Noah: Luke and I — I don’t know what we are right now, okay? All I know is that I can’t see, and you’re the one man who can change that.
Reid: You really think minimizing your relationship to me is going to change my mind about the surgery?

— Noah and Reid

Van Hansis updates: news from Occupant, Wedding Day, Psych, and more!

Today, a wrap of Van’s upcoming projects, including:

  • PSYCH airdate speculation
  • The latest Occupant release updates
  • Van’s Facebook posts on Wedding Day and other casting news
  • Walnut Hill birthday campaign

I was trying to think of what clip to embed in honor of the show’s last episode and couldn’t really find anything appropriate. So instead, I’ll leave you with an excerpt from the end of AfterElton’s snicks’s liveblog from May 6th (the second episode of the post-surgery “I Can’t” kiss):

As Luke turns his chair towards Noah, Reid leaves the room and sadly looks in through the window. AWWW! STUPID BLIND NOAH! No,no, no. I didn’t mean that. I hope Noah does get better. SO LUKE CAN DUMP HIS ASS! No, no, no. I didn’t mean that. Luke and Noah have been through a lot together. NOAH DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE DUMPED……… No, no, no. I didn’t mean that.

If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you’re a tough LuRe fan to please. 🙂

All the news after the jump…

PSYCH airdate speculation

At this point, I’d put my money on Van’s episode of PSYCH airing on October 26th rather than October 19th for a few reasons. First, on September 7th, featured guest Kristy Swanson (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie fame) tweeted:

Check out the new season of Psych. My #Halloween Episode airs near Halloween. ; )…

Also, the official USA Network PSYCH website has started their countdown-to-the-new-season feature. It starts with 30 days to go and features what has widely been reported to be the season premiere, which will air on October 12th and is an episode titled “Shawn Rescues Darth Vader” (starring Malcolm McDowell, who, as his Wiki entry states is “well known in Star Trek circles as ‘the man who killed Captain Kirk’ in the Generations movie). This is known to be the second episode of the season in filming order (Van’s episode, “This Episode Sucks” was first).

Day 26 of the countdown (today) features an episode titled “Last Night Gus.” This is the second episode featured in the countdown, so it seems reasonable that it could be the second episode aired. Which would make “This Episode Sucks” the likely candidate for the October 26th episode (the last one before Hallowe’en).

UPDATE 20 Sep 2011: FWIW, is now listing “This Episode Sucks” as Season 6, Episode 3, with an October 26th air date, though other sites continue to list it as Episode 2.

As noted, “This Episode Sucks” was the first episode filmed, but this was done when the new season was still believed to be due for a summer (July) 2011 premiere. When this announcement was made, Ted Linhart (@TedOnTV), USA Network’s SVP of Research and CLOO tweeted about the network’s rationale. As reported by Digital Spy:

Linhart explained that the show, which normally premieres in the summer, has been delayed to make way for new series Necessary Roughness and Suits, which was formerly known as A Legal Mind.

"We know fans [are] not happy," he wrote. "When we look at macro view something had to move & ironically Psych‘s strength last fall made it work."

TedOnTV has adamant that the move was not a diss to PSYCH, which is the network’s longest-running original series ever and was the highest-rated US basic cable television premiere of 2006 according to Wikipedia, but rather was a vote of confidence in the strength of the show and the loyalty of its fans.

BTW, of all the twitter feeds I subscribe to, @TedOnTV’s is by far one of the best (if not THE best – though @SesameStreet is up there). There’s very little navel-gazing and lots of original content. Ted posts a lot of Q&A and he gets some good ones, and provides interesting insight on the thinking that goes into network programming decisions, along with some industry lingo and useful background. For example, I don’t think I knew the story about the Heidi Bowl until someone asked him about pre-empting pro football games and his reply mentioned not wanting to repeat the Heidi Bowl.

I would guess that after the season premiere was moved to October, they realized what an obvious promotional match made in heaven “This Episode Sucks” and Hallowe’en would be, and so it was moved from the season premiere slot.

In the meantime, for anyone who hasn’t watched PSYCH (or who hasn’t even heard of it), this is really going to be a big bump for Van. As noted previously, this is a good-sized part (based on the side), and PSYCH  is by far the most vehicle for any of ATWT’s “gay triangle” actors. If you aren’t convinced, take a look at the number of Likes for the official Facebook pages:

Last, speaking of Captain Kirk and Ted Linhart, from Ted’s tweets today:

Q @Psychisms: Which #Psych guest star for Season 6 are you most excited about? There are SO many! A; Have seen all eps – William Shatner

The latest from Occupant

Ltklo reports on LRO and that Occupant is finally available to be added to Netflix queues, though no availability date is shown.

In the meantime, I got this email back from the makers of Occupant:

We are busy working on marketing materials for the VOD and DVD releases on October 18th. Our VOD distributor will hopefully get the film into most on-demand platforms but we will not know exactly which ones for awhile. Thanks for checking in.

I had asked specifically about Amazon or iTunes availability, since I would need to access a digital download via a non-subscription service (unlike Netflix).

Other news from Van

In the meantime, Van reported that he was headed to New York to film Wedding Day the first week of September. Not sure how big a role this will be as it seems he was there only a week or two at most – although it was a short film to start with (screencaps courtesy of Ronald Simmons):

Van FB - Headed to NYC

In the meantime, early this morning UK time (late evening LA time), he posted this new teaser:

Van FB - Another guest appearance, putting Luke to bed

Given the last few posts, I became a little sentimental that at some point, Van will (hopefully) be known for something bigger and better than playing Luke Snyder, and that his Facebook profile will inevitably change. So, for posterity, I wanted to capture Van’s Facebook info as it’s been since I’ve visited his page – including the “Poor Little Rich Kid” description.

Van FB - Header 

Walnut Hill campaign for Van’s birthday

Van’s birthday is coming up – September 25th according to his Facebook, and he’ll be turning 30. In a tradition started by Van’s loyal Nuke fans, Van’s followers are encouraged (by the fandom, not pimped by Van himself) to make a donation to Walnut Hill School for the Arts, his alma mater.

As of last night, one of the organizers posted on the campaign’s Facebook page that the total to date this year is $1,015 “Not bad considering the economy and how scattered fans are and the difficulties in spreading the word. Let’s see what we can do in this last week leading up to the big 3-0!”

Over the past three years, fans have raised over $30,000 which is earmarked for a scholarship for a promising theatre arts student at this prestigious boarding school for high school arts students.


Today marks the one year anniversary of the final episode of As the World Turns.

A year later, its replacement, The Talk, has controversially overhauled their cast, dismissing/losing two popular hosts, but preserving Julie Chen, who conveniently is married to CBS President Les Moonves (though I have to feel for her – as long as she works for CBS no one will ever believe she earned her position, but in the meantime, how can she work for any network other than CBS?).

To add insult to injury, CBS continued its tradition of giving ungraceful heave-ho’s by not even bothering to acknowledge the departure of hosts Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini. But in a textbook case of Schadenfreude, ATWT fans can rejoice that even The Talk fans are rebelling. According to an Examiner article on September 6th:

Fans are holding true to their word to ‘unlike’ The Talk’s facebook fan page. 24 hours ago, the page had 142,443 fans. That number has dropped significantly to 140,942 and it continues to ticker downward.

As of today, the number of Likes is down to 139,610 (and it keeps on dropping). Aw, shucks.

Speaking of Schadenfreude (essentially, “misery loves company”), I first heard the word in the Broadway musical Avenue Q. In case you’ve considered taking your kids to see the lovable muppet-like puppets that populate the cast, be warned: “there are episodes of "full puppet nudity" (and puppet sex); and many songs and sub-plots address decidedly adult themes” (Wikipedia).

This is the infamous scene from "You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want When You’re Makin’ Love":

Could not parse XML from YouTube

Wonder if that’s what it looks like in Bert and Ernie’s room after the cameras fade to black….

As for @SesameStreet,  it’s been somewhere between 5 and 35 years since I’ve watched it regularly, so I’ve missed out on many of the pop cultural references and celebrities they’ve introduced over the last decade. Some of you may know from my and YouTube bios that Benson & Stabler are another of my favorite ‘ships.

Since ATWT I’ve sworn off serial drama and anything else I can get hooked on, so these days I watch almost exclusively episodic procedurals (NCIS, L&O: SVU, Cold Case – incidentally their Facebook pages have 13,116,170; 4,085,709; and 1,110,546 Likes, respectively). So I was completely tickled to find this little gem (somehow they’ve managed to make a Muppet that completely looks like Munch!):

Could not parse XML from YouTube

Finally, still on the topic of SVU, three days elapsed between when I started this post and today. Last night I happened to catch Noelle Beck (NuLily)’s guest spot on SVU. Rather than re-invent the wheel I’m just going to replicate my FB post on the subject here:

Wow – just caught Noelle Beck’s SVU on TV (I think it’s roughly in first-runs or maybe re-runs here in the UK) last night. I was only half-paying attention at the beginning so didn’t catch her entrance, but like those who saw her in the US – I was impressed! She was so much subtler than when playing Lily, despite parts of the script were really lousy (the "villain" was so written and played SO OTT and smug that it reminded me of the cliche of bad "soap" writing/acting). It made me really appreciate her as an actress and wonder how TPTB managed to start with a beloved character and talented actress and end up with a supercouple that people felt "meh" about.

Moreover, I was also struck by how beautiful and compelling she looked. Without Lily’s "about to fall out of her top" outfits, her always about to panic/cry expression, the big hair and the overemoting, I could really pay attention to her face and expressions. I was similarly struck by how incredibly gorgeous Marnie Schulenberg was when I saw her on stage in Utrecht (no I’m not a stalker – it was really stunning what a difference it was between how she looked onscreen vs in real life!). Shame on you, ATWT hair/makeup/costumes.

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