Where did you get the idea I do nice?

— Reid (to Katie)

FanFic Update | Simple Gifts Chapter 17

Okay – it’s been a MUCH longer hiatus than I expected. In fact, it was so long for me, even, that I had to reread the whole thing myself to remember what I’d already covered! Between RL, travel, and the blog, it’s been hard to set aside pockets of more than 15 minutes to work on this. So thank you, everyone, for your patience.

But the latest chapter is now up – and it’s a long one, FWIW – unfortunately, I just couldn’t find a good place to break it. Hopefully it will have been worth the wait?

Partial disclosure: this was a really hard chapter for me to write (especially hard to keep the voice of my Luke in my head while watching the developments over the last couple of weeks). But the next several are ones that write themselves, so now it’s playtime for me!

Chapter 17: Two Weeks

Or, start from the beginning….

Simple Gifts: A Luke and Reid Fanfiction

Train? What train. Following their first Christmas together, Luke and Reid embark on journeys of self-discovery. Can two simple gifts lead to a happily ever after?


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