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— Reid (to Luke)

Van Hansis on PSYCH | A Dogberry connection, pineapples, spoilers, shooting locations, where to watch, and more

Van’s been busy on Facebook the last several days with a couple of posts nearly daily, including responses to non-PSYCH related questions. (Maybe he got sick of answering “how’s it going?” and “when’s Occupant coming out?”) including a reply to a fan’s question earlier this week about “What was your favorite ATWT scene?” (Note: the Elevator scene makes the cut!)

Among other things we now know,shooting for the episode began on Friday, March 25th, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. More from Van on Facebook, episode spoilers, what’s the deal with the pineapples. a connection between this episode of PSYCH and Dogberry, why this looks like it will be a REALLY good episode, where to watch live online (and where NOT to watch), and where to find info on shooting locations after the jump…

What is PSYCH?

Here’s the official USA Networks description. Important to note is that despite the show’s title, the lead character, Shawn, has “absolutely no psychic abilities.” If that doesn’t give you a hint as to the show’s off-beat sensibilities, well, then….

PSYCH is a quick-witted comedy/drama starring James Roday as young police consultant Shawn Spencer who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute that Santa Barbara PD detectives think he’s psychic.

Psych also stars Dulé Hill as Shawn’s best friend and reluctant sidekick, Gus, and Corbin Bernsen as his disapproving father, Henry, who ironically was the one who honed his son’s "observation" skills as a child. Also featured are Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson and Kirsten Nelson

Psych airs Fridays at 10/9C on USA Network.

Psych was created by Steve Franks ("Big Daddy"), who also serves as executive producer, along with Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchack, in association with Tagline Television and NBC Universal Television Studios.  Co-executive producers include Saladin Patterson ("Frasier") and Josh Bycel ("American Dad").  Serving as producers are Andy Berman, Anupam Nigam and Kell Cahoon.  Tim Meltreger is staff writer.

Psych continues USA’s tradition of original scripted programming centering on quirky, intelligent characters. As with Monk, Psych mixes comedy with its crime and features a somewhat eccentric lead character – Shawn, a police Psychic with absolutely no psychic abilities.

Raised in Santa Barbara by a family of cops, Shawn possesses uncanny powers of observation honed by his police officer father, Henry, who drilled young Shawn to note even the smallest of details from his surroundings as a way of grooming him for his inevitable career in the family business. Unfortunately, when a rift develops between father and son, Shawn finds himself taking a series of random jobs instead of becoming the detective he was groomed to be.

However, for the fun of it, Shawn makes a habit of calling in tips to the police about cases he reads about or sees on television, and when one of his tips appears too close to the truth, the police are convinced that Shawn is an accomplice and arrest him.

Using his charm and well-tuned talent, Shawn convinces the cops that he’s actually a psychic, and although highly skeptical of his explanation, they hire him to help solve tough cases. With the reluctant assistance of his best friend Gus, Shawn uses his skills of observation and charismatic personality to become the detective he was trained to be, opening his own PI agency – Psych – and solving cases for an ever-suspicious, but grudgingly impressed, police force.

PSYCH has finished airing its fifth complete season (it started out paired with the quirky and wonderful Monk, which was never the same after the loss of Bitty Schram) and is about to enter its sixth season this summer. They’re known for lots of pop cultural references, tribute episodes, and definitely for being funny. According to Wikipedia, it had the “highest rated scripted series premiere on basic cable in 2006 in all key demographics (households, P18-49, P25-54, and total viewers), according to a USA Network press release.”

The show gets a 9.2 out of 10 for season 1 from TV readers (with 10s from a few readers for the in-between seasons, and 8.8 for the most recent), but only a 52 from the critics (though many are mixed – few are bad). The excerpt from the New York Post has it scored as 100, and says:

It’s not only laugh-out-loud-until-soda-squirts-out-of-your-nose funny, but it’s also perfectly cast.

This Episode Sucks

No, that’s not my judgment about Van’s episode – that’s actually its official title!

On Thursday night (around 8pm 24th March Pacific Time), Van posted on his Facebook:


ETA, 13 Jun 2011, 11.59pm GMT: When PSYCH was still scheduled for a summer premiere, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer-themed episode of PSYCH was widely publicized to be the first episode of the season. But after shooting finished, FOX postponed the season premiere to some time in the autumn, and this episode is now the most likely candidate for a Hallowe’en episode (many speculate this will be the second episode of the season, following a Star Wars-themed episode featuring Malcolm McDowell.

According to

Psych rules. The writers are planning an episode called “This Episode Sucks” where “Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) falls hard for a woman he meets in a bar—who may turn out to be a vampire that drains her victims of blood,” and they’re looking for someone to play a character named “Thorn” who has “platinum hair, earrings and a British accent.” Awww…James Marsters’ Spike was an iconic character, wasn’t he?

Won’t say (for now) whether Van is playing “Thorn,” (it’s in the spoilers, below, if you can’t wait to see the episode or until Van says more on Facebook) but if he can do a British accent, then he would be following in the footsteps of BTVS’s James Marsters, who’s definitely American. BTW, I know James has done a wide variety of roles (many in cult-popular shows, including Buffy from 1997-2003). IMDBb lists him as having attended a  prestigious drama school (Juilliard) and then doing 10 years of stage work before moving to LA to “pursue a career in film and television,” so hopefully Van will follow in his footsteps and find success like James!

Incidentally, he was born in 1962, which would have made him 35-41 (!) while he was playing Spike opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar. (aged 19-26 during the series run). Yet another reminder that the age difference between Van and Eric (29/38) was just not that material in the grand scheme of things.

For those hoping Sarah Michelle Gellar might make an appearance, it’s a possibility given the show’s history of stunt casting (see ‘Dual Spires,’ below), but in the meantime, reports they’ve cast Kirsty Swanson, who played Buffy in the big-screen version before Joss Whedon rebooted it for the small screen.

The actress will guest star on an episode of Psych this summer, coming on board the USA hit as a mysterious woman who Shawn and Gus suspect of a unique murder: the body of her alleged victim has its blood drained.

This episode has been in the works since at least November 2010 when star and writer James Roday mentioned vampires being the focus of an upcoming episode:

Psych Season Six Spoilers: Vampires Ahead!

November 20th, 2010 12:58 PM by Matt Richenthal

Yes, you read that headline correctly, Psych fans.

While this USA hit still has a number of season five episodes remaining – up next: the December 1 homage to Twin Peaks – star James Roday tells Entertainment Weekly he has a few ideas in mind already for season six.

Roday says he’s hoping the show airs a vampire-themed episode and a musical, among other ideas.

“We’re going to try to come up with something that feels relatively fresh because there’s already spoofs on spoofs on spoofs at this point,” the actor said. “But if we got to the end of the run on the show and had never done anything with vampires, I certainly would regret it.”

I know Van and Jake are known for having a thing about zombies, but I’m not sure if he’s into vampires, too. Either way, it should be fun!  Especially given PSYCH’s reputation with tribute episodes…


Depending on how much you want to be spoiled, caveat lector!  Best sources for live spoilers so far has been KristySwansonXO’s tweets.

[spoiler]The psychalicious.tumblr quoted a Kirsty Swanson tweet from last week, naming her character as Marlowe.

KristySwansonXO: @psychwrites just want you guys to know I am excited to do episode #6001 next week. I’m lovin Marlowe! Thnx 4 having me xoxoxoxo Kristy

Meanwhile, they also posted the following spoilers:

look forward to:

* Woody!

* Lassie getting sentimental about his watch

* Jules being adorably annoyed

* Jules, Shawn as Lestat (wooot Anne Rice FTW!!!) and Gus as Blacula at a…

And with yet a teensy bit more info, TVGuide reports:

Kristy Swanson will guest-star on an upcoming episode of Psych, has learned exclusively.

Swanson, 41, will play Marlowe Viccellio, a beautiful and mysterious woman who catches the attention of Lassiter (Timothy Omundson). Despite their love connection, Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) begin to suspect Marlowe of killing someone "vampire-style" after the police find a blood-drained body. The episode is appropriately titled "This Episode Sucks."

The appearance is a bit of role reversal for Swanson, who is best known for playing the original vampire slayer in the 1992 film version of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. More recently, she made a cameo on One Tree Hill last year.

Psych will return for its sixth season this summer on USA. adds:

Episode 6.01 is entitled This Episode Sucks

A weird request from the psych producers for the new role of Marlowe. They want someone who has played a Vampire either past or present in a Movie or TV show for the role.

Marlowe is a buxom beauty who meets Lassiter in a bar and instantly charms him.

The vampire desires of the producers become more clear when she disappears from the bar then finds herself a suspect in a bizarre vampire murder case when a victim has been drained of blood! If only Christopher Lee was a 30 year old woman, he’d be perfect.

Also being cast are Adrian & Thorn; (both preferred to cast with vampire related actors) Adrian is an offbeat rocker who is connected via a unique necklace and Thorn is a bartender at an underground vampire club. Is he for real when it’s discovered he doesn’t serve "daywalkers" in his bar?

As of March 17th, there was also a casting call out for a character called “Adrian” which looks like the male spelling. Is Adrian = Thorn? Or is Van Adrian? Hmmm….the plot thickens. Incidentally, this site lists the title of Episode 2 as “Shawn Rescues Darth Vader” so the sci-fi fangirl in me just did another audible “squee!”

Another great source is the official USA Network forum where they’re discussing season 6 spoilers and rumors. There is a bit of rampant speculation on a few fronts, though, that this could be the show’s last (Note to self: I will not fall for this show; I will not fall for this show…I….oh, hell, maybe I will – it sounds pretty good….) and that it will premiere in October instead of this summer (unlikely, I think, given that their home page and all “official” sources like TV Guide still say “returning this summer”). Plus this spumor:

Per tweets from Dulé & Kristy Swanson it looks like she will be in the first episode. This makes perfect sense as I swear James had said in an interview they were riffing more on the movie than the tv show & of course she played buffy in the movie. She also tweeted that the script was really funny so that’s a good sign. Then again the scripts for Psych are always good.

I’m inclined to believe that it will be the TV show, as a member on the USA forum notes, because of the Thorn reference. Though the movie was popular, in addition to wanting to pay homage, TPTB clearly have to be looking at this episode as a way to draw in new fans of the show. The diehard BTVS community are all about the show, so I’m optimistic.[/spoiler]

Last, I’ve seen parts of the last spoilers wandering around our fandom already, but I’ll put them separate here, because it starts to wander into really spoilery news.

[spoiler name=BIGSPOIILER]I admit it, I paid the $6 for the audition sides to find out more about Adrian. It was FASCINATING, but gives away a LOT about the episode. Did I say it gives away a LOT of the episode? Until I see it spoiled publicly elsewhere, though, I won’t say anything else about the content – you’ll have to fork up your own $6. After reading it, I was 100% certain of whether I wanted Van to play Thorn or Adrian, and also which I thought he would be better for.

KristySwansonXO has since tweeted:

@van_hansis_fans so excited to have Van playing my brother on @psychwrites #Psych in the season premire. I get to work with him tomorrow : )[/spoiler]

Do NOT read the following if you don’t want to be spoiled! I’ll just say that this looks like a really meaty part for Van.

[spoiler name=EVENBIGGERSPOILER](Sorry, I can’t seem to figure out how to get my spoiler plug-in to allow multiple-word spoiler names.)

It’s very clear from the audition sides that Adrian is Marlowe’s brother, not Thorn, so Van = Adrian. For starters, again, this sounds like an example of one of our boys kicking ass on the audition, since (unless I missed something major) Van is not “vampire related” (which covers a lot of ground these days between Anne Rice, Buffy, Angel, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, etc etc.) as far as the general public is concerned.

It’s also clear from the script that the audience is NOT supposed to know that Adrian is Marlowe’s brother from his first scene. This is a mystery show after all – there are supposed to be tons of red herrings and false suspects etc thrown in along the way. So watching the show, you wouldn’t know Van is Marlowe’s sister until much later into the show. I can’t believe she gave that away in a tweet!

My best guess is that Thorn will be one of the (hopefully MANY!) BTVS-related cameos, but that Adrian is definitely the substantial guest role in this episode! So I’ve had my fingers crossed all day that Van would be playing Adrian, and I’m thrilled to hear it confirmed! I would guess that they included Thorn in the casting listing along with Adrian, in large part, because of the obvious nod to BTVS, to get people excited about what they’re doing (and to pat themselves on the back for such a cleverly named character! Natch. 🙂

I need more than one line and a smile or 30 seconds of typing! (Sorry, Eric) And we should DEFINITELY get it with this guest spot. Van’s gonna ROCK this role (and no, there should be NO chance of confusing Adrian with Luke Snyder!). Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!![/spoiler]

‘Dual Spires’ sets a good precedent: Buffy fans have a lot to look forward to

Speaking of Twin Peaks, the homage to the David Lynch cult favorite aired on 1st December 2010 on USA Network to rave reviews for fans of the original. In giving the episode a 9 out of 10 rating (Amazing), IGN wrote:

A damn fine episode. And hot!

As soon as PSYCH announced they were going to do a show inspired by Twin Peaks, the early 90’s cult television show co-created by David Lynch, the episode couldn’t arrive fast enough. When I heard that the episode would have cameos from Twin Peaks stars, such as Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise and Sherilyn Fenn, I was even more excited. So it’s almost impossible for me to impartially judge this episode because even if the mystery didn’t work or the script was thin on jokes, it wouldn’t matter because I was already hooked months ago.

Luckily, the episode was enjoyable enough on its own merits that I don’t have to apologize for gushing over every single subtle nod to Twin Peaks. There are plenty of shows on television (PSYCH included) that make references to other popular shows, but very few have the flexibility to completely change their look and feel for one episode. And that’s why I think this episode was such an accomplishment. It managed to stick to the PSYCH mythology by having Shawn, Gus, Juliet and Lassiter act as they normally would while investigating the murder of a teenaged girl, Paula Merral (an anagram of Laura Palmer). However, outside of that small window, everything else was an homage to Twin Peaks…

TVFanatic’s review sums it up as:

In the words of Maudette Hornsby: Epic.

That was my reaction to Psych’s love letter to Twin Peaks, an episode titled "Dual Spires" that made for an entertaining and nostalgic look back at one of the most groundbreaking shows of the 90s….

Any show that can seamlessly integrate as many call backs and references should be given an Emmy. Not a single line of dialogue or scene went by without an underlying meaning, from The Great Northern newspaper to the Sawmill Diner, and, most memorably, the montage at the end with the “man from another place,” the iconic man in a red suit, and that haunting dance that appeared in the original series.

The best part about it was that none of the references were out of the way; they flowed well with the plot and the rhythm of the episode and dialogue.

Psych got serious points for using an anagram of Paula Merral in reference to the original dead-girl-by-the-lake, Laura Palmer.  Especially intriguing was the fact that Sheryl Lee, the original Laura Palmer, was the one to find the dead Paula Merral – very eerie, but very cool….

As far as themed episodes go, this one would definitely qualify as Psych’s best, which is saying a lot, considering the well-crafted season four finale which cited some of Alfred Hitchcock’s best and most memorable movies.  The care they took in engaging Twin Peaks and still remaining true to the show is something Psych manages to accomplish unfailingly, no matter what theme it tackles.

If you have the opportunity to watch "Dual Spires" again, it’s definitely one to keep in the DVR. I know I’ll be re-watching it very soon!

Editor Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star

User Rating: 4.9 / 5.0 (45 Total Votes)

Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star

A CNN blogger wrote:

During the course of the show’s run, the creators have done tributes to the films of John Hughes, Spanish soap operas and Alfred Hitchcock. Last night, they aired an episode in honor of "Twin Peaks," which happens to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

As a huge fan of "Twin Peaks," I was worried. However, my concerns were quickly alleviated, as I not only had fun picking out the "Twin Peaks" references (it was like doing the "What’s Wrong?" on the back of a "Highlights" magazine), but I genuinely enjoyed the "Psych" characters to boot. readers gave it an 8.0/10 (Great) and users gave it 8.9/10. The episode was sufficiently culturally significant to warrant a piece in the New York Times (and given BTVS’s enormous popularity, we can hope to be seeing lots of press for Van’s episode). In particular, the NYT article details the depth and extent of the nods to the original series that ought to  send Buffy fans into a near frenzy:

“Psych,” a resolutely silly comedy-mystery starring James Roday as a fake-psychic police consultant, makes a practice of referring to old movies and television shows, and has frequently joked about “Twin Peaks.” But “Dual Spires” goes past affection to obsession, which seems appropriate when you’re saluting one of the weirdest television series ever to survive for 30 episodes in prime time….

Mr. Roday and Dulé Hill, as the crime fighters Shawn and Gus, travel to the strange town of Dual Spires and are caught up in the mystery of who killed Paula Merral. (The name is an anagram of Laura Palmer, the dead girl of “Twin Peaks.”) The “Psych” opening has been redone in somber “Twin Peaks” style…and the “Psych” theme song has been rerecorded by Julee Cruise, the chanteuse of the “Twin Peaks” roadhouse.

A clutch of “Twin Peaks” actors, including regulars like Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn and Dana Ashbrook, has been reunited for “Dual Spires,” and the episode’s best moments involve their spoofing the parts that made them famous….

The “Psych” episode, billed as a 20th-anniversary tribute, comes 20 years to the day after the 16th episode of “Twin Peaks” (17th, if you count the pilot). That was the one that answered the question of who killed Laura Palmer, after which there was really no reason to keep watching. Someone involved with “Psych” was watching, though: “Dual Spires” includes references to really obscure, late-second-season stuff like Windom Earle and the Black Lodge.

So, why should we get excited? For starters, Wikipedia lists ‘Dual Spires’ as an “Extended Episodes (50 minutes)"” – so maybe we’ll get a few extra minutes of screentime in there. Second, series star and writer James Roday, who co-wrote the ‘Dual Spires’ episode (with Bill Callahan) will also be co-writing ‘This Episode Sucks’ (thought this time with Todd Harthan; the two episodes have different directors: Matt Shakman for ‘Dual Spires’ and James Roday himself for ‘This Episode Sucks’ – hope he’s not too busy!).

Any show that puts as much attention into the sly references (from the theme song and closing credits, to anagramming the name of the victim) is going to pay attention to the detail. James Roday was interviewed about this episode by EW and said:

Exactly how many Twin Peaks references are in the episode? I noticed a ton, but I’m sure I didn’t catch them all.
It’s loaded. I had a co-writer on the episode, Bill Callahan, one of our executive producers, whose job it was to [create] some kind of mystery, and my job was to load it up like a baked potato with as many Twin Peaks references as we could squeeze in.

But even more exciting for Buffy fans is the potential for cameos! The Twin Peaks episode features SEVEN cameos, which James also discussed in the EW interview:

When you were writing the episode, did you know you were going to be able to get all these cast members to sign on?
We wrote these parts for them, hoping that we [would be able to]. I’m very good friends with Dana Ashbrook, so I knew he was in.

Or at least he better be.
Yeah. He better be. He had no choice. And we had Ray Wise returning as a character he played last season — and that was good. So we thought, “Well, we got these two in. Hopefully the rest will recognize that not only was this going to be fun, but it was an opportunity to see these people for the first time in a long time.” And that’s exactly what ended up happening.

So was it just these seven roles you wrote or were there more for other characters/cast members you weren’t able to get? (Peaks cast members Robin Lively, Lenny Von Dohlen, Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn, Dana Ashbrook, and Catherine Coulson make appearances in the episode.)
We wrote these seven roles. The only other role that we were talking about and tossing around the possibility of was a cameo for [Twin Peaks creator] David Lynch, and we, quite frankly, got cold feet…we wanted to go after Lynch, but we thought, “What if he hates it? We’re going to be devastated, and no one else will want to do it if they found out David didn’t like it. So maybe we shouldn’t roll the dice.” So we played it safe.

BTSPych has posted a 10-part series on the cast’s Paley Center interview on the Twin Peaks episode, and there are dozens more related interviews with Twin Peaks cast members and others if you search YouTube on PSYCH and either Twin Peaks or ‘Dual Spires.’

For fans of PSYCH/Twin Peaks who can’t get enough, PsychFan.Net reports that the complete Season 5 DVD (due to be released 31st May 2011) will include:

THE MAKING OF “DUAL SPIRES:” Go on set with the cast and crew of “Psych” as they shoot the ‘guest star-studded’ episode “Dual Spires.”

Episode commentary on "DUAL SPIRES (TWIN PEAKS):"  With creator/executive producer Steve Franks, executive producer Kelly Kulchak, writers James Roday and Bill Callahan and series stars James Roday, Dule Hill and Timothy Omundson (along with five other episodes)

Gag reel, deleted scenes, and more

Okay, so does that mean a Joss Whedon cameo is out? People are definitely salivating at a potential Scoobies reunion, with Alyson Hannigan (Willow, not sure if her commitments with How I Met Your Mother, of Neil Patrick Harris fame, would stand in the way) at the top of the list. As a big Buffy fan (yet something else I can thank my brother for), even without Van I’d look forward to seeing this episode! This sounds like a BIG episode for the show, and with the Buffy connection it will get a lot of press, so this is definitely a good thing!

What’s up with the pineapples?

Okay – I knew when I first started looking up PSYCH stuff that pineapples were an “in joke.” I just didn’t know why. Among other places, they answered this question at a Paley Center session:

One favorite fan activity every week is to find the hidden pineapple. There are even fan discussions online comparing notes. Hence, it’s inevitable that someone would ask how the pineapple idea came about and who gets to hide it. Everybody pointed to James. “The pineapple was a happy accident as a matter of fact, from the pilot,” James revealed. “There’s a scene in Gus’s apartment where I come over and wake him up in the middle of the night and tell him we’ve got to do some investigating. While he’s getting dressed, I look over and there’s a pineapple on the top of his refrigerator. I grab it and say, ‘Yo, should I slice this baby up for the road? The truth is, had it been a dragon fruit, or a cantaloupe, or a bunch of grapes, we might have had a different moniker for the show. But the fun part of it is that it kept coming in and out of the cut, and Steve finally stuck it in in the final set. So it almost didn’t live and there wouldn’t have been any pineapple.”…

That the pineapple remained attests to sentimentality on Franks’s part. He said, “This is a little bit of trivia about me…. I worked at Disneyland for 8 and a half years and I was the foreman to the Enchanted Tiki Room, sponsored by Dole. Every day I’d have to make like a bird next to a pineapple fountain. So I have a very long history with the pineapple…. So it’s something that really means a lot to me.”

Apparently the cast and crew thought James’s ad lib in that first episode was so hilarious that they have hidden a pineapple in every episode (kind of like Stan Lee or Alfred Hitchcock’s cameos in their movies). You can see the video of this interview on riktal78’s channel:

Could not parse XML from YouTube

Incidentally, if you listen to the above interview, James Roday has a hysterical bit about making the pilot and “working with” the director. Basically, if he thought something was funny, and the director would ask him to do it differently, he’d agree….and then not do it. Wonder if Eric will keep that in mind when he shoots I Hate My Teenage Daughter…in FOUR DAYS!

Filming Schedule

As part of his Thursday evening Facebook posts, Van also wrote:






Some twitter updates from KristySwansonXO

Had a GREAT first Day in #Psych @psychwrites @psych_USA today. Everyone was SO cool! Has a lot of laughs and did some FUN work. Xoxo K  26 Mar

@van_hansis_fans so excited [about] Van … on @psychwrites #Psych in the season premire. I get to work with him tomorrow : ) 27 Mar

(FYI the last tweet has been edited to remove spoilers. The complete tweet can be found on twitter (duh) or under EVENBIGGERSPOILERS above.)

Show star Dulé Hill has also been tweeting actively since his return to Vancouver (which he refers to as “Van” – talk about confusing”!). He just recently celebrated his 1000th tweet (the show’s Facebook announced his account on March 11th), and appears to be a VERY active tweeter (at least when he’s stuck in an immigration line – having spent over an hour there myself this week, I can completely empathize). Among other things, he tweeted a cast pic (no Van….yet….OUR Van, that is):

LaX-YvR Vancouver and #Psych season 6 here I come!! #GivingThanks 24 Mar

@RuzannaLisa nope back to work. Starting Psych season 6! 24 Mar

@RachaelLCook all is well, just got to Van today. Great to hear from you! Talk soon! Bless 25 Mar

Short ribs, steamed broccoli, bordeaux, Roday, Lawson & Harthan….not a bad first night in Van. #youknowthatsright 25 Mar

I got it! #psych fam back 2gether again. Roday,Hill ,Lawson,Omundson, Harthan AND@KristySwansonXO !!! What! Here we go! 25 Mar

All is great in Vancouver on #Psych had a great first day flying in, did wardrobe etc. Studying my lines now for tomorrow. Xoxoxoxo 25 Mar

@xRaylaHx nope…they did. I don’t start until Monday 26 Mar

Amusingly, he also recently sent this tweet:

@JeriLRyan Lol… The world has gone mad. 🙂 #TheresAlwaysVancouver 25 Mar

At least to me this is amusing since I was just blogging this week about Jeri Ryan’s role on Body of Proof (which premieres tomorrow night – and will feature Eric in episode 8 of this season).

Filming Locations publishes a listing of Industry filming locations (looks like around North America). On Friday, they wrote:

Filming in Vancouver:

Psych is filming around 600 Richards tonight. (Thanks @Canadagraphs)

So I thought I’d check out their twitter site, and I think that’s the best place to go if you live/will be traveling in the Vancouver area this week. According to Van, this is being filmed over 8 days (not sure if that includes weekends), and based on what we know from the spoilers, it sounds like at least a couple of location shoots, so you may get a chance to catch a glimpse.  Searching on @olv psych on twitter, I found:

canadagraphs: #Psych filming 600 blk Richards on rooftop tomorrow night @olv 25 Mar

One enterprising fan on the USA Forum went one step further and found:

Very cool. So I went to googlemaps for a street level view of that location, an intersection. The four corners of the intersection are occupied by a Student Housing building, a cathedral, a park called ‘Cathedral Square’, and a cute little restaurant called Suzette’s Cafe.

So if you’re interested, keep an eye out on twitter, and the USA Forum for more deets.

Where (NOT) to Watch

Watching after the fact looks like it’s going to be a challenge. Here’s what I know so far:


I saw on one of the Nuke forums that someone was excited that there were SO many PSYCH episodes on YouTube. Except that when I actually tried to watch them, they were ALL bogus. There are isolated clips (mostly promos, interviews, etc) but I couldn’t actually find a single episode clip (e.g., part 1 of many) that actually worked. They ALL forwarded to an external site. While the external sites all looked different, they all prompted the visitor to fill out one of four surveys. Having a lot of faith in my internet security suite (not to mention the ability and willingness to create spam-absorbing email addresses for this purpose), I actually filled out one of their lame surveys….and still couldn’t access the episode. If anyone else tries this and has luck, let me know and I’ll try it again and do a correction in a “Where to Watch” post (assuming I ever figure it out).

iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, USA Network website

It USED to be that episodes were available on iTunes (now it’s only Amazon) – both for a fee. It looks like it’s been pulled entirely from iTunes due to a contract/pricing dispute between NBC/Universal (show producers, not USA Network), as is explained well on one of the USA/PSYCH fan forums. Having tried, I KNOW that Amazon On Demand videos cannot be viewed overseas (they check by IP and not only that, have a faulty system, so that even when I’m in the US they think I’m still overseas and block my access to downloadable content; grr….).

A thread titled “FULL EPISODES ONLINE” has a lot of discussion on the topic, but sums it up as:

Hi all – I’ve merged the two threads asking about watching episodes online.

USA has changed their policy once again for some crazy reason, so for all shows it’s no longer an 8 day wait to watch episodes, it’s now a 30 day wait. Don’t ask me why. They change it all the time it seems like nowadays.

Starting 2011: says: The first two episodes of the current season will be available the day after air. Subsequent episodes will be available 30 days after their original airdates. This means USA Network online episodes will do the same, 30 day wait.

And as Amentos said above, they rerun epis a lot before the next one, and you can purchase epis immediately on itunes or Amazon.

So the good news (only for American viewers, though, as Hulu’s episodes are not be available overseas either) is that Van is in one of the first two episodes of the current season. Thank heavens for small miracles! So these should be available quickly, and probably also for free on USA Network, and for fee on Amazon (for the HD version).

Other options

As I mentioned previously, the site posted to Van’s Wall (something about Watch Pysch Online Free) is also not to be trusted. There appear to be hundreds of similar sites (probably all set up by the same company) with slightly different appearances (easily done programmatically, so that these sites actually don’t all exist – they’re phantoms) with two options: Download or Watch Now. These sites prompt you to download an xVid driver and instead try to install adware – not only a violation of your privacy, but potentially annoying (can you say pop-ups?) and often the cause of system crashes.

A second series of sites claim to offer free videos (but you have to give an email address and credit card number….)

Several other sites that look safer (popups/popunders, but no malware or credit card risk), like seem promising, but I haven’t found one that lists PSYCH with a viewable episode. CastTV (which was the source of the The Big C clip), sidereel, and a few other sites have a number of PSYCH links listed, but I haven’t found one that works yet. Will let you know if I do.

Watch Live!

Okay – this took me awhile to think of, after which I had a “duh!” moment. After spending way more time Googling options to watch PSYCH episodes after the fact, I went back to my own post on how to Watch Luke and Reid Live. While most of the sites used there are dead (JayJay) or not applicable (TVPC doesn’t seem to offer PSYCH on its list of streamed shows), it only took a few minutes to find a site that seems to offer live streaming of USA Networks on an East Coast time zone!  And it looks decent in full screen and is accessible overseas!  Woo hoo!

I checked it out this morning, and it matched USA’s listings for the show and episode, so it does look to be a live feed!  Small, but good quality sound, no flickering/blinking out. As a bonus, the show airing is Law and Order:SVU (one of my 2-3 favorite prime-time series! go Benson & Stabler!) with an L&O crossover (hello, Lennie Briscoe!).

So we have an option!

The Dogberry Connection

Well, as it turns out, there ended up being TWO Dogberry connections in this article (for anyone not familiar with Dogberry’s significance in this fandom, the reference is to the character from Much Ado About Nothing who was played very memorably by Sheffield Chastain during last summer’s Vermont Shakespeare Company production which was the focal point of an ESS fan gathering). At any rate, the two connections:

First, writer/show star James Roday used to be in a band called Dogberry when he was younger, according to his IMDb bio.

That was going to be it until I started researching the term “sides” in show-biz-speak. It seemed pretty obvious what sides were, but I wondered where they got their name. One, I not only found a good answer, but also a second reference to Dogberry:

An overlooked facet of an actor’s audition preparation is how they put together the sides of their monologue or scene. First off, a bit of etymology. The word “side” (or sides) comes from the Elizabethan theatre and means the pages of a script containing only the lines and cues of a specific role to be learned by an actor. By the way, this was done to save paper, as well as to prevent rival theatre companies from stealing a complete copy of the play. Today, the word “side” is used to describe that portion of the script which actors use for their monologue or scene at the audition. And though it may seem unimportant, how you prepare your sides can save you from turning an audition into an embarrassing disaster.

Once Upon A Time

The anecdote goes something like this. An actor reading for the role of Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream walks onstage carrying his copy of The Riverside Shakespeare as his audition side. The Riverside Shakespeare is a magnum opus of the Bard’s works which also contains page after page of illustrations and critical analysis, and is about the same bulk, weight and font size as a big city phone book. Halfway through his scene he sneezes, which flips over several of the pages, and suddenly he finds himself auditioning for the role of Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing. Needless to say, he doesn’t get the part.

Read more at Suite101: Preparing Your Audition Sides: Tips on How to Arrange Your Script for a Worry-Free Performance

Other Press Mentions

Last, but not least, Van’s casting has been picked up by the usual round of suspects, though major and new, but here’s the post on We Love Soaps and on Michael Fairman’s blog.

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