Katie: I can’t help it. I’m sad. And when I’m sad, I cry.
Reid: Well, tears don’t help. They just cause your eyes to swell and your skin to blotch.
Katie: How would you know?
Reid: I’ve seen examples.

— Katie and Reid

News and Updates | 21 December 2010

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update, but my whole family has been down with a nasty cold/flu thing for the last week.  Add RL and international travel on top of that and you have one tired blogger.

But this is news I couldn’t pass up: this week’s TV Guide Canada poll asks: Which couple made 2010 the most memorable?  The choices:

Luke and Reid, ‘World Turns’ – 3%
Billy and Victoria, ‘Y&R’ – 30%
Maggie and Victor, ‘Days’ – 0%
Dante and Lulu, ‘GH’ – 54%
Kyle and Fish, ‘One Life’ – 0%
Bo and Carly, ‘Days’ – 10%
Ani and Lara, ‘Venice’ – 2%
Brenda and Sonny, ‘GH’ – 0%
Brooke and Oliver, ‘B&B’ – 0%
Jason and Brenda, ‘GH’ – 1%
Total Votes 3899

Aw, c’mon! We can do better than that!

In the meantime, a few quickies:

  • For anyone interested in my campaign postcards, that link had been broken forever and was finally fixed.
  • On her blog, Bananas Vs the World, Hayley (mastermind behind the Reid Oliver Cartoon Saga), has posted the 2010 Soap Train Crash Awards that pits British soaps Emmerdale, Coronation Street, AND Eastenders versus, well, you know, ATWT. 😛
  • Nelson Branco included an update on Eric Sheffer Stevens’s whereabouts in his November 26th Suds Report. No news, but confirmation of a lot of previously mentioned projects.
  • Eric Sheffer Stevens was touched that TVGuide.ca named him one of our Hottest Newcomers this past Wednesday and touched base with Suds. So what’s the talented thespian up to these days? Along with guest stints on shows like The Big C, Sheffer Stevens has been a very busy boy. “Check out this link for the film I shot in September. I also did a guest spot for Body of Proof, an ABC midseason replacement, and then shot The Silent House, the next film from the couple that did the film Open Water about the two divers that get left behind. I just finished that last week. We’ll see what happens with that. It was a blast to shoot. Thanks for all the support.”

Plus, the year-end attention to the actors and storyline continues. Eric has been getting a lot of attention as a standout newcomer. Van got a TON of attention at the end of ATWT for his stellar work the last week of the show – hope he doesn’t get forgotten in the year-end accolades just because he’s no longer “new”!

The laundry list of good news continues below the jump…

Year-End kudos continue

Daytime Confidential named Eric Sheffer Stevens their #1 (that’s NUMBER ONE, folks!) newcomer of the year in their Daytime Confidential’s Top 10 Soap Newcomers of 2010 list. (Duh! Of course! Who else would it be?!?)

He may have arrived in Oakdale just as the ‘World" was about to stop "Turning", but that didn’t keep Eric Sheffer Stevens from leaving his mark as Dr. Reid Oliver. Brought to town by Luke Snyder (Van Hansis) to help his blind lover Noah (Jake Silbermann), Reid’s bluntness and lack of anything resembling a bedside manner had As The World Turns fans remembering another brilliant doc with a nasty attitude, one named John Dixon (Larry Bryggman).The seemingly-impervious doctor wasn’t interested in relationships, compassion or romance. Luke changed all that. By the end of the World, Stevens’ breakout performance as the best gay male character ever created for daytime television, along with his smoldering chemistry with Hansis, had many a fan saying "Nuke, who? It’s all about Lure, baby!" It’s too bad the show made the decision to end Reid and Luke’s love story in tragedy, but we have a feeling that won’t be the case for this incredible actor’s career.

TV Guide’s Michael Logan came out with his Best In Soaps 2010 lists and included:

More Great Performances: Eric Sheffer Stevens as Reid, the Grinchy ATWT neurosurgeon whose sizzling—yet sexless—romance with young Luke (Van Hansis) made the couple of the year.…

Daytime Confidential’s Luke Kerr joined in on the fun early on with his “Top 10 Things I’m Thankful For in Soaps That Didn’t Make My Top 5 List.” The post features a nice picture from the June 17th episode (where Luke finds out that Bob gave Reid and ultimatum). Number four on his list:

The Young and the Restless and One Life to Live featured the largest numbers of couples I enjoyed per show and I am a CARJACKER for life, but it was As the World Turns’ tragic romance between Luke (Van Hansis) and Reid (Eric Sheffer Stevens) that left me wishing for a different ending. Maybe it was the that their romance was cut horrifically short when ATWT killed off Reid in a train crash, but unlike my beloved Jack (Michael Park) and Carly (Maura West), Luke and Reid didn’t get their happy ending. All puns intended.

And just in case you can’t get enough of Eric’s studio shoot (black shirt), the list that started the season just around Thanksgiving? Nelson Branco’s “hottest newcomers” list, with Eric Sheffer Stevens as one of the bookends.

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