Luke: You’re standing on some of my papers.
Reid: Am I?

— Luke and Reid

FanFic | An Ode to Luke and Reid – By Dr Seuss

An Ode to Luke and Reid – by Dr Seuss on

ETA 21 Jan 2011: I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before, but for whatever reason, my two fluffy, lightweight fanfics (Cross-Fire and Ode) both do really well on search engines, and the AU one that I’m actually pouring my heart and soul into, that I hope everyone who loves Luke and Reid will read (Simple Gifts) doesn’t. So I’m cross-posting the link to Simple Gifts here.

This is the brief summary: Train? What train? Following their first Christmas together, Luke and Reid embark on journeys of self-discovery. Can two simple gifts lead to a happily ever after? Shamelessly romantic, with a sense of humor. Rated T for strong language & fluffy innuendo.

If you’re looking for Luke and Reid fanfic, and are willing to read ongoing , multi-chapter serials, I hope that you’ll give it a try.

Thanks -LL

Simple Gifts, A Luke and Reid Love Story: Chapter 1

Simple Gifts | Chapter 1-6 Author’s Notes

In the meantime, back to An Ode to Luke and Reid….

Rating: T (lots of explicit innuendo – is that an oxymoron)

Genre: Humor/Romance

Disclaimer: Telenext, P&G, blah blah blah. I’m just reveling in the opportunity to live in Luke and Reid’s universe.

Summary: Updated 11th July and now featuring around 150-200 references (depending on whether you count things like “bottom or top” a nod to LuRe fandom given the large amount of….speculation….on the matter) to scenes and dialogue, or nods to LuRe fandom and Nuke history.

[spoiler name=A/N]UPDATE 23 Oct 2010: This was written during the first couple of weeks of July – so right at the end of the Mona Cross arc and before really getting into the Chief of Staff/Chris’s heart storyline. It was a good time to be a Luke and Reid fan – Noah had been out of the picture for weeks, Luke and Reid acknowledged they were in a relationship, and the flirting was proceeding full-speed ahead. Sigh. How naive we were.[/spoiler]

T-P-T-B, T-P-T-B,
I’m begging you, TPTB.
To show more LuRe on my TV!

Any Luresday’s good by me
As long as my boys, I get to see.
Let Luke and Reid play more chess,
Share caramel lattes, a face caress.
Walk in the park,
Kiss in the dark,
Watch Godfather, parts 2 and 1,
Ride mechanical bulls (because it’s fun),
Eat dinners for two,
Make sandwiches, too,
Drink club soda and iced lemonade,
Have eyesex (the LuRe way, it’s not clichéd)….

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  1. Susan says:

    Episode ratings – Teddy Bears

  2. janet walters says:

    This one was so Mr. McBrainy. Very well thought out. that’s exactly how we feel. Thank you for the laughs.

  3. rosepetal35 says:

    told you the lure atwt on LJ would love your work!! xx

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