Reid: I got you something too. I didn’t wrap it, though.
Katie: Oh! A business card! You shouldn’t have!
Reid: That’s what I’m thinkin’.

— Reid and Katie

FanFic Kismet | Simple Gifts Chapter 19: TO, Tom Terrific, and Tofutti) Author’s Notes

Okay, no new chapter. Just a freaky coincidence to report on Chapter 19. If you haven’t been following this story, I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, I was stunned to wake up today to find that back in August when Chapter 19 was written, I picked two of yesterday’s NFL Divisional series winners and one of the losers. The fourth team in my story, the Dallas Cowboys, was picked for obvious reasons!

[spoiler name=A/N]

I admit it – I read Van’s and Reid Oliver’s FB Walls about 99% more often than my own. For some reason I decided to check my own Wall this morning and came across Kwbalan’s post on how poorly the Patriots played yesterday. I’m a New Englander and haven’t followed football all season. So much to my surprise, I Googled and found they’d indeed lost the Divisonal playoff.

This prompted a "Holy cow!" If you don’t recall, in Chapter 19, Reid spends the Sunday (1/16/2010) before his anniversary (1/19/2010) at Tom and Margo’s watching football games with Katie and Chris.

I wanted to make sure Reid had a sucky day, And since he’s a Pats fan in my story, I picked the Pats to lose. Unfortunately, as I’m a New Englander, I must have jinxed the real team when I wrote that back in August! 🙁

But then I had a "Double holy shit!" Moment. Just for fun I Googled the NFC winner and almost fell off my chair when I read that the Bears won! That was another pick back when I wrote the chapter in August (before the season started!).  I should have put money down on this in Vegas. A lot of it!

At the time, the Bears weren’t predicted to do very well, which is, in part, the main reason I gave them a boost. The reason TO was chosen (aside from the obvious) was a nod to Eric Sheffer Stevens, who mentioned in his We Love Soaps interview that he’s not, ahem, a fan of certain players in the NFL

So, then I read Karen’s response to my Facebook post on this subject where she listed all four playoffs winners, and I had a “Holy triple shit!” moment when she mentioned Pittsburgh. I had picked Pittsburgh to win (though I had them playing the Pats), and they were chosen to be a Chris Hughes team (along with the Bears who would likely be Oakdale’s hometown team), since his SoapCentral bio lists him as having worked at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. The odds for Pittsburgh were decent.


Granted I had no thoughts on the other 4 teams, but wow! How weird is THAT?

In case you want to read it in real time, the events that took place yesterday can be found in:

Chapter 17: Two Weeks (Luke’s Sunday)

Chapter 18: Fascinating (Luke’s Sunday)

Chapter 19: TO, Tom Terrific, and Tofutti (Reid’s Sunday)

Or, to start from the beginning on Christmas Day: Chapter 1: Snyder Farm


P.S. Will hopefully be able to finish a couple of anniversary treats before Wed. in the midst of all this Netherlands stuff I’m posting! 😉

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