Katie: What about neurosurgery?
Reid: If I could find somebody in this town with a brain, I might consider it. But so far, no such luck.

— Katie and Reid

ATWT Cast in the Netherlands | De Telegraaf Translation, 17 January 2011

The organizers have posted scans of the article which ran in today’s De Telegraaf on the official ATWTinNL Facebook page. I think they ran a brief item on the front page:


The caption above reads:

Delirious at ATWT

More than a thousand fans went to the theater Saturday to see the cast of the American soap opera As The World Turns. Actress Marnie lay sprawled on the stage so that a fan could take a picture with her. Read more about this frenzied encounter in the VROUW (WOMAN) section.

The main piece ran nearly a full page; a copy of the scan can be found at the bottom of this post. They also published the article on their website which includes a slideshow with 11 photos, including all five that ran in the print edition.

According to Wiki, De Telegraaf ("The Telegraph") is the largest Dutch daily morning newspaper, with a daily circulation of approximately 700,000. De Telegraaf ran a promotional contest prior to the weekend event where they were offering Meet & Greet passes to readers who submitted the most interesting questions.

Translation Difficulties

Okay, this was just too funny to leave out. If any of you have ever experienced weird typos created by relying on spellcheck, then you’ll have an idea of what trouble you might get into relying on a digital translator (except it’s WAY worse!). All of the Dutch-to-English translations here have started with a digital translation. Most passages are either pretty straightforward and valid, or so far off as to be unintelligible. But every so often there comes along a gem that seems plausible, but is nefariously incorrect. This is it. The translation proposed was:

Except there are not many hetero men in the room, the men clearly were dragged by their wives after. However, dozens of gay men, mostly Hansis enthusiastically responding to the homosexual who plays Luke. He is the first in an American soap opera with a male tongue kissing. He thus broke a lance for all gay people in his country and became famous at once.

I’m sure Van would be pleased to hear himself described as “the homosexual who plays Luke” (a fluke that I believe resulted from differences in word order and sentence structure in Dutch vs English). Presumably this should say “who plays Luke, who is gay.” (!).  Re: the tongue kissing, I think that’s actually the correct translation, but I’m not sure it’s true (yeah, I know there were rumors about the kiss during the Ameera plotline).  And as for breaking a lance for all gay people, is that an expression, or a pun?! Let’s not even go there….

As before, thanks to CSI-Fan3 for assistance in correcting the translations!  English translation followed by the original Dutch. Uncertain passages underlined.

Escaping reality with “As The World Turns”

Women love the American soap opera and its actors

by Fides Ciblak

UTRECHT- “Damiaaan, Luuuk, Lilyyy.” More than a thousand fans screamed at the sight of the cast members from the popular American soap opera "As The World Turns."

Cast Members hailed as stars

The actors were first in the Netherlands and spend three theater shows. It was a unique opportunity for die-hard fans to see their idols in the flesh. And how! Grown women completely lose their minds. Fences and security guards must keep the fans back. They want to take photos of their favorites up close, and they want to touch them.

Tragic separations

True love, kidnapping, lost lovers, serious illnesses, murders, marriages, divorces and tragedy. For over twenty years, thousands of fans in our country have lived along with the characters from "As The World Turns (ATWT). In the theater, with Peter van der Vorst hosting, we got to know the actors better through interviews and old footage. The stars of the series that a challenge for the podium each got a one minute-long standing ovation, accompanied by excited screams. 28-year-old Abdi Asha went nuts: "I’m crazy for them. When I came to live here ten years ago, I followed the series to learn Dutch. By reading the subtitles, I quickly improved. It was all-day entertainment and a learning experience."

Students condo

Many of the current 30- to 45-year-olds have followed from ATWT their student days. So it was for Gonny Petersen (44) and her boyfriend Michiel Veugelers (38). "We always watched together in our little student flat," says Gonny. "The story lines were more believable then. Now everything happens very quickly and it’s the most bizarre things. Michiel always watched it. He does still, if somewhat less, but he loves to do."

Aside from Michiel, there are not many hetero men in the room, and those men clearly were dragged there by their wives. However, there are dozens of gay men, mostly responding enthusiastically to Van Hansis who plays Luke, who is gay. He was the first in an American soap opera with a male French kissing. He thus stood up for all gay people in his country and became internationally famous.

Martha Byrne, who started when she was fifteen and played the character of Lily for more than twenty years, was surprised by all the response, "We are so warmly welcomed by the fans. I’m really touched. These people are genuinely excited. That I will never forget. In America you are still one of the many soapies but here we feel quite special."

Meet & Greet

Suzan Siepman and daughter Marijke felt special. They won a "Meet & Greet” with the actors in a special ATWT contest from WOMEN. A dream come true. Suzan: "I have followed the joys and sorrows of these people for over 15 years continuously. It is pure entertainment for me. Just some winding-down time. I’ll always cook first, and then go watch especially for them." Daughter Marijke laughs. "Dad often doesn’t let us watch it because he can’t stand it. But often we do get our way. I can identify very well with the youngsters in ATWT. They still have the same problems as any teenager, only theirs are usually a little extreme. Suzan understands why men do not love soaps: "Women want to escape from reality; that’s why such strange things happen in this series. For men, it seems not to concern them. They would rather see something realistic."


While the show is going on three bored men sit staring, in a corner of the lobby. "We met here by chance. We all love this soap but had to bring our wives. Fortunately, we are not inside. To kill time we brought something to read."

ATWT is now over in America. After 54 years CBS pulled the plug because of declining advertising revenues and high production costs. Fortunately, we in the Netherlands until can enjoy the adventures of Luke, Casey, Damian, Lily, Alison and all the others until the end of 2012.

As The World Turns is broadcast every weekday on RTL 4 (9.05u and 17.05h) and 8 RTL (22.20).

Ontsnappen aan de realitit met ‘As The World Turns’

Vrouwen gek op Amerikaanse soap en haar acteurs

Door Fides Ciblak

UTRECHT -  ‘Damiaaan, Luuuk, Lilyyy’. Meer dan duizend fans gillen bij het zien van de castleden uit de populaire Amerikaanse soapserie ‘As The World Turns’.

Castleden onthaald als sterren

    De acteurs zijn voor het eerst in Nederland en geven hier drie theatershows. Een unieke kans voor de verstokte fans om hun idolen in levende lijve te aanschouwen. En hoe. Volwassen vrouwen gaan massaal uit hun dak. Dwanghekken en beveiligers houden de fans niet tegen. Ze willen hun favorieten van dichtbij zien, foto’s nemen en het liefst ook nog aanraken.

    Tragische scheidingen

    Grote liefdes, ontvoeringen, verloren minnaars, ernstige ziektes, moorden, huwelijken en tragische scheidingen. Al meer dan twintig jaar leven duizenden fans in ons land mee met de personages uit ‘As The World Turns’ (ATWT). In de theatershow, waarbij Peter van der Vorst als gastheer optreedt, leren we de acteurs door middel van interviews en oude beelden beter kennen. De sterren van de serie die één voor één het podium opkomen krijgen allemaal een minuten durende staande ovatie, begeleid door opgewonden gegil. Ook de 28-jarige Abdi Asha gaat uit haar dak. "Ik ben helemaal gek op ze. Toen ik hier tien jaar geleden kwam wonen, ben ik de serie gaan volgen om Nederlands te leren. Door de ondertiteling te lezen ben ik snel vooruitgegaan. Het was elke dag ontspanning én een leermoment."


    Veel van de aanwezige 30- tot 45-jarigen blijken ATWT al te volgen vanaf hun studententijd. Zo ook Gonny Petersen (44) en haar vriend Michiel Veugelers (38). "Wij keken altijd samen in ons studentenflatje", vertelt Gonny. "De verhaallijnen waren toen nog geloofwaardig. Nu moet alles heel snel en gebeuren er de meest bizarre dingen. Michiel keek altijd mee. Dat doet hij nog steeds, zij het wat minder, maar hij houdt er wel van." Behalve Michiel zitten er niet veel hetero-mannen in de zaal, op de mannen die duidelijk door hun vrouw zijn meegesleurd na. Wel tientallen homo’s, die vooral enthousiast reageren op Hansis die de homoseksuele Luke speelt. Hij is de eerste die in een Amerikaanse soapserie met een man tongzoende. Hij brak daarmee een lans voor alle homo’s in zijn land en werd in één klap wereldberoemd.

    Ontroerd Martha Byrne die vanaf haar vijftiende meer dan twintig jaar het personage Lily speelt, is verrast door alle reacties. "We zijn hier zo warm welkom geheten door de fans. Ik ben helemaal ontroerd. Deze mensen zijn oprecht enthousiast. Dit zal ik niet snel vergeten. In Amerika ben je toch één van de vele soapies maar hier voelen we ons helemaal speciaal. "

    Meet & Greet

    Ook moeder Suzan Siepman en dochter Marijke voelen zich speciaal. Zij wonnen met de speciale ATWT-actie van VROUW een ‘Meet & Greet’ met de acteurs. Een droom kwam uit. Suzan: "Ik kijk al meer dan 15 jaar onafgebroken naar het lief en leed van deze mensen. Het is pure ontspanning voor mij. Even een ontlaadmoment. Ik ga altijd eerst koken en daarna ga er helemaal voor zitten." Dochter Marijke lacht. "We mogen vaak niet kijken van papa, hij gruwelt ervan. Maar vaak krijgen we toch ons zin. Ik kan me heel goed met de jongeren in ATWT identificeren. Ze hebben toch dezelfde problemen als elke puber, alleen zijn die van hen meestal iets extremer." Suzan snapt wel dat mannen niet zo dol zijn op soaps. "Vrouwen willen graag even ontsnappen aan de realiteit. Daarom gebeuren er ook zulke vreemde dingen in deze series. Voor de man is dat echt te ver van zijn bed. Die ziet liever iets realistisch."


    Terwijl de show aan de gang is, zitten in een hoekje van de foyer drie mannen verveeld voor zich uit te staren. "We kwamen elkaar toevallig hier tegen, we houden allemaal niet van deze soap maar moesten per se mee van onze vrouwen. Gelukkig hoefden we niet mee naar binnen. Om de tijd te doden hebben we wat te lezen meegenomen." ATWT is in Amerika inmiddels gestopt. Na 54 jaar trok CBS de stekker eruit wegens dalende reclame inkomsten en hoge productiekosten. Gelukkig kunnen wij in Nederland nog tot eind 2012 genieten van de avonturen van Luke, Casey, Damian, Lily, Alison en al die anderen.

    As The World Turns wordt elke werkdag uitgezonden op RTL 4 (9.05u en 17.05u) en RTL 8 (22.20)

    The original scan of the print edition

    The main headline in the middle reads: Soapies greeted like stars

    The stripe across the top reads: Escaping reality with ‘As The World Turns’

    The quote on the right reads “We watched together in our student-flat.”

    Note: Van is identified as Evan Vanfossen Hansis in the caption of the group photo.


    6 Responses to “ATWT Cast in the Netherlands | De Telegraaf Translation, 17 January 2011”

    1. mmc says:

      I’m glad to hear that others still get emotional watching clips of Luke and Reid.My dear husband can’t figure me out after all these years because i still do.I loved them and I was a very long time ATWT watcher so i’ve seen some wonderful couples come and go, but none were like Luke and Reid.And Van and Eric brought them to life ….no other actors could have made us love them like they did.Thanks lovelure for keeping us up to date on these guys.i’m such a Van Fan and i loved seeing him in the Netherlands!

    2. kwbalan says:

      Hi again Lovelure:

      I am continuing to enjoy hearing about everything you experienced in the Netherlands. I couldn’t help but quote and comment on the following:

      “Except there are not many hetero men in the room, the men clearly were dragged by their wives after. However, dozens of gay men, mostly Hansis enthusiastically responding to the homosexual who plays Luke. He is the first in an American soap opera with a male tongue kissing. He thus broke a lance for all gay people in his country and became famous at once.”

      That was absolutely hysterical. Thank you for sharing that.

      I look forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

      One thing that stuck out for me in the article was the woman who was quoted as saying:

      Suzan understands why men do not love soaps: “Women want to escape from reality; that’s why such strange things happen in this series. For men, it seems not to concern them. They would rather see something realistic.”

      For me it was nice to hear that others feel the way I do. It was very difficult for me losing the show that I grew up with as it was my happy escape from reality. I still miss the show very much, still have a hard time watching LuRe episodes without getting emotional.

      Thank you again for this LL.


    3. LL…
      I’m really enjoying reading about your time at this event…especially the translation stuff. Sounds like it was a great time.

      • lovelure says:

        Thanks! It was a blast! And the translating has been fun, too – kind of like Sudoku’s…but with pictures of the ATWT cast!

        It’s ironic because I haven’t felt so completely incompetent speaking any language in years. But I didn’t get a chance to brush up on my phrase-book Dutch before going and could barely say hello or thank you. Thankfully, all the staff everywhere (restaurants, hotel, venue, train station, airport) all spoke English which varied from very good to perfect. It was only when I was trying to find the kiosk where they were selling Martha’s CDs and postcards with pictures of the cast that I couldn’t seem to find anyone whose English was good enough to point me in the right direction!

        • CSI-Fan3 says:

          Aw, it’s too bad that you couldn’t find anyone speaking sufficient English at that point!

          Here a little help with the underlined sentences again 🙂

          Grown women have lost their minds => Grown women completely lose their minds.

          He thus broke ground => He thus stood up for
          (according to my Dutch-English dictionary, ‘to break lance’ is actually an English expression, which I doubt, but anyway :P)

          Just some free time. => A winding-down moment.

          We can often see Papa, who can’t stand it. => Our Dad often doesn’t let us watch it, because he can’t stand it.

          The guy is really too far from his comfort zone. => For men it seems not to concern them.

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