So, what’s the verdict? Is he just another boring blind guy who’s not worthy of your talents?

— Luke (to Reid)

View Van Hansis’s demo reel! Plus PSYCH meets THE MENTALIST?

Not sure how I managed to miss this one before, but better late than never!

This video includes recent clips of Van’s work. Some notes:

  • It opens with one of his scenes from NIKITA – my personal post-ATWT fave, so I’m glad to see that his representatives (SMS TALENT) felt it was strong enough to lead with.
  • The second clips are from his appearances on PSYCH and show a vastly different character (Russian assassin, slightly ditsy haberdashery shop dude – yeah, I’d say they were different)
  • Then cuts to a couple of clean-cut, pleasant Danny Hill shots from OCCUPANT
  • The final clip is a cut scene from OCCUPANT with him and Cody Horn at dinner – this was an interesting choice to me. With the NIKITA and PSYCH scenes, he showed both a dark side and his ability to play a bit imbalanced, so I would guess that these scenes are there to show his ability to play a romantic lead.
  • Also, interesting but not surprising: there is nothing at all of his work from ATWT in this reel. So clearly, his agents feel it’s important to distance him from his “soap star” background. Such a shame given the chemistry he had with his scene partners (yeah, I’m thinking Eric, of course!).

A side note on his NIKITA appearance – I’ve seen a lot of posts on fan sites and Facebook about how “hot” or “gorgeous” Van looks in his scenes. I’ll go on a limb here – I think he looked terrible…and he should have looked terrible after he pummeling he received from the Division.

And I actually think this is a VERY important thing for Van, who is trying to distance himself from any “pretty boy”/“soap hunk” prejudices in Hollywood. Just ask Hillary Swank and Charlize Theron, among other pretty faces who finally got the recognition they deserved and by not being afraid to “play ugly.”

PSYCH and THE MENTALIST: Eerily similar?

Finally, on a lighter note, speaking of PSYCH: I stumbled across a hilarious transcript of a scene from PSYCH on the TVtropes entry for “phony psychic”:

Shawn: You’ve seen The Mentalist, right?

Cop: Yes.

Shawn: It’s like that.

Gus: Except that guy’s a fake.

Shawn: Right. If I were a fake psychic, it would be eerily similar.

Gus: Exactly the same.

Shawn: A virtual carbon copy.

From Psych, "Extradition: British Columbia"


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