Henry: Don’t you remember that doctor in England, the one that turned out to be a serial killer?
Reid: Harold Shipman. I examined his brain as part of a neurological study into the origins of evil. Don’t worry. I haven’t used what I learned to kill anyone – yet.

— Henry and Reid

Luke and Reid arrive on screens in Holland, PaleyFest/FOX Fall TV Preview Parties featuring IHMTD, a link to the Paley Center (August 2010) Farewell to ATWT

A couple of quickies. I got a big laugh out of this: it looks like Luke and Reid have finally arrived on RTL in the Netherlands. The views on my YouTube channel have been very steady since late January (when I posted the Utrecht/Van Hansis “kiss” video and the Martha Byrne/‘Find My Way Back’ music video. But lo and behold, check out this pattern:

YouTube 2011

I had a pretty good guess what could account for this (and Janet on the ESS.com forum confirms the “Lilypad shove” episode just aired, but just because I couldn’t resist, I took a closer look.

YouTube Hits in August 2011 NL

If you look at the little hill on the left, the low point is August 18. On August 19th, the absolutely hilarious episode where Chris turns up (not so hilarious) but Reid tells Henry that he’s gay aired and the views started to climb. On August 22nd, the episode where Katie and Reid say goodbye in Old Town (and Luke absolutely cannot tear his eyes away) aired, and the peak occurs on August 26th – the day after the “tense moment” shove at the Lilypad (“I’m warning you, Mr. Snyder….”).

So, just couldn’t resist the chance to squee with our fellow soon-to-be LuRians. Can’t wait until they get a chance to see the Dallas episodes (still about a month to go)! 🙂

How to get free tickets to the Paley Center’s FOX Preview Party in LA (featuring I Hate My Teenage Daughter) plus a link to the Paley Center (August 2010, New York)’s Farewell to As the World Turns which features Van Hansis among the celebrity panel, as well as a couple of pretty darned good (if I do say so myself!) screencaps from that video that I haven’t seen previously – all after the jump….

FOX Preview Party at the Paley Center (Los Angeles) featuring I Hate My Teenage Daughter

In the meantime, another shout-out to the ESS.com forum where a member reports that the Paley Center is screening new shows from FOX, including the new ESS comedy, I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Tickets are FREE and a link to GiveMeMyRemote.com was provided.

If you follow the link, it takes you to a page which explains:

Paley Center is hosting their annual Fall TV Preview party, where you can see some of the stars from the biggest shows of the season, get some food, watch some good TV….oh yeah, and it’s all free!

Take a look at the schedule below and find out how you can score tickets!

FOX 9/12: New Girl, Allen Gregory, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, The X Factor, Terra Nova

Doors open at 6 pm (unless noted)

Head to PaleyCenter.org right now to get your free passes!

For anyone interested, GiveMeMyRemote.com also gives dates for the CW, CBS, NBC, and ABC Previews (all taking place between 6th and 10th September, inclusive). Another blog notes that “you are asked to RSVP so the center has a head-count of how many people are attending.” and that “there will be talent from each of the networks attending each of these parties – but the names of the talent won’t be announced until later.”

Please note: there is NO GUARANTEE that Eric, or in fact, any of the stars or creative staff affiliated with IHMTD will be present; we only know that it will be “previewed” – and at best it will be the pilot episode since that’s all that will have been filmed. The good news is that they’re filming on September 13th so the cast will all be in LA; the bad news is that they may all be too busy in rehearsals for their first “real” episode!

The Paley Center site referenced above offers more info:

PaleyFest: Fall TV Preview Parties: FOX

Monday, September 12, 2011
5:00 pm PT
Los Angeles

Watch previews of Fox’s new programs: New Girl, Allen Gregory, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, The X Factor, Terra Nova

(Note Early Start Time)
Doors open at 5:00 pm.

5:00 pm Parties Begin
6:00 pm Introductory Panel with Fox stars in person
Screenings Follow

Note: There’s a space for comment, and the page invites gushing as it asks “Which new show are you most excited about?” Can’t imagine what you might want to reply….

Tickets can be reserved on the Paley Center website for the event which will take place:

Monday, September 12 at 5:00PM
at The Paley Center for Media
465 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 91604

At least one ESS fan is attending, so we’re hoping for good news about IHMTD!

The Paley Center (18 August 2010, New York) Farewell to As the World Turns

Incidentally, the Paley Center is a repository for all sorts of interesting videos. I’ve linked to some great interviews on their YouTube channel with cast members from my other obsession, Battlestar Galactica.

I just took a quick look at some of their featured videos. Among those that can be found in their Collection Screening Room player is the Paley Center (New York) Farewell to As the World Turns. I’ve seen excerpts previously, and was vaguely aware that the video was available, but this is the full 1:10:35 video of the New York event (which was attended by a sizable contingent of LuRe fans).

First introduced on the video is Van Hansis and he sits on the panel along with Trent Dawson, Terri Colombino (Conn), Colleen Zenk, Don Hastings, and Eileen Fulton. And oh yeah, head writer and Jean Passanante and Executive Producer Christopher Goutman are also on the panel.

I can’t bookmark the ATWT link, but all the videos are in reverse chronological order, so you should be able to find it by scrolling down. I haven’t had time to watch the whole thing myself, but the moderator asks Van breaking ground with daytime’s “first gay storyline” at about 24:30. Then they ask Jean Passanante about it and the LuRe fans in the audience hurl glass objects on stage….No, they don’t; but I’m sure they gave it serious consideration.

I’ll transcribe at least Van’s part if I ever get around to watching the whole thing…..



(Okay. Shallow alert: Anybody else want to be Van’s microphone?)


P.S. Speaking of Trent Dawson, congratulations to dear old Hank on his real-life engagement!

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