Reid: I don’t envy you.
Luke: What are you talking about?
Reid: Well, it must have been pretty tough, dealing with your father’s condition, especially for somebody who’s as impatient as you are.

— Reid and Luke

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Body of Proof: Broken Home | Where to Watch on Tuesday, 17th May

The season finale of Body of Proof is scheduled to air this coming Tuesday, 17th May, at 10pm Eastern Time. This episode of the Dana Delaney procedural guest stars Eric Sheffer Stevens and Jill Eikenberry. For those of you outside the US, or away from a television at time of broadcast, be watched on live-stream […]

2011 Daytime Emmy Nomination Predictions | Best Supporting Actor

Not much has been written since the pre-noms were announced for the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. But official nominees are due to be announced this Wednesday, May 11th, and based on the Daytime Emmy’s home page, all is proceeding according to schedule. A few people have gone out on a limb to make their […]

I Can’t | Another milestone kiss

Things have been so busy lately I haven’t had much time for fandom activities. But I couldn’t let today pass without observing that it’s the one-year anniversary of Noah’s surgery…which means it’s also the one year anniversary of the THE KISS (#2/3, if you’re counting). The scorching hot, hair-pulling, lights extinguishing and hair-drying kiss that […]

Kiss #1: It was 365 days ago, today

Can you believe it was exactly one full year ago today that Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder melted hearts with a little kiss. Oh yeah, and Dr. Oliver finally called Mr. Snyder “Luke”…and all bets were off. Unrelated reminder for NYC area fans Not sure if I’ll have time to do another post, so I’m […]

‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter pilot filming, 31 March 2011 | Mostly fangirling for Eric Sheffer Stevens…plus recaps :)

Hi everyone! There are several fans who have been active in the Luke/Reid/Van/Eric fandom who were lucky enough to attend yesterday’s filming of the pilot for FOX’s new sitcom, I Hate My Teenage Daughter. I’ve seen a few fan forum postings, and am trying to secure permission to republish them here as they are not […]