Luke: You’re messing with me. You’re not gay!
Reid: You’re requiring proof? How would that work exactly?

— Luke and Reid

Billy Magnussen and the ATWT Cast in the Netherlands, 15 January 2011

As it turns out, I have the least material available on Van and Martha (my two favorites) because my audio recorder cut out near the end of Liz Hubbard’s portion, and I didn’t figure it out until Paolo Seganti came on. 🙁

That being said, I have enough material on the others that I’ll do separate posts for each as otherwise it will make for one ENORMOUS post.

In this post are links to YouTube clips of:

  • Billy’s song from the afternoon/evening show
  • Billy’s song from the morning show
  • The highlight reel shown during his intro (set to Right Said Fred’s “I’m too Sexy”, of course)
  • The end of Billy’s interview segment from the evening show, in which the interviewer asks “Will you take off your shirt?” which is followed by a highlight reel of kisses over the years…

…plus my commentary on all parts of the evening (from a Billy perspective), a couple of close-ups from after the show, and eventually a transcript of his portion of the show (which I do have complete on audio tape).

So, one of my favorite parts of the programmed show was Billy Magnussen’s song. I have to say I was really impressed -  I always thought he was cute, but I was really surprised at his stage presence. And, as a bonus, they showed a LOT of Casey/Emily clips, which was okay by me since it was one of the only other 1 or 2 storylines I read in recap form that made me think – hmmm….I gotta actually see this!

Apparently, I’m not the only one. Another poster on LRO had the exact same response I did (at least I think so). Going in as Van fans, it was surprising how much Billy stood out, pretty much from the moment he first wandered onto the stage with his guitar.

I’m so glad someone (WillowsVideos, who has several good clips from the show) caught this on video because I thought it was a really nice song, and Billy looked great (did I say that already? as in WOW, he really lit up the stage the moment he stepped on)!

[tubepress video=nfwJyDOQ-Fw title=false description=false]

I think the above clip is from the afternoon show, since I’m 99% sure it wasn’t the evening show because Marnie wasn’t wearing the white cardigan in my photos. Someone else commented on the video that he sang a completely different song for the morning show.

In case you can’t hear the intro, he dedicates the song to Liz Hubbard and her dildoes (they definitely talked about them during the evening show – she played a sexologist on a Dutch TV show, at least during the afternoon show, presumably or the audience would have been wondering WTH Billy was talking about?!).

ETA Tue 18 Jan early am:

I found a complete clip from the morning show. As ipkoningen, who posted it notes, he has a bit of a cute stumble as he tries to whistle while smiling at/laughing with the adoring fans. I wonder if this is why he decided to change songs before the afternoon show?

[tubepress video=W7pca2jS2eg title=false description=false]

timz0r has posted the video clips showed as part of Billy’s introduction. They played variants of the opening clip (tossing the black T-shirt several times throughout the show, and it prompted the same enthusiastic response each time!):

[tubepress video=VIFMGu9qxhk title=false description=false]

Oh! And WillowsVideos also caught the question and response: “Will you take your shirt off?” at the start of this segment:

[tubepress video=ISV00OEY2g0 title=false description=false]

The interview highlights for me, though were:

  • After being asked by an audience member if he would marry her, he sidestepped the public proposal cleverly (well, if you come on ATWT I will), and then graciously added, “You’re very beautiful.” He made a joke about “my girlfriend would beat me up” if he said or didn’t say something (like he wasn’t attached? I need to go listen to the interview to remember). To which the audience went “awww….” and the host said “a shame.” What impressed me was that instead of playing that up, like I’ve seen celebs do in the past (usually putting on a falsely apologetic look and then milking it for his own ego), Billy instead said “No! That’s not a shame!” and essentially said it’s a GOOD thing that he has a girlfriend he really likes. Now THAT sweet moment got a big “awwww….” from me.
  • That bit of Q&A about the shirt and his response (which was hilarious…and “No!” BTW). From his PR, I might have guessed he’d say “Yes” (he needs to hire a new PR agent!).

Billy Laughing


Last, I did get a chance to meet Billy after the show (squee!). I’m pretty much old enough to be his  mother, so I write all this with a bit of tongue in cheek. But then again, I’m about the same age as Kelley Menighan Hensley, who played Emily Stewart, so there you go. Besides, I think you’d have to not like men, or be dead, not to find that boyish grin at least a little attractive!

I was one of the last to catch him before the cast disappeared without fanfare to catch the minibus back to their hotel in Amsterdam just before midnight.

My first impression watching him work the room was that his smile was incredible. He smiled at EVERYONE and really looked like he was enjoying himself. And despite the fact that he’d probably already done the routine several hundred times, if not a thousand (I think each event probably had 100-200 people in the Meet & Greets and it looks like they also met fans who rushed the stage, waited at the gates, etc.), he hadn’t lost a step of energy by the time I saw him.

The photo on the left, below, was one I snapped of him with a fan about midway through the evening Meet & Greet. The one on the right is his half of his photo with me.

Billy with Fan Billy with LL

After he finished with his previous fan, he held out a hand to shake, gave me a big smile (melt!) and said, “Hi, I’m Billy!” (Really? 🙂 No, really, Billy, I’m not making fun of you – it was just too cute!) We exchanged a few pleasantries which I have to admit I cannot remember for the life of me. Which is unquestionably due in part to….

…those blue eyes? Right up there with Eric’s – especially because Billy’s stare (as in looking you square in the eyes and holding eye contact, not staring in a rude way) was so intense.

I’m not sure how to describe it, but Eric was much more reserved, almost cautious, in person (as was Van, incidentally, both in his on-stage interview and afterwards). Given Eric’s reluctance to embrace fame and the accompanying invasion of privacy, I get that (and I’m right in there with him). I’m sure age/stage of life also have something to do with that.

I got the sense that Billy was an extrovert with a capital E. He was incredibly open, and very engaging. In the press, he’s always come off like the kind of guy to have a good time, the life of the party. I’m not a party-guy kind of girl, so that always turned me off, but he came off as really genuine and charming. I am SO glad I didn’t live down the hall from him in college. Talk about torture.

The last thing that struck me when we had our photo taken, is that despite how buff he looks on camera, he’s actually quite cuddly! His girlfriend is one lucky gal – hold onto him, girl!

Still more to come when I get a chance to transcribe his section of the audio and get the photo galleries uploaded.

2 Responses to “Billy Magnussen and the ATWT Cast in the Netherlands, 15 January 2011”

  1. mmc says:

    Billy always was a cutie but my heart belongs to Van.How do we find out abot trips like these and how do we go about going/any info would be appreciated!

    • lovelure says:

      I’ll always post info about anything I hear about here. I spend more than my share trolling fan sites though for info. I originally heard about the ATWT event on either the LRO or ESS fan forum boards – at least one of the organizers is a member and a friend posted the info. I also saw it posted on the site and I think on both Van’s and Reid Oliver’s Facebook pages.

      The new Van Hansis Fans LiveJournal and Twitter sites have also been doing a good job consolidating news about Van. If you can brave the Nuke fans, you can also find info on Van at and

      The next official trip I am aware of is the “Trip of Epicness” (referred to as “TOE”). This is in New York around June 2011. There is a TOE Facebook Page that is probably your best bet for details, although I am sure highlights will be posted occasionally on the ESS forum thread on the topic.

      I think it was originally hoped that the TOE would coincide with the VIP premiere of Eric’s film, Left Loosey, but I believe that because the film has slipped from their originally hoped-for timeline, that may not work out. So there may be a second gathering in NYC for the Brooklyn film screening shortly thereafter.

      Last, I Vermont Shakespeare has announced dates via their email newsletter (not yet updated on their website). If it’s not a typo, it looks like there will not be a show in 2011, but in August 2012, it looks like they’re doing one week at the lovely state park in North Hero, and a second week in Burlington, VT. We have NO IDEA if the cast will include either Eric or Jenny (and I’m sure they all probably won’t know themselves until MUCH closer to the date, as I would guess Eric and Jenny would decline if they were in the middle of some other project). I know everyone who went last summer had a fabulous time, and at least some of the fans have talked about attending again, with or without Eric and Jenny present. We’ll see how enthusiastic everyone still is next summer, and if we’re all still still trying to extract Luke and Reid out from under our skin.

      Sorry I don’t have any more info on Van. He’s done some of the soap events in the past. I’m not sure if former soap stars do the soap cruises etc that he’s done in the past, but I’m keeping an eye out. I keep hoping they’ll offer a “So Long Oakdale” cruise like they did for GL last summer! In the meantime, I’ll continue to post anything that comes my way here. Big news, like the Netherlands event, will also be tweeted, though I’m a relatively infrequent tweeter.

      Hope that helps and you get a chance to make it on one of these trips. I NEVER would have dreamed of going to a fan event this time last year. So it’s hard to believe how much things have changed in a year!

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