Luke: Do you hate your dad?
Noah: Sometimes. But you’re the one that made me feel like that was okay, that if I could accept everything about him, all the good and the bad stuff about my dad that I could deal, and that would help me get past it.
Luke: I said that? That’s pretty smart.
Noah: You have your moments.

— Luke and Noah

News and Updates | 19 January 2011

Just a quick note: as I was trying to download videos of the ATWT in Utrecht event earlier this week, I noticed that I could not get YouTube videos to download the same was as in the past. 

It turns out YouTube has changed their “video data rules” so that my favorite FireFox 1-Click YouTube Downloader no longer works. However, an alternative program was suggested – the Easy YouTube Downloader. I’ve tested this and can confirm it is just easy as 1-Click, and it works.

I’ve updated and pinned the Downloading Videos from YouTube post in the “Featured Posts” list in the upper right-hand corner of the light gray navigation columns on the right.

Plus another cool reference to Luke and Reid from overseas:

Japanese Cowboys Postcard Search

Hope to have more for you later.

Happy anniversary, Reid Oliver!


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