Don’t tell me that Jacob is just a baby. It just means that he’s too young to worry about it. Give him a kiss. Give him his teddy bear. Get over yourself. See? That wasn’t so hard.

— Reid (to Katie)

FanFic | Caught in the Cross-Fire

Caught in the Cross-Fire on

ETA 21 Jan 2011: I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before, but for whatever reason, my two fluffy, lightweight fanfics (Cross-Fire and Ode) both do really well on search engines, and the AU one that I’m actually pouring my heart and soul into, that I hope everyone who loves Luke and Reid will read (Simple Gifts) doesn’t. So I’m cross-posting the link to Simple Gifts here.

This is the brief summary: Train? What train? Following their first Christmas together, Luke and Reid embark on journeys of self-discovery. Can two simple gifts lead to a happily ever after? Shamelessly romantic, with a sense of humor. Rated T for strong language & fluffy innuendo.

If you’re looking for Luke and Reid fanfic, and are willing to read ongoing , multi-chapter serials, I hope that you’ll give it a try.

Thanks -LL

Simple Gifts, A Luke and Reid Love Story: Chapter 1

Simple Gifts | Chapter 1-6 Author’s Notes

Now back to Caught in the Cross-Fire….

Rating: T (language and innuendo)

Genre: Humor/Romance

Word Count: 21,000+

Disclaimer: Telenext, P&G, blah blah blah. I’m just reveling in the opportunity to live in Luke and Reid’s universe.

Warnings: None really needed- (unless hetero drooling isn’t your cup of tea) ;)

Summary: A Luke and Reid fanfic – from Mona Cross’s POV. Mona has a soft spot for Reid, and Bob notices. Hilarity (I hope) ensues. Thanks to Randy and BlueMirror133 for the inspiration and a shout-out to snicks (who else?) who gets credit for the title! Fluffy and campy, but also a little deeper. A cross between canon/AU/missing scene fanfic. A short (for me) multi-chapter adventure that fills in the blanks between episodes and tries to explain some of the inconsistencies. Written and published during/immediately after the Mona Cross arc in June/early July. Another case of an idea dying to get out jumping to the front of the creative queue. Then I promise I’ll get back to Simple Gifts!

[spoiler name=A/N]

In the meantime, a few thoughts on this story. As I mentioned, this all started with an aside on one of the spoiler threads. A picture of Mona fawning over Reid (and in particular, the footsie scene) popped into my head and begged to be told. The way it played out in my head, it was just too funny to pass up (though it was much funnier in my head than I could manage without going completely OOC/AU).

But once I started writing, I realized that the scene that were so vivid in my head really had to be pretty brief – there is no way Reid Oliver would put up with many of Mona’s come-ons, even if he had made a commitment to Bob not to blow the deal. So I started looking at the transcripts and once I got started, it became a good foundation for the rest of the story.

By the time I got most of the way through chapter three (I hadn’t posted anything yet), I thought: “There’s no way anyone’s actually gonna read this: it’s all from Mona’s POV and there are no PDAs! I must be nuts writing this one and keeping Luke and Reid in different states for another.”  Just shows that we fanfic writers owe a lot to TPTB for the complete lack of airtime and the desperate LuRe fans that have resulted.

The Invicta plotline was always obvious – even from the spoilers, it was pretty clear Bob was eventually going to tell Mona to take a hike, though it wasn’t clear at first that Luke and Reid would both retain their positions. But despite the obvious ending, this fanfic evolved wildly unpredictably. I had absolutely no idea that the story would end up where it did. Mona started off as a funny, throwaway character in my mind. So her evolution is to a large extent as much a surprise to me as anyone else.

Thank you again for everyone who has left feedback here and on It is very much appreciated and definitely informs my LuRe thinking and writing – both in this fic and elsewhere. And thanks to limeybird and respiratoryatgirl at LRO for the “Dr McSexy” reminder


Mona Cross was in a good mood. During the three-hour drive from Chicago to Oakdale, with Destiny Child’s Independent Women blaring on the Bose speakers in her new BMW, the sunroof wide open, singing at the top of her ten years of toiling behind the scenes at Invicta, only to see her less-deserving male colleagues get all the credit for her ideas, she was finally going to get her chance.

She had scoured the country for independent hospitals, ripe for the picking. Much to her surprise, the best candidate was practically right in her own backyard in nearby Oakdale. Oakdale Memorial had been run for decades by local physicians. Memorial had been run for the last umpteen years by one Robert William Hughes – or Bob, as he was more commonly known. Bob appeared to be a competent manager, but an uncreative one – things at Memorial did not appear to have changed for decades – until 2010.

Mona had asked her assistant – not only a hottie, but a technowhiz in his spare time – to put together a search bot to flag news about major developments in the hospital industry…and Memorial’s new Snyder Pavilion project had been caught in the snare. Somehow Bob Hughes – dull as dishwater Bob Hughes – had managed not only to raise the funding to build a state-of-the-art surgical facility, but he had somehow convinced prominent neurosurgeon Reid Oliver to leave University Hospital in Dallas to run the new wing….

Read more…

Feedback via as well as comments here appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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  3. janet walters says:

    I loved this story. I laughed, and cried, again and again. What can I say, “pure genius”.

  4. CSI-Fan3 says:

    Oh, this was an amazing story! I really loved this!

    I was wondering, what was the song that you used at the end?

    But once again, very good story!

    • lovelure says:

      The song is called “I’m Not That Girl” and it’s from the Wicked soundtrack (though of course, in the original lyrics, the singer is lamenting that another girl has been chosen over her. I first saw Idina Menzel (who originated the role of Elphaba) perform it live in London’s West End when I was seven months pregnant and (more than) a little emotional; it was one of a few songs from from the show that had me in tears.

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