Henry: What — what kind of doctor quarantines a healthy man?
Katie: The kind that’s as annoyed with you as I am right now.

— Henry and Katie

Looking for Timestamps from Full Episodes of ATWT

First of all – thanks so much to everyone who’s taken the time to stop by!  I would do a lot of this even if no one came by (I just can’t seem to stop myself!)…but I’d be a sad, sad girl. So I’m so glad you can enjoy it with me! The feedback means a lot and is defiintely helping to keep me motivated (though if someone can tell me how to apply this to enthusiasm to work, that would be most helpful!).

I’m still finishing up my transcript sample so people who have volunteered to help can see what I have in mind (unfortunately RL is getting in the way). In the meantime, if anyone has FULL EPISODES of ATWT available at their fingertips, not just the LuRe clips, I have two requests. I am looking for the timestamps of two moments:

1) The first is near the begnning of the May 6th episode. I’m looking for the timestamp immediately following Reid’s line “You know what you’re doing and so do I” when Luke dives back in briefly for another kiss before freaking out.

UPDATE: 0:12:31.7

2) The second is near the beginning of Black Monday (May 31st) when Luke looks up mid-kiss and notices Noah standing outside the Lilypad.

UPDATE:  0:02:00.4

I’ve also posted on LRO and will cross post on the off-topics forum if no one knows the answer. You may have a pretty good guess as to where I’m going this…and you’d probably be right. 😉

As always, click on the comments link above/comment below, use the Contact form, or PM me via LRO.  Thanks.

UPDATE: Thanks to stacerace76 at LRO for the timestamps!

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