You really think you’re endearing yourself to me, Mr. Snyder? Or should I say Mr. Grimaldi? Yeah, God bless the internet. Your family’s reputation precedes you, though I got to say you’re beginning to do it justice. First you offer money, and if that doesn’t work, you move on to blackmail and bullying.

— Reid (to Luke)

FanFic Update | Simple Gifts Chapter 30: You Sure?

So, now that they’re talking, what will the boys actually say to each other?

Chapter 30: You Sure?

In case you want to back up a few chapters, you can start at:

Chapter 28: Shreve Crump & Low

Chapter 29: Love Two, Cynicism Zip

If you want the complete Cliff Notes for the story to date, spoilers for Chapters 1-29 contained below:

[spoiler]The entire story’s action so far has taken place in December 2010 (starting with Christmas day) and early January 2011. However, there is extensive use of flashbacks to both canon, made-up scenes both pre- and post-Reid, as well as hybrids. It goes off canon roughly in early August. The story begins at Christmas time when Reid gives Luke a trip to a four-week writer’s retreat in Iowa.

Yes, the boys have made love – of COURSE. I think I know when their first time was, but that flashback has not been played out yet. Yes, they have said “I love you” (chapter 12 Tuesday at Al’s). The boys progressed slowly (per canon) through the summer, dated/had a serious relationship in the autumn, and moved in together in November. When Noah called a few days ago, Luke more or less told him to go stuff it.

Noah left for USC film school in July; there was a Mona Cross arc; Reid is NOT Chief of Staff – Chris is (I definitely know why, but this has not been revealed yet), and Chris’s heart is (and always has been and will be) just fine, thank you very much. Barbara and Henry are together, and Chris and Katie are engaged (Reid is to be "maid" of honor). Luke and Reid have been working together on the surgical wing project (not just neuro).

As of Chapter 30, Luke has now been away for just over two weeks. Fate has conspired to keep the boys from speaking now for 2-1/2 days, giving Reid plenty of time to over-react. In Chapter 28, Luke received a mysterious package identified by annoying classmate Bradley as being from a high-class Boston jeweler, giving Luke plenty of fodder for overreaction.

Now that Luke knows it’s a silver spoon from Reid, and Reid has returned his call, what will they say to each other?


Or, start from the beginning….

Simple Gifts: A Luke and Reid Fanfiction

Train? What train. Following their first Christmas together, Luke and Reid embark on journeys of self-discovery. Can two simple gifts lead to a happily ever after?



Extended author’s notes will be posted probably after the next chapter (depending on how that one plays out). As always, thanks for reading. Feedback appreciated.

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