was unbelievable to me and how that took off. Right around $22K is an amazing amount of money to raise for that charity. I was very bloiwn away that that happened.

631: A lot of us knew that Reid was going to be killed off…glad everyone got together to do something better….for fans around the world….thanks…you have a lot of fans for life.

ESS: Thank you so much – really nice to hear that.

973: Joanne from NJ.  Wanna ask about LLRT. A bunch of us noticed that Jessica the babysitter (scrunchie girl) is in it. Did she get the job on the movie or ATWT?

ESS: Holy crap – of course she was. You know her name was Jessica. You guys ARE crazy. She’s an old friend. Rebecca B. Also went to my college. We know her through that whole grapevine. She plays a young student of mine in the film that I think she’s hitting on me and I’m not gonna say more on it.  It was a surprise both times. She didn’t need my recommendation at all. We have a lot of friends in common. No I didn’t recommend her for ATWT –they just hired her.

973: When the donation page went up and the money started rolling in – did they know that it was your friends.

ESS: Yeah, it was obvious. James had been in contacyt with Colleen. I didn’t know about it for a week and a half and I was amazed by people’s support for that.

973: We want to keep you working. Can you say hi to my friend?

ESS: That’s very generous. Hi, Gaelyn in the Netherlands.

937: My question for you is – you seem to have very good choices. You’ve made really good choices. Can you give us some recommendations. One play, movie, and TV show we should watch.

ESS: Film – Once? Should definitely see that. Glen Hansard is in it and it’s about a singer-songwriter. It’s fantastic. Have you seen The Wire. That you have to see all five seasons of that ‘- it’s ridiculous. One of the best 2 TVshows that’s ever been on. Theatre wise, I dunno. Ryan, can you help me.

RH: You should see Dracula off-broadway in NJanuary.

ESS: He just booked that.

RH: Fantastiks off-broardway. And spiderman.

937: Wonderful job on ATWT. Wonderful trailer for LLRT _ rellay lookin gforward to it.

RH: Eric, thank you so much for doing this. It’s been a lot of fun.

ESS: Thanks.

RH: Talking to Jake and Eric’s name came up. Any friend of Jake’s is a friend of mine.

ESS: He’s a great guy.

RH: Definitely.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Another thing, ESS said he wasn’t going to move his family to Calif. I know he is married but does he have any children, does anyone know? I don’t remember seeing any mentioned anywhere.

    • lovelure says:

      Yes, he has two young children. He’s mentioned them in interviews previously (I think) and both he and Jenny talked freely about them to fans in VT. But I think they’re trying pretty hard to keep the kids out of the limelight, so you won’t see any details about them published here or on to respect their privacy.

  2. Sandy says:

    Yes me also LL, loved reading all he had to say. Still miss him and really all of them from ATWT.

  3. Isabel says:

    Thank you for transcribing it. I’ll listen to it later but at least now I know what was discussed.

  4. Snapegirl says:

    They LL, thank you so much for putting up the transcript so quickly. By the way, the name’s spelled JoAnne. 😉 You are so awesome to be able to do that with a toddler on your lap. I couldn’t even talk to Eric while standing. I almost fell over my own two feet. LOL

    • lovelure says:

      Thanks for stopping by, SnapeGirl! I recently talked to a photographer who covered an event (and got some great shots!) with a toddler in her lap. Now THAT’s impressive. 🙂

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