Henry: No, I — not technically I don’t live — I don’t get my mail here. But, uh, I’m here a lot. I’m actually here almost all the time. I have my own key.
Reid: So do I. And I will be getting my mail here.

— Henry and Reid

It’s Almost LuResDay! – July 26th Edition

Sunday, July 25, 10.34pm EDT

….And ABOUT TIME it is!

I am going to try to liveblog tomorrow’s episode, and also the Eric Sheffer Stevens internet radio interview which takes place an hour after the episode at 4pm EST. So if you’re not too busy watching the episode live (or even if you are), stop by for a visit!

Thanks to the ESS Crew, we also have a third live stream option: TVPC.

Also, WeLoveSoaps tweeted on July 21st that they taped an interview with Eric, which they subsequently tweeted should air between Sunday evening and Tuesday. No updates since, but I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything…

Monday, July 26, 8.22am EDT

It’s LuResDay! My very first in the US. My first opportunity to watch LuRe on a screen larger than 3″ diameter (assuming I can fend off the insults of my mostly liberal but over-educated and TV & soap-dissing in-laws long enough to have an hour’s peace – I’m comparably mostly liberal and over-educated, but grew up watching soaps, and old habits die hard!).

One thing I started to notice during this most recent gap is not only do their actions/words mirror each other, but their facial expressions also mimic each other in scenes. I noticed this while watching (shameless plug) my Want To fanvid. The scene that caught my eye (this time) is from the May 20th episode, where Luke takes Noah outside to talk, and Noah sees the rock (!) prompting a killer headache and a trip back to see the good doc:

From the Sneak Peek for today’s episode, Monday, 26th July. Luke tells Reid he’s happy to have coffee with him when he can talk to someone without making them cry or want to kill him.

Post-Pond Luke

Luke tries to hide how excited he is to see Reid.

Post-Pond Reid

Reid tries to hide how excited he is to see Luke.

I noticed this in today’s Sneak Peek as well.  If you haven’t seen the very funny clip yet, take a peek here (courtesy of AnthonyDLangford)…

Could not parse XML from YouTube

Monday, 26th July, 9.26am EDT

The clock on my laptop (set to GMT) now reads 2.27pm – which means we must be within five hours of airtime! In the meantime, here are the mirrored images from today’s clip:

July 26 Luke - Have Coffee When

Luke frowns at Reid b/c he's bewildered at Reid's complete lack of people skills.

July 26 Reid - Have Coffee When

Reid frowns at Luke b/c he's bewildered that Luke is bewildered.

To me, they looked even more similar when played full-speed, but I took the screencaps from YouTube (plus I had it set on GIF by mistake, that’s why the super-lousy quality), which has even more primitive stop-action capabilities than WMV, so this is as close as I could get…for now.

Monday, 26th July, 11:04am EDT

T minus 3 hours and counting!

Happy birthday to Kathryn Hays (Kim Hughes) who is 77 years young today! Should we all look so good at 77!

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