Henry: Okay. Oh, and before I forget, would you ask Dr. Big Brain if he studied babysitting at Harvard?
Katie: As a matter of fact, he did tell me he was part of an infant study.
Henry: As the control group?

— Henry and Katie

Updates and speculation on Eric Sheffer Stevens’s ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’

We have a daughter – and her “look” raises some interesting questions…Meanwhile, there are three uncast parts – one of which could be a good sign for Eric’s airtime. Plus some insight into 4:30 of the pilot script and a really interesting post from one of the casting directors. All after the jump…

Updated: 18 Mar 2011, 9.23pm GMT: Three more roles cast. Updates at the end of the post.

Updated: 20 Mar 2011, 4.09am GMT: Jack Gutierrez has been cast and is confirmed as Matt’s (Eric’s character’s) brother, AND his ex-wife’s (Annie’s) love interest. Ewww….sounds like the plot of a bad soap opera….

‘Mean girls’ Sophie and Mackenzie have been cast

Casting for the parts of the daughters, I believe, has been going on for some time (perhaps since January), so I wondered why they hadn’t been announced. A protective, LuRe-loving part of me secretly hoped that the delay was because Eric’s audition was so awesome, they were reconsidering what they were going to do with the ethnicity of Eric’s character (who, judging by the character’s name of Matt Gutierrez was intended to be visibly Hispanic). As of today, both daughters HAVE been cast, as was silently reported on The Futon Critic.

The part of Eric’s daughter, Sophie, will be played by Kristi Lauren. Interestingly, her headshot definitely does NOT look stereotypically half-Hispanic. And oddly enough, she bears a basic resemblance to be the daughter of Eric and on-screen mom, Jaime Pressly.

 image  image  image

In the meantime, Katie Finneran’s daughter, Mackenzie, will be played by Aisha Dee.

 image image

Hmmm…interesting. Wonder what dad looks like?!

FYI, there are some interesting things to note about the parts of the daughters. TVshowauditions.info published Warner Brothers Television’s (the producers of I Hate My Teenage Daughter) initial casting call seeking actresses to play at least one of the daughters in Daughter":

The VP of casting for Warner Bros. Television in New York is currently conducting general auditions for teen girls to contend for series regulars on various upcoming Warner Bros. Television pilots….

Here is a partial list of upcoming Warner Bros. Television series pilots in development for 2011:

"I Hate My Teenage Daughter" – Primetime Emmy Award winning writer/producer Sherry Bilsing-Graham’s and Ellen Kreamer’s show about two women who now have daughters just like the girls who picked on them in high school. To air on FOX….

Warner Bros. Television’s Vice President of Casting, Meg Simon, is specifically seeking the following:

  • Females
  • Teens ages 13 – 18
  • Strikingly pretty
  • Fantastic sense of humor
  • Acting skills at level to be cast as series regulars

If you fit the above description, submit a headshot and resume along with either your contact information, or your talent agents contact information to:

Warner Bros. Television
VP of Casting – Meg Simon
1325 Avenue of the Americas
32nd Floor
New York, NY 10019.

Okay, aside from the fact that the “strikingly pretty” comment made the feminist part of me want to gag, I found it interesting (in a sensible way) because it (the fact that they were much later to be announced) suggested they wanted to cast the leads (the moms) and even Eric before they filled these roles.

Sneak peak at the pilot script? part 1

On YouTube, there are several young actresses who have posted what appear to be online audition tapes. I don’t know why they have been posted – if they were posted before auditions to get an audition, if the casting directors actually saw these clips because they were submitted remotely, or afterwards to convince the casting directors to pick them, or for other casting directors to show what kinds of things they’ve been put up for. They’re just there, for what they’re worth.

I’m not going to post a link to the videos because the actresses are minors, so I’d prefer not to all of a sudden send dozens of hits from this site. Yes, they’d figure out why we’re all visiting, but I don’t want them to be weirded out by a potential stalker before they figure that out.

But, at any rate, if you go to YouTube, and search on “I Hate My Teenage Daughter,” you should find several. One of them describes the character of Sophie, Eric’s on-screen daughter, as:

SOPHIE GUTIERREZ] half Caucasian and half Hispanic Female, 13-16; 14 years old, , Sophie is the daughter of divorced parents Annie and Matt, but she lives with her mother. Sophie is intelligent and sharp, but since she has become a teenager she’s become a "Mean Girl" at school. While Sophie is embarrassed that her mother has to work at a coffee shop and mocks her mother at every opportunity, deep inside she is still a young girl who needs her mom.

Most interesting for me was the fact that it includes 4 minutes of what I would assume is part of the pilot script (or at least an early version of it).

Script sneak peek? part 2

There appear to be at least three additional characters to be cast. These include Jane (who sounds like she’s Annie Watson’s on-screen friend, given the audition clip posted on YouTube):

Could not parse XML from YouTube

The actress appears to work at the coffee shop with Annie and the casting sounds ethnic-specific as the prompter says something about a Korean girl calling in sick, to which Jane replies that she’s Chinese. So somehow this cast appears to be the politically correct perfect blend, with the Hispanic Gutierrezes, Asian Jane, and the Mackenzie Miller (referred to as “Kenz” for short, on one of the YouTube clips, I think), and her onscreen dad, possibly being Black.

Jane’s part appears to be 30 seconds, and Sophie’s clip is almost 4 minutes. According to Wiki, a typical American sitcom runs 22 minutes.  So, with 4-1/2 of those minutes already accounted for, we know that Eric will be in a maximum of 17-1/2 minutes!

More connections for Matt?

The last part whose casting has yet to be announced (though I would think they must know already – they’re filming in two weeks!), according The Futon Critic is Jack Gutierrez.

I think Jack is particularly interesting because it means Eric’s character, Matt Gutierrez, has at least one other on-screen connection. That’s a good thing for Eric fans since it means there’s another character for him to have an excuse to interact with. We know from our Reid Oliver experience that more connections = more screen time/excuse to stick around. So let’s hope this is a good sign.

I initially thought “brother” but on second thought, I decided I’d put my money on a son. So this would be Annie’s son, too, and Sophie’s brother. And I would guess bratty, annoying younger brother would be the most typically overused and provide a good setup for comical scenes (somehow “older teenage brother” doesn’t sound like it has as many comedic advantages).

ETA: I obviously should have stuck to my first thought! Writes TheFutonCritic.com:

Kevin Rahm, Chad Coleman, Rosa Blasi, Kristi Lauren and Aisha Dee have all boarded the comedy pilot, about two divorced women – Annie Watson (Jaime Pressly) and Nikki Miller (Katie Finneran) – who now have daughters just like the girls who picked on them in high school. Lauren and Dee will play said girls, Sophie and Mackenzie, respectively. Coleman then is set as Gary ("a great looking African-American man"), Mackenzie’s father and Nikki’s ex; while Rahm will play Jack, a love interest for Annie – who also happens to be her ex Matt’s (Eric Sheffer Stevens) brother/Sophie’s uncle. And finally, Blasi will guest as Deanna Dunbar ("a typical Texas beauty who is always smiling, even as she says mean and rude things"), the principal at the girls’ high school.

Deanna sounds like the Jane audition reel (especially given the accent on the YouTube clip). Knowing that she’s a high school principal, the audition reel makes me think of Sandra Oh’s Vice Principal Gupta in The Princess Diaries (which starred Anne Hathaway)….with an accent.

Random thoughts

The last uncast part on The Futon Critic is a guy named Gary with no last name. I would guess Gary is Nikki Miller’s husband as the short description of the show doesn’t say “two divorcees”, and they still share a last name (and they didn’t club us dumb viewers over the head with “they’re divorced – that’s why they have different last names). I would think having one married and one divorced would give them more interesting storyline options than two divorced. I previously thought that Gary will likely be played as a buddy for the moms, or Nikki Miller’s (Katie Finneran’s character) as we have Jane for Annie. But upon second look, this seems much more likely. We’ll see how far off I am soon!

Another good thing for Eric is that the two leads include a Tony winner (Katie) and an Emmy winner (Jaime). Their supporting cast would need to be good enough to go toe-to-toe with them, and we know Eric can do that in spades! Wrote TelevisionWithoutPity (TWoP):

First she wins a Tony award and now she wins a lead on FOX’s I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Katie Finneran plays Nikki, a Mom raising a daughter who acts just like the bullies she faced in high school. Will Katie Finneran enchant us the way she recently did on Broadway with Sean Hayes in Promises, Promises? Chances are likely.

As reported in Variety, Glenda Rovello, a production designer who has worked on The Ellen Show pilot and The New Adventures of Old Christine with Andy Ackerman, and Will and Grace has signed on to do Daughter.

For any aspiring actors out there (or anyone interested in the craft of television-making)

Last, FYI, the East Coast casting was handled by Warner directly (per the teens casting call above, but LA casting was done by Zane/Pillsbury Casting of LA. Among other projects, they are listed as handling an casting for Pretty Little Liars, and an “untitled Michael Sardo project” starring Jeffrey Nordling and The Matrix’s Carrie-Anne Moss.

For anyone interested in acting or the television-making process, there is a great interview with Gayle Pillsbury talking about everything from what she looks for in a headshot, to interview pet peeves and getting an agent. Definitely worth a read.

Still more casting news


Kevin Rahm and Chad Coleman (The Green Hornet) have been added to the Fox comedy pilot I Hate My Teenage Daughter. The multicamera project centers on two divorced mothers, Nikki (Katie Finneran) and Annie (Jaime Pressly), who must raise daughters who are exactly like the girls who picked on them in high school. Rahm, repped by Gersh and Forward, will play a potential love interest for Annie. Coleman, repped by TalentWorks and Vanguard, will play Nikki’s ex-husband. Also cast in the pilot in a guest-starring role is Rosa Blasi. She is with Bresler Kelly and Roklin Luber.

Since Kevin Rahm is playing an unnamed love interest for Annie, my money would be on Gary. Interestingly, he bears a basic physical resemblance (e.g., what you might tell a police sketch artist) to Eric, so maybe Annie has a thing for guys with brown curly hair.

Interesting that Chad is Nikki’s ex-husband, not her current. So two divorcees, eh? Sounds like a set-up for “my ex-husband was so…” jokes. ;/

The last person mentioned is Rosa Blasi. Various sites list her as hispanic/Italian and Irish. She has a very exotic look to her, so she could still be Jane. More when I hear about it.

ETA: All this is resolved as of the March 20th update from Futon Critic. Kevin Rahm’s character is Jack Gutierrez – Annie’s love interest AND Matt’s brother. Chad Coleman’s character is Gary Miller, Nikki’s ex-husband.

Kevin Rahm PictureRosa Blasi Picture

As of 20th March, the cast list shows as complete on TheFutonCritic’s show tracking page. And a good thing, too, given that they film in 11 days!

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  1. eric sheffer stevens is amazing actor he is my love of my life and my frutcher husband

  2. bowie says:

    On twitter yesterday, there was an actress saying that she was excited to join the cast of “I Hate My Teenage Daughter.” Her name was Rosa Blasi. I really don’t know the accuracy of this information, but if she has joined the cast, couldn’t she be the friend?

  3. i’m with you on this, i think ESS blew them away in the audition & they redid who would play his daughter, they could even probably change their last name on the show since it’s not taped yet. it happens all the time on shows, they have a premise of what they want but an actor who is clearly better than anybody else auditions & instead of not hiring them because of the character description they change the description of the character.

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