I’m getting sick and tired of this little command performance of yours. I don’t care how rich and accustomed you are to getting your way, Mr. Snyder, I don’t want to be here. I have people waiting for me back in Dallas, people that I actually want to help. So if you’re not going to drive me, I’m going to drive myself. You can pick up your car at the airport. Don’t forget to tip the valet.

— Reid (to Luke)

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More release date updates for PSYCH, Occupant, Silent House, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, plus some updates on Luke Snyder, and this blog!

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the unusually long radio silence – I’ve been away on vacation since July 9th with almost no internet access and am just getting caught up on electronic communications. Happily I’m back in civilization and catching up on real life and fandom news – and the good news is, there’s a bunch, […]

News and Updates | 6 February 2011

No real news, but some updates on old news: Soap Opera Weekly picked up on the GLAAD story (or lack thereof) I found a scan of Michael Logan’s (TV Guide’s) Bests in Soaps 2010 list (with a picture of Luke and Reid) And two Hot 100 lists not previously reported here: Daytime Confidential’s (January 2011) […]

Countdown Clocks

  UPDATE: 9.12am EDT, 10 August 2010. I am so glad to note that this needs to be updated again, but I have yet to get the timestamp from yesterday’s episode.  Stay tuned! UPDATE: 2.51pm EDT, 3 August 2010. I am thrilled to report that after an interminable drought (2 months, 3 days, 49 minutes, […]

In Transit

Hi, Everyone, Thanks to the shoutout from snicks over at AfterElton.com, things have been busy here at LukeAndReid.com.  So, thanks to everyone who followed that link or any other to stop by for a visit – thank you and welcome! In case you haven’t checked out the “About This Site” info, I wanted to pass […]

Looking for Timestamps from Full Episodes of ATWT

First of all – thanks so much to everyone who’s taken the time to stop by!  I would do a lot of this even if no one came by (I just can’t seem to stop myself!)…but I’d be a sad, sad girl. So I’m so glad you can enjoy it with me! The feedback means […]