Luke: Hey! I’m talking to you.
Reid: And yet I’m not listening.

— Luke and Reid

ATWT Cast in the Netherlands | FanFic Scene Challenge – Katie & Simon, Lily & Holden

One of the contests announced before the Utrecht event was a “romantic scene” writing competition. Attendees were given about a week to write a scene. Here is the original ATWTinNL Facebook post (in the original English!):

A contest! You can write your own romantic scene! If you write one of the best scenes you get to win a very special price (it’s a surprise!) Write in 15 sentences your romantic scene including dialogue. You must describe the location of the scene.

Spoilers for episodes that hadn’t aired were not allowed (so, no Luke and Reid).

[spoiler name=guidelines]There were a few additional constraints/guidelines:

  • Submissions could be in English or Dutch
  • Attendees could submit two entries
  • The 15 sentences did not have to be exact (though 15 lines x 3 sentences were discouraged). Participants were advised to use common sense in keeping the length down.
  • Couples could be past and present, but not spoilery.
  • There would be a prize for the winning entry in each show (which I hoped would be a pass to the Meet & Greet)
  • And, I guessed, the scene would be acted out on stage (as I’ve seen from other soap events), so it had to be doable in a PG-13 way and it had to play live.[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=spoiler]So, knowing that Luke and Reid were verboten, and writing a Nuke scene just did nothing for me, I started thinking about ATWT’s het couples and who I could write about. I even scrolled through SOC’s bios to remember who the options were, I decided that my all-time second-favorite couple (after LuRe) was Benry, who were, unfortunately, also off-limits.[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=A/N]It took me awhile to find a couple that wouldn’t be a spoiler, would play well on stage, and that I actually liked. And in fact, I ultimately decided that I really didn’t care for ANY of the couples that much, and settled for Simon and Katie, since at least I thought they had chemistry and some fun.

Since two entries were allowed, I wrote a second scene for Lily and Holden. I grew up with them, and always had a soft spot for them in their early days. Plus I wanted to win (!), so I hoped the organizers would also look kindly on their selection, given Martha Byrne’s presence on the guest panel.

In hindsight, I wish I’d written a Casey/Emily piece. With a couple of days’ perspective post-event, I realized that the last time I remember having a “I HAVE to see this play out on screen” moment (before the Luke and Reid kiss in Dallas) was during the Casey/Emily storyline (can’t remember if it was the elevator scene or the Tom and Margo come home to find Emily in her underwear scene!).

It probably helps that Emily’s my contemporary (or vice versa), but this storyline was the only time I’ve ever actively liked Emily. I liked her vulnerability, and I liked her actually trying to do the right thing for once in her life (pushing Casey away). It’s the only time I didn’t feel like she was only in it for herself. Though, yeah, the Daniel/Casey relationship did have its typical soapy ewww factor.

I just rewatched their abbreviated story on YouTube today and I like them even better now (though it just again reinforces the disparate treatment of gay and straight couples on the show!). And I thought Emily looked better with that mid-length bob than she ever did before or has since (though sheesh – Marnie looked like she was styled by a beauty school drop-out! how is it possible to make someone so beautiful look so dumpy?!?)

I have to give the casting director(s) who cast Billy and Van in their respective roles a lot of credit. Billy has an exuberance and youthful earnestness that really fits Casey. And I took him a little more seriously than I did previously – especially in the scene after Emily snaps out of her poison-induced trance and freaks out about marrying him. Meanwhile, Van seems to be much more soulful, in a way. Though he has those great goofy pictures with Billy, and more on his FB, I can’t see him being Casey (though it would be fun to see Van playing Casey’s sexual take-chargedness!). Great choices, both.

So, without further ado…[/spoiler]

Given that these will never otherwise see the day, I figured I’d go ahead and post them on

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