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— Reid (to Katie)

News and Updates | 6 February 2011

No real news, but some updates on old news:

  • Soap Opera Weekly picked up on the GLAAD story (or lack thereof)
  • I found a scan of Michael Logan’s (TV Guide’s) Bests in Soaps 2010 list (with a picture of Luke and Reid)
  • And two Hot 100 lists not previously reported here: Daytime Confidential’s (January 2011) and AfterElton’s (May 2010)

In the meantime, more international LuRe love:

Chinese Screen Cap 

Soap Opera Weekly picks up GLAAD story

Just saw this (via Van’s Facebook) posted in Ron Simmons’s Facebook, from Soap Opera Weekly, February 15, 2011 – does this sound familiar to anyone?


The quote is identical to my January 23rd post (which, incidentally, lists at least 8 years’ worth of nominees (2003-2010). Ask me if it’s exciting to scoop the big media companies?!

TV Guide’s Best in Soaps 2010

I had seen the TV Guide year-end bests list online, but not the print version which includes a photo of Luke and Reid. Thanks to the gallery at NukeFanCast.


Daytime Confidential Hot 100

BTW, not sure how I missed this one, but back on January 1st, Daytime Confidential released their Hot 100 list (where hot is defined as “of interest to their visitors” not necessarily gorgeous-drop-dead-sexy, though in many cases both are true!). Some highlights:

  • #34 Van Hansis
  • #56 Eric Sheffer Stevens

Daytime Confidential describes this listing, saying:

Welcome to the third annual Daytime Confidential Hot 100. Over the past year Daytime Confidential has been tracking who you, the readers, were most interested in through your use of the website and clicks to find out more about each star. With 2010 waving goodbye, it is time to reveal which current and former daytime stars made the list and where they ranked.

In 2010, 35 stars made their Daytime Confidential Hot 100 debut or return to the Daytime Confidential Hot 100 after falling off the list in 2009. Of the stars who appeared on the 2009 Daytime Confidential Hot 100, General Hospital’s Dominic Zamprogna made the biggest jump, climbing 72 spots on the countdown. Former As the World Turns star Jake Silbermann had the steepest drop, falling 66 spots

Unlike Daytime Confidential’s year end Best and Worst lists, which are chosen by Daytime Confidential’s editors, the Daytime Confidential Hot 100 is based entirely on reader’s day-to-day use of Daytime Confidential. The name of each current and former soap star who appears on the Daytime Confidential is credited to the show on which they most recently appeared.

Some entries that might be of interest:

  • 1 Kim Zimmer
  • 2 Christel Khalil
  • 3 Thorsten Kaye
  • 4 Alicia Minshew
  • 5 Frances Reid
  • 6 John Driscoll
  • 7 Crystal Chappell (last year’s winner)
  • 8 Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
  • 9 Sharon Case
  • 10 Deidre Hall
  • 11 Jessica Leccia
  • 23 Brett Claywell
  • 34 Van Hansis (down 2 from last year)
  • 37 Daniel Cosgrove
  • 40 Scott Evans
  • 56 Eric Sheffer Stevens (new or debut)
  • 73 Martha Byrne
  • 97 Jake Silbermann (down 66)

2010 AfterElton Hot 100

Speaking of hot (as in fan-yourself because my-god-he’s-drop-dead gorgeous) 100 lists, AfterElton released their 2010 Hot 100 in May 2010, before this blog got started. Now is as good a time as any to get caught up on it.

In case you’re not familiar with this listing, 2010 was their fourth annual survey. Unlike many casual polls on the AfterElton site, votes from the many girls (and straight guys?) who frequent the site were discouraged (not sure how this was enforced). With the release of last year’s ballot in April, AE wrote:

Plenty of people are interested in knowing what you think. Every year, our results are picked up by print, internet, and TV outlets all over the world…And why shouldn’t these folks care? There are plenty of lists of beautiful people compiled by and for straight people, but this list is about gay and bisexual men telling the world who we think are sexy.

Nearly 30,000 votes were tallied, nominating over 1,800 men. Out of the 100 on the list, 26 were out and gay or bisexual (including #1-7); many of the straight guys on the list have played gay characters and/or have been outspoken in their support of equal rights.

Why is this relevant? Well, you can guess a few names on the list. They included:

  • #1 Neil Patrick Harris (out and #1 two years’ running)
  • #2 Scott Evans (debuted in 2010 and out)
  • #9 Van Hansis (#20 in 2009)
  • #19 Brett Claywell (debuted in 2010)
  • #25 Eric Sheffer Stevens (debuted in 2010)
  • #35 Jake Silbermann (#22 in 2009)

In Van’s entry (there were no descriptions beyond the top 10), they wrote:

It hasn’t been a good year for gay couples on American soap operas. “Kish” was shown the door on One Life to Live, and “Nuke,” the original gay super-couple on As the World Turns, will cease to exist this September when that soap goes off the air for good.

But before all those other gay soap super-couples, there was Luke Snyder, the first in the latest wave of gay soap characters. As played by the terrific Van Hansis, the character had a fundamental integrity and a quiet dignity that made us like him, even as his passion and occasional hot-headedness made us relate to him.

Sure, we’ll miss Kish and Noah, but as Dorothy says to the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, it just might be Van’s Luke Synder that we’ll miss most of all.

You and me, both, AE.

It’ll be interesting to see how our boys do in 2011, after they’ve been off the air for around 7 months….

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  1. lucas says:

    It’s inconceivable, I visit your website everyday, and now I found “me” in here!!

    In that picture you published was me and a friend discussed my avatar.

    Olive said: The avatar of mine was so sweet.

    I said: It was come from your website, I visited here everyday to find Eric’s information and wish he could be a famous movie star.

    I’m not good enough in English, just few sentence above have spend a lot of time to write. If there are grammars or spelling mistake, please skip it.

    I also write a novel about LuRe to make me feel better in that terrible result, it’s continue their story and Reid did not die. In my story, I turn Reid into real alien and they will have a baby. However, it’s Chinese version.-_-….

    Novel address as below, if you have interest to read. (have to register first, sorry.)

    Finally, I’m really thank you and your website to make me get a lot of information about Eric and Van, thanks again.

    • lovelure says:

      Hi Lucas – You made my day! I just love seeing references to LuRe on non-English sites because it just reinforces how their story is a HUMAN experience – not just an American soap, or a gay love story. Thanks for stopping by! -LL

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