Damian: You said he doesn’t want to take the case.
Luke: He said it ‘bored him.’
Damian: That’s new.

— Damian and Luke

Episode LiveBlog | 26 August 2010

10.48pm GMT/5.48pm EDT

And the complete episode clips from ADL. Part 1:

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And part 2:

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8.16pm GMT/3.16pm EDT

From the incomparable smuchshypush, the KISS:

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7.48pm GMT/2.48pm EDT

Katie arrives and asks Was that Chris?  Luke covers for him saying he had to check in on a patient. Katie buys it?!

Katie and Luke agree “If what you have is special it’s worth it.” A nurse comes to tell Luke that “Dr Oliver is in the on-call room and you can go in.”

Luke tells Reid that “Chris is in a room down the hall pumping himself full of O2 so he doesn’t pass out.” I think Reid mutters something about strangling him and being frustrated about what to do.

Katie checks on Chris, and a nurse says he’s not officially in. Reid picks up the phone and calls John Dixon!

Will and Gwen return to Fairwinds and Pem relate their discussion with Benry. Barbara telling how Henry is nothing like James. Henry withdraws his marriage proposal?

Previews: Live stream terrible. Pem saying Benry are getting married today. Katie calling Chris out on thing not adding up.  Not sure if I missed any clips…

Dinner time  here. Will post YouTube URLs as soon as they are available.

7.41pm GMT/2.41pm EDT

Will and Parker saying goodbye. Henry yelling at Paul. Paul babbling about “why now? what’s the rush"?” Paul saying shouldn’t you wait.

Will and Gwen looking at a photo of Will and Hal. Will worried about Barbara given her track record – why does she need a man to make her happy…and he’s half her age. Gwen tells him Henry’s not a user like Craig or James and that Will doesn’t need to worry about her. “Are you saying now that you’ve cut the cord with your dysfunctional mom that it’s my turn?” asks Will.

Luke and Reid arrive at the hospital. Reid goes off to do his rounds and they’ll grab a bite afterwards if Luke waits. Chris shows up looking like hell and Luke (obviously!) offers to get a nurse. Chris says no so now he has Luke freakin’ covering for him as well. Chris stumbles off telling Luke to deflect Katie; Luke gets that “humpf” look in his eyes.

Oh frak. Luke and Reid had better get another chance before this heart condition becomes serious….

Commercial break.

7.30pm GMT/2.30pm EDT

More Benry. Henry completely insulted that Paul would “invoke” James when Barbara is finally happy – calls him “your father’s son.”

Will stops by to visit Parker and calls him little brother – forgot they were related. Glad they acknowledged the relationship. I think they just acknowledged Hal!  Nice nod to the past. Parker jokes about having Henry for a dad (and being able to get some clothes tips).

YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Another scene where I was too mesmerized and there was too much goodness to capture it. My heart rate is definitely up in the 140bpm range!

Reid talking about how you can make these attachments and live with it and not get hurt. Luke looking sympathetic. Awww…. Asks if Reid will survive.

Reid drops the epic – take care of that kidney – if I’m going to put myself out there and fall in love with you. Luke asks if he’s planning on falling in love with him. Reid says no – it’s not something you plan on, it just happens. Then he realizes what he said and chuckles sheepishly.

Oh yeah – almost forgot – he says something about feeling powerless – since when was he powerless? This is what leads to….

Luke beaming. My mind is a blank trying to recall what happened next as all I can recall is that they share a steamy kiss and actually fall to the couch! Hooray their first non-standing kiss. And of course, Reid jumps up and says Ouch!  He’s sat down on Jacob’s rattle. Grrr…..

Then they agree it’s probably the wrong place and time and that they definitely want to take our time. Reid says “you probably want candlelight” or something like that. I think Luke says all he needs is a bed and some privacy!  They agree that this is “To be continued.” And of course Reid needs to go to work.

Chris gloating to be mistaken for Mr Peretti and then collapses (who cares).

Commercial break.

7.19pm GMT/2.19pm EDT

Emily is thrilled at the announcement since it will get Barbara out of her hair. Paul is freaked out now that is not a fling. Paul essentially calls Henry flakey – you go back and forth with women, “you’re in and out of heels….” Will looks like he’s gonna barf and leaves.

Reid asks the dumbest question on earth: “Why did you sleep with Katie?” Chris says because he’s crazy about her. Reid says she’s crazy about him too. Then the scene from preview clip about Chris not beating it and upping his meds plays.

Luke shows up! To warn Reid that Chris is on the warpath, presumably, as Reid opens the door and Luke says “too late.”

Foo. We get 45 seconds of Lure and it’s back to Will and Gwen. Grr….

Chris and Reid having the same old argument about seeing a cardiologist. It’s hot and humid out. Reid says bad weather for someone with a heart condition. Chris now flat out lies and says good thing we’re all young and fit. Then Reid mumbles about Chris (sounds like the setup to the falling in love with you clip…)

Benry and Pem. Paul claims anything connected to James including Henry is cursed.

Commercial break. If you haven’t checked out https://www.firstgiving.com/ericshefferstevens, give it a chance.

7.08pm GMT/2.08pm EDT

Paul, Will, Emily and Gwen grossed out by “my brother is bumping uglies with my mother.” (at least that’s what it sounded like!).  Pem kissy faces.

Luke tells Chris what he knows. Chris makes a face and Luke says “Reid and I are together. “ Then my internet fritzes.  Luke confirms Reid has only told him and no one else.

Reid trying to tell Katie Chris is the wrong guy without sounding like a prick (“because he’s your rival for COS and you don’t like him”) and without giving away Chris’s secret. “There are things you don’t know about him.” Katie is skeptical.

Chris shows up and Katie tells him about the toothbrush. Chris asks Reid while he told Luke.

Benry arrive at Fairwinds and Henry declares that he is madly in love with Barbara. Then announce their engagement, and the four young ‘uns look like somebody just told them there is no Santa Claus….and that’s news to them.

Commercial break.  Livestream really sucks today.

7.00pm GMT/2.00pm EDT

Pre-credits.  Reid confronting Katie asking who used his toothbrush since it wasn’t Jacob. Reid, being as anal as we all knew he would be knows this because it was in the right slot facing right and he always leaves his in the left slot facing left.  Katie says Chris must have used it by accident (!) – ewwww…..! Reid asks if that means they’re sleeping together. Then a combination of noisy toddler and an internet crash occurred preventing me from continuing. Trying to get back online.

Sounds like there was a scene where Luke (in a baseball shirt) confronts Chris about putting Reid in a bad position. Sorry, missed it myself so going off Facebook reports on that one.

Benry PDAs.

Here we go….

Commercial break.
Thursday, August 26 5.22pm GMT/12.22pm EDT

About 100 minutes and counting.  Here are the livestream links (if anyone has found additional ones, let me know and I will add to the Where to Watch Luke and Reid page:

In the meantime, after three days with no internet, and nearly two with no phone service, I feel like I’m back in the digital age. Even better, my husband found my dear iPod.  Life is good on a LuresDay.

In the meantime, repeating my mantra: I must not obsess over Luke and Reid before the episode. I must not….

Eh, who am I kidding.  I just need to be productive while I obsess! Stay tuned…

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 8.38pm GMT/3.38pm EDT

New clips in the preview for tomorrow, but just of Reid and Chris, thanks to bombayhighway.

[tubepress video=sTbh8j-RQ3U description=false title=false]

Plus the epic Luke and Reid preview for this week, courtesy of happyinchintz72.

[tubepress video=E63EFxebOSE description=false title=false]

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  1. arorua01 says:

    I find that it also took quite a long time for Luke and Reid to build up their relationship. But this time one thing is importantly different. Their relationship is a healthy one which looks real. You won’t need mark it a “gay relationship”. There is nothing special in some sense. This is the just a pure natural love that two persons have for each other.

  2. tLuRefan says:

    Great blog for yesterday’s show 🙂

    I missed it LIVE because of a job interview. Can’t think of anything to say but WOW and EPIC!!! LuRe is just beyond amazing! I fall in love with them more with every scene they’re in.

    Van and Eric…brilliant! The LuRe lovestory is beautiful!

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