Reid: You want to know what my problem is? Ask your buddy Luke.
Noah: When did you see him?
Reid: Oh, he was having a bad hair day. He wanted to see you.

— Reid and Noah

Episode LiveBlog | July 14, 2010


18.14 GMT/13.14 EDT.  Okay, I’ll give this a shot – I’m home, (god willing) the live-stream is working well, DH is at work and the kids are fed (it’s almost 7pm here in England).  I tend to submit these really long observations on the mibbit and live threads, so I thought I might as well capture them for posterity for anyone who stops by to see what’s happening.

Don’t forget if you are able, and would rather watch it live, check out:

Happy LuresDay, everyone!

In the meantime, in case you forgot where we left off last time (since it was so long ago the kids could have grown up and gone off to college in the interim), it was here:

Luke and Reid: Maybe we can figure it out together

Luke: I don


Oh yeah, and let’s not forget our favorite obnoxious doctor:

Luke and Reid: You were obnoxious.

Luke: You were obnoxious. Reid: I'm good at that.


16.47 GMT/13.47 EDT. YouTube has been flakey all day. Earlier in the day it was unable to show channel stats. Then I couldn’t add a video to a playlist or favorites. I just tried downloading the previews for today/this week and got a Google error.  It better be working later tonight or those of us without DVRs will be sad puppies….

Incidentally, as part of the mutual admiration society (and the result of a hint from a shameless little birdie), this blog, and the Ode to Luke and Reid – by Dr Seuss just got a mention from’s snicks (who happens to be mentioned in said Ode) in his far more established liveblog. My favorite all-time line of his? So many to choose from, but I’d have to say it’s the summary of Reid’s big choice: the wing, or the thigh?

17.01 GMT/14.01 EDT. The scene from last week’s preview. The boys are on the couch at the Lilypad playing chess….awwwww…. And Reid is giving Luke all sorts of advice (which Luke is ignoring). Luke is giving Reid all sorts of advice (which Reid is ignoring) to go ask Bob for his job back before Bob gives it away. Reid puts Luke in check

Kim and Bob winging about Mona. CarJack and Dusty/Janet bump into each other at the LakeView for dinner (awkward much) Lily and Craig at the hotel. More DustNet.  Okay not much detail here – dealing with getting an ornery (and LOUD) 3-year-old out of the tub. Bet snicks doesn’t have this problem!


Okay, liveblogging with a toddler is REALLY not easy! Luke and Reid are still talking at Lilypad.  Reid is saying he’s lost respect for Bob because of the ultimatum, and leaves. Reid arrives at the LakeView where Bob and Mona are discussing alternative candidates. Reid picks up the file for one of his prospective replacements and says you might as well torch the new wing if you hire him. Luke runs in to save the day (Reid: you followed me?!), puts is arm around Reid’s shoulder (!) and clarifies that what Dr Oliver meant to say is that he’d like his job back (nice echo to the scene at Memorial where he keeps Reid was in the middle of “getting canned by his chief of staff.”

Lily and Craig.


19.18 GMT/14.18 EDT. Jack explaining this whole cabin fiasco with Gabriel and Janet. Carly is not pleased (surprise surprise).
19.22 GMT/14.22 EDT.Luke tells off Mona – explains they weren’t in a relationships when he made his donation. Bob says Luke should leave and Luke reminds them that he’s on the board (I thought he resigned already?) and then offers to resign (at the risk of repeating myself, I thought he resigned already?). And he asks where the conflict of interest is. Reid says you don’t have to explain anything. Bob asks to have a moment with Mona and Luke drapes himself all over Reid like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak as he shoves him off intot he corner whispering about keeping control of himself.

Then…Bob grows a pair. A big set.  And says that he agrees with Mona. Mona holds her ground and suggests Bob might not want to challenge Invicta’s policy with this particular test case. Bob asks if that’s because the boys are gay? Then Bob tells Mona the deal’s off – Memorial Hospital is not for sale. Right on, Dr Bob!

Craig and Lily being cute. Ugh. CarJack.  Jack explaining that despite the cabin, “I want to be with you.”

WOW! So much airtime so far! At least it feels like a lot of airtime. Maybe this is what happens when you give a dying man in a desert a Dixie cup full of Hawaiian Punch.

19.29 GMT/14.29 EDT. Luke and Reid see a furious Mona leaving and ask Bob what happens. Bob says he turned her down. Luke is completely draped all over Reid – like TBJOMD. Except all over his shoulder and back. The boys are smiling and laughing and look HAPPY. Somebody says “let’s go celebrate and the happy couple depart.”

Kim arrives and Bob gives her the good news. Kim reminds Bob he needs to find himself a replacement and Christopher is clearly not interested. Bob has something to do.

OMG I type about 100wpm and even that was no where near fast enough to keep up with all the goodness packed into the next 2-3 minutes. Impossible to do this scene justice from memory. They’re outside, joking and happy. Luke asks if Reid will say thanks. Reid says for what? Luke says something like getting his job back. Reid says he could have handled Bob and Mona, but Luke says admit it, you need me. Something I can’t recall, then the scene from today’s preview.  Reid asks Luke to a movie, Luke asks if that’s a date and Reid says that’s what people do at the start of a relationship. Then Luke reminds Reid he doesn’t do relationships. Reid says “I’m willing to make an exception in your case” and then says OR WE COULD JUST SKIP THE MOVIE AND GO BACK TO YOUR PLACE.

Reid (very briefly) has a look on his face that could probably be reasonably described as somewhere between suggestive and lascivious. But blink and you’d miss it (I know I almost did) and  then his phone rings. It’s Bob (duh). Then  (dun dun dun – cue the ominous music) Reid tells Luke that he’d better get used to the cell-blocking if he’s going to be in a relationship with a neurosurgeon.  Nooooooooo!  If this is TBTB’s way of telling us not to expect too many more kisses from these boys I think we need to be starting a campaign to mail in old cell phones to CBS/P&G headquarters!


Allright, pigs must be flying somewhere. Carly just told Jack she didn’t want to tear his clothes off and Craig just undid Lily’s dress….and it’s actually not completely disgusting! They’re actually kind of cute in a Luke and Noah way….

Dustnet. talking about Blackthorn.

Bob and Reid at the LakeView talking about the chief of staff position. Reid is flattered and marvels that Bob is nice and actually still gets people to do stuff. Reid says he can’t be another Bob. Bob says h wants him to keep being Reid, but to work on his people skills and be a better person. Reid leaves and Bob tells her he has a candidate for COS. She laughs and asks, who is it, Reid Oliver? When Bob says yes, Kim looks completely horrified and asks Bob if he’s lost his mind?


19.51 GMT/14.51EDT

More adorable  cuteness. Luke says “get out of here!” Reid explains the situation and asks Luke if he’ll help him (work on his people skills)_. Luke says, “twist my arm.” Yes, please, Reid, twist his arm. So much goodness in a scene that was probably only 20 seconds long. They’re really spreading it out in this episode!

DustNet. Lily and Craig.

No LuRe in preview. And the clock keeps ticking…..

21.41 GMT/16.41 EDT. If you made it all the way to you, thank you for reading!  It’s (well past) kids’ bedtime here in the UK so I’m signing off for a bit, but will be back later with a full episode review. ADL already has the clips posted (as for awhile already – yay, Anthony!).  As is suspected  – the episode felt a lot more LuRe heavy than it actually was (only 12 minutes including opening and closing credits) due to many many very short scenes plus some where they are mentioned. TTYL.

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