Reid: We both know why I’m here. Let’s not pretend that this is a normal consult.
Luke: Look, I — I’m sorry. I just felt as if —
Reid: You felt that you could blackmail me. I’m curious, how much did it cost you to get dirt on me?

— Reid and Luke

Spoiler Warning

UPDATE 7 Sep 2011: As I did in January, I’m making this as a sticky-post since things are getting interesting for viewers in the Netherlands. As of last week or so, we had the “tense moment” episode (where Reid shows up at the Lilypad after Mr. Judd makes his appearance).

Because of all the write-ups on the ATWT event in the Netherlands, I’ve been getting a number of hits from Holland, where they are currently airing episodes that originally aired in the U.S. during summer 2009 or so (I’m told Mason just made an appearance).

I realize that the mere existence of this site is a big spoiler in and of itself, but for anyone visiting to this site who has not seen the series/storyline in its entirety and doesn’t want to know what’s going to happen: caveat viewer. THIS IS NOT A SPOILER-SAFE SITE. 

By the last few weeks of the series, it was virtually impossible to avoid spoilers and to keep the posts on this site spoiler free.  Comments on the storylines at the end of the show are all over this site, so pretty much nothing is safe.

That being said, I’ll try to keep the Utrecht-event related posts spoiler-free, and will try to police the comments (if there are spoilers in the comments I will try to consolidate them on a separate post). I’ve also pulled the “favorite episode” poll and will re-post it when the Netherlands frenzy dies down.

Otherwise, thanks for visiting. Enjoy the site.

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