Reid: Let’s be clear, Mr. Mayer. I’m not your friend, and I’m not your shrink.
Noah: Right. I know that.
Reid: When those lines get crossed, things get messy. I don’t like messes. Clean up yours or find another surgeon.

— Reid and Noah

FanFic reminder | Luke and Reid from Mona Cross’s point of view

Dutch fans of ATWT are right in the middle of the Mona Cross/Invicta arc right now. Yesterday’s episode originally aired in the US on 30th June. For those interested in the major continuity issues between yesterday’s episode and the next one with Lure (a painfully long two-week wait away), it may be helpful to recall that the 30th June episode was the last one filmed before Van took a month off to film Occupant, and the one that airs in two weeks was the first one upon his return.

Either the writing staff changed direction during Van’s absence, or the writers don’t bother checking continuity with episodes more than a few days’ back.

At any rate, over on the LRO fan forum, there was, naturally an episode discussion going on. A couple of members started joking about Mona Cross having the hots for Reid – and I thought, "well gee, what if….?”

The next thing I knew, I’d (relatively briefly) abandoned Simple Gifts to write about Mona. The first several chapters (1-4 or so) were written while the middle episodes of the show were playing out, and the last couple were posted just after the last episode. (And yes, I am still working on Simple Gifts!).

So, for anyone interested in an alternative take on the storyline (all written to be plausibly within canon), I hope you’ll check out my fan fiction, Caught in the Cross-Fire.

Each chapter corresponds more or less to one of the episodes of ATWT (I’ve tried to include a few bits from each episode to make it recognizable without spoiling the story for those who haven’t seen them yet).

Chapter 1 – (corresponds to the episode that originally aired on 9th June 2010), featuring Bob, Luke, Reid, Noah, and Mona at the Lakeview (“the little hospital that could”, “a guy whose ex can pulverize me”)

Chapter 2 – (17th June) Bob, Kim, Luke, Reid, and Mona at Memorial (“I thought we’d start in pediatrics”, “not the easiest guy to deal with”, “I am making your choice for you”)

Chapter 3 – (22nd June) Bob, Luke, Reid, and Mona back at the Lakeview, plus some Reid with Katie (“Reid is clinical, mine is personal”, “welcome to the human race”, “that was my last meeting”)

Chapter 4 – between-episode filler (there was also an episode on 23rd June, but Mona wasn’t in that one, so this chapter covers what she was doing while Luke and Reid were going about their business).

Chapter 5 – (30th June) Bob, Luke, and Mona at the Lakeview, plus some Bob and Reid at Yo’s (“don’t let him get away”, “can I tell you a secret?”)

Chapter 6 – (14th July) Bob and Mona at the Lakeview, later with Reid and Luke (“will you move already?”, “another unqualified candidate”, “you followed me?”, “we’ll wait in the lobby”, “better get used to interruptions”, “I could never be you”)

Hope you like it!


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