Henry: He is not a nice guy! He is rude, and he is snide. He’s so conceited!
Katie: Okay, he’s not all warm and fuzzy. And on the outside, he’s a little cold.
Henry: Try heartless.
Katie: He’s driven.
Henry: He’s a monomaniac.
Katie: He’s focused. That’s why he’s a good doctor.
Henry: He is focused! He’s focused on himself all the time.

— Katie and Henry

I Can’t | Another milestone kiss

Things have been so busy lately I haven’t had much time for fandom activities. But I couldn’t let today pass without observing that it’s the one-year anniversary of Noah’s surgery…which means it’s also the one year anniversary of the THE KISS (#2/3, if you’re counting). The scorching hot, hair-pulling, lights extinguishing and hair-drying kiss that took place over the May 5th and 6th episodes. *thud*

So, for your viewing enjoyment, I present (courtesy of The Reid Oliver Story, Parts 42-44):

[tubepress video=zQuSJePF2qM title=false description=false]

[tubepress video=XwBvuz1x-WI title=false description=false]

[tubepress video=IJTLQ_oXVfE title=false description=false]

I know this isn’t the episode Eric said he was going to submit, but gee, it’s awfully good. Emmy noms in less than a week.

Fingers crossed!

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