Reid: I have rounds to make.
Luke: Yeah, yeah. I heard that that guy in the next room has this wicked case of athlete’s foot. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to have a world-class neurosurgeon come in and help take that burning itch away.

— Reid and Luke

Holy frak! Eric Sheffer Stevens wins 2011 Goldie Award for Best Supporting Actor

The winners for the 8th Annual Goldie Awards were announced this week and Eric Sheffer Stevens wins another award! Although a surprise to most, there hasn’t been any grumbling about it being undeserved, which is always a good sign (Trent Dawson was also nominated).

Overall, ATWT won in every category in which it was nominated (and had dual nominations in several categories) for a total of five acting awards, plus one special award.

ETA, 21 Mar 2011, 9.39pm GMT: FYI – an update was added to the winners thread confirming a couple of things. First, that the decision to close off voting to pre-registered members was due to ATWT ballot-box stuffing. Second, that it WASN’T due to this site (whew!). And third, that results were not impacted by the interlopers. That is – that the winners do indeed reflect the will of the relatively objective, long-time Gold Derby members, not just us johnny (and jenny)-come-latelys. Click here to skip to the update on this front.

In the meantime,’s Dankies voting continues this week through midnight (Eastern Time, I think), Sunday, 27th March 2011.

A complete list of ATWT winners plus some buzz and “Monday morning” postulating on Eric’s win after the jump…

ATWT Goldie Award winners for 2011

Fellow World Turns winners include:

  • Michael Park (Jack), Best Lead Actor
  • Colleeen Zenk (Barbara), Best Supporting Actress (Kathryn Hayes also nominated)
  • Larry Bryggman (John), Outstanding Limited/Guest Performance
  • Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series
  • Eileen Fulton (Lisa), Lifetime Achievement Award (Don Hastings – Bob, and Elizabeth Hubbard – Lucinda, also nominated)
  • Helen Wagner (Nancy), Legacy Award (Irma Phillips – ATWT creator, and Douglas Marland – who created the Snyders, paired Holden and Lily, and introduced Hank Elliott, the first gay character on American daytime – also nominated)

Is there anything this man hasn’t won? Well, yeah – just one….the Daytime Emmy. And this is a good harbinger for several reasons.

First, like with the Soap Opera Spirit Awards, this award is interesting because it is a cross-soaps award (i.e., competing against other soaps). But one very big difference between the Goldies and the SOS Awards is that Eric was up against Jonathan Jackson here (Nelson Branco’s SOS Awards conveniently put them in two different categories, so they both won.

An unbiased barometer

Some cynics will say the LuRe fans just stuffed the ballot boxes. I always thought this was difficult, but just reread the original ballot post, and now think it was virtually impossible.

First, what I just noticed is that they closed the voting to only people who were GoldDerby registered members as of February 18, 2011 – the day the nominees were announced; so if you were going to register just to spam, you were either out of luck (if they meant at the start of the day) or would have had to work awfully fast to register. This announcement was made on 20th February, two days after the ballot was launched, but specifies that any non-grandfathered submissions received before the notice was posted would still be included.

In the interest of fairness, I will NO LONGER be accepting ballots from new registrants to the GoldDerby forums. No rules have been broken, so any ballots I have already received and tallied will count, but I feel this is a necessary step in order to make sure these awards genuinely reflect the tastes of the GoldDerby community. I have edited the first post of this thread to reflect this.

From this point forward, you may vote ONLY if you were a GoldDerby registered member as of February 18, 2011.

To avoid influencing the vote, I will not explain my reasoning for this until after these awards have concluded.

Sorry, to everyone I sent over there to vote. Wonder if he was referring to us when he closed the voting.

Second, ATWT did really well overall (and many LuRe fans never watched the other storylines, or even despised the other storylines) so I think a LOT of ATWT-partial voters in addition to LuRe fans participated and voted the straight ticket. And, as with the Dankies, when forced to choose between Eric and Trent, Eric came out on top.

Third, entries were submitted as open-ended PMs. You must register with the forum to send a PM. You have to vote for exactly two entries (winner and runner-up) in each category you vote in, and you can vote in as many categories as you like. Because one person reviewed all the PM, I would think it would either take someone really desperate to keep shuffling their entries, or it would be really obvious that the ballots are being stuffed.

The other reason I think it’s unlikely that this win is due to ballot box stuffing is a little fact that was buried in the discussion thread. While Jonathan Jackson finished first in the nomination process that generated the five nominees (will have to look into how that was done), he finished LAST (not second) of five in the final vote. So either EVERYONE stuffed the box (except for JJ’s fans, or this was actually a more meaningful result.

The final reason I think this is important is that based on the forum posts, I would guess that most of Gold Derby’s regular viewers (not just those that popped in to vote for the Goldies) are more likely to be insiders and less likely to be fangirls (and boys). There is relatively little squeeing on the forum, or discussion of the storyline from a viewer POV (more from a writing POV) and a lot more discussion of good and bad performances. So – hopefully, more like the Emmy voter pool.

And speaking of squeeing, SQUEEEE!!!! 🙂

The nomination process

Another reason I like these results is because of the nominating process. I think this site is relatively far off the radar screen for many (most) fangirls and fanboys (not to be too full of myself, but I missed it completely, and I surf for this stuff more obsessively than most people I know!). Notably, the site appears to be MUCH more male-heavy than most of the soap boards.

The nominations were sought beginning January 20th, and as with the final ballot and Dankies, were via open-ended suggestions.

Interestingly, re: the nomination process, the poll organizer, known as 742, noted that there weren’t enough votes to present a ballot of online soaps, but that they would try again next year. Also, while no one questioned Eric’s presence on the ballot, two people posted that they were surprised that Trent received a nomination over Van and Jake (!).

In the meantime, a couple of notes. First, 742 notes on the Lead vs Supporting debate:

The new voting rule worked out well (letting voters decide which group to nominate an actor in; both was acceptable), I think. Since I allowed for actors to be voted in both lead and supporting categories, it prevented anyone who might have been a contender from losing out to vote-splitting. One nominee (whom I won’t reveal at this time) did receive enough votes to be nominated in both categories. Another contender came close in both races but wasn’t nominated. A few others received lead and supporting votes but were never close in either race.

Where an actor received enough to be considered both Lead and Supporting, I believe the rule used was to put him or her in the category where s/he received the most votes.

Also, interestingly, in a post dated February 20th, 3.39pm, 742 wrote:

In the interest of fairness, I will NO LONGER be accepting ballots from new registrants to the GoldDerby forums. No rules have been broken, so any ballots I have already received and tallied will count, but I feel this is a necessary step in order to make sure these awards genuinely reflect the tastes of the GoldDerby community. I have edited the first post of this thread to reflect this.

From this point forward, you may vote ONLY if you were a GoldDerby registered member as of February 18, 2011.

To avoid influencing the vote, I will not explain my reasoning for this until after these awards have concluded.

This would certainly cut off any ballot box stuffing!

And finally, 742 posted:

Voting is over! No more ballots will be accepted! Thanks to everyone who voted.
I’ll announce a date and time for announcing the winners soon, but for now let me say how exciting and, I think, controversial these winners will be. Some of these results are unprecedented.

Also, the results seemed to diverge surprisingly from the nominations round. In two of the acting races, the two top-scoring nominees ended up in 4th and 5th place when picking the winners.

One of these was Jonathan Jackson, as noted above. The others involved were all in the Supporting Categories. Namely:

Jonathan Jackson finished on top in the nominations round and ended up dead last in the final vote. Joseph Mascolo finished second in the noms round, fourth in the final round.

In Supporting Actress, Suzanne Rogers was the top-ranked nominee, ended up last, and Arianne Zuker was the second-ranked nominee and ended up fourth.

Also interestingly,

Lead Actor was a surprise. James Scott won the nomination round with double the points of his nearest competitor Michael Park, who of course won the final round. Scott was on more than twice as many ballots also.

Lead Actress was more consistent. Debbi Morgan won the nomination round with Florencia Lozano not far behind, and that’s how the final result shaped up.

Ainsworth came close. Though Kelley Missal won the nominations round by a secure margin, Ainsworth was leading for most of the final round until the last handful of ballots pushed the momentum to Missal.

In response to the results, posts included:

When I read the winners in the acting categories, I was shocked — in a good way! I voted for all six of the major winners, either as the winner or runner-up. It was great to see such a great showing for ATWT. As a long-time viewer, I was happy to see it go out on a Goldie high note. How wonderful to see a win for Colleen Zenk, and it was nice to see Eric Sheffer Stevens recognized.

WOW, These are Amazing winners!

Some of these really are very surprising, but that’s certainly not to say they are undeserving. It seems like there was a galvanization of ATWT fans.

I’m happy that Colleen Zenk and Eric Sheffer Stevens won. They both were fantastic on ATWT this year.

And finally, what 742 calls “interesting statistics”:

As the World Turns" won more awards in one year than any other series without a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series. In fact, ATWT won every award it was nominated for, losing only to itself. ATWT ends its run having won a total of 13 Goldie Awards, currently in third place among all-time winners (Y&R is on top with 28 wins, followed by OLTL with 23 wins).

With Eric Sheffer Stevens’s win for Outstanding Supporting Actor this year, Reid and Luke become the first Goldie winning gay couple.

(Un)fortunately, at the rate the genre is going, that record could stand for a long, long time. Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, Van Hansis is a three-time Goldie Award winner in the in Best Younger Actor category:

  • 2000-2009 Goldie Decade Awards
  • 5th Annual (2008) Goldie Awards
  • 4th Annual (2007) Goldie Awards

The cutoff controversy

Since I returned home after being away all weekend, 742’s post about closing off the ballots to pre-registered members has been niggling away in the back of my mind. So finally, I decided to ‘fess up and see if I could learn the truth (and hope Jack Nicholson wasn’t right that “I can’t handle the truth!"). 742 replied to my post and I did a little additional research that both eases my conscience and makes me even more excited about the results.

From 742’s public post in the winners’ thread:

I was reminded today of something during final voting that I said I needed to explain after voting but forgot to do so. I’ll preface by saying I did the math and the results weren’t affected.

I didn’t restrict new registrants from voting because I did not want to discourage lurkers from participating, but during the first weekend of voting I noticed votes from new registrants all in favor of ATWT. I did a quick Google search and found that a poster (whom I will not name) linked to our awards at an ATWT fan site and solicited voters to stack the deck for the show. Since I did not explicitly prohibit this type of campaigning and no rules were technically broken, I decided to count the ballots I’d already received and announce a registration cutoff date to disqualify any further new registrants. By then I’d counted five ballots from those new ATWT fans.

I did the math, and ATWT would have won all of its categories anyway, but I wanted to mention it to explain that I will be instituting a registration-date cutoff and likely a minimum post-count requirement to qualify for voting next year in order to eliminate this potential conflict.

The site he named in a private PM was not this one, and, when I checked the dates, I confirmed that it couldn’t have been this site (whew), as he cut off the new member ballots on March 20th, and I didn’t make my first Goldies post until the following day. Although I will shamelessly pimp all things LuRe, I do try to play by the rules (so, for example, i would make clear in any posts on the AE Hot 100 that it is open only to gay/bisexual men, not the 90% of the visible readership of this site – which is mostly straight women!).

But what does all this mean? Without the help of LuRe-specific ballot box stuffing, or even without additional ATWT-leaning votes, ATWT (and Eric) would have won anyways. Wow! That’s pretty freakin’ awesome, if you ask me!

2 Responses to “Holy frak! Eric Sheffer Stevens wins 2011 Goldie Award for Best Supporting Actor”

  1. mmc says:

    I will never say that Eric doesn’t deserve his awards, because being such a fan of LuRe and Eric and Van i love them.but i’m troubled by the fact that Van seems to be so overlooked….this doesn’t make sense to me and so many other fans.i thought his acting was so consistently good all of 2010.Vans’ Luke to me was so much more real while Erics’ Reid was more of a caricature.I find it hard to understand why Van was overlooked time and time again.Anybody have any answers?

  2. KWBalan says:

    Hey Lovelure:

    Thank you for this wonderful article… I love reading your take on things. I am so excited for Eric having another win under his belt… But more importantly like you mentioned the fact that he went up against Jonathan Jackson for this award and won gives me great hope for the Emmy. I would love to see Eric win the Daytime Emmy!!!

    Thanks again.

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