Katie: I could take you shopping, you know?
Reid: Eh, just point me in the direction of the nearest discount department store. I’ll buy 50 pairs of underwear, 50 shirts. If I’m not in Dallas by the time I run out, euthanize me.

— Katie and Reid

Episode Liveblog | 9 August 2010

Happy ReidDay!

No confirmation of Luke being on today, but Reid is definite. Plus, there are many good LuRe spoilers  floating about, so here’s hoping for another three-episode week.

Thanks to everyone who has been stopping in to read the liveblogs. I’m sorry to report that family responsibilities will keep me from liveblogging today, so if you’re desperately craving a fix, check out Snicks’ liveblog. AE has changed their design and organization a bit, so the last couple of episodes have been hard to find. The most reliable way to find it is by looking under TV/As the World Turns.

I should be back for tomorrow’s episode and will see what I can do if they’re on again this week (*fingers crossed*).

In the meantime, to tide you over, here is a link to today’s sneak peak with Reid, Chris, and Katie (courtesy ADL):

[tubepress video=SXy3i_nUhJ8 title=false description=false]

And my highlights from last week’s non-wedding episode, heavily edited to be (IMNSHO) only the best parts.

[tubepress video=9NJneyVevqk title=false description=false]


– LL

3 Responses to “Episode Liveblog | 9 August 2010”

  1. fantasy0106 says:

    lovelure here. the following link contains ENORMOUS spoilers for virtually all ATWT storylines. In fact, even the headline contains two spoilers, so I have posted it behind alternative text – do NOT hover your mouse over the link below if are trying to avoid spoilers). Original post follows:

    Click here for link to Michael Fairman post, 9 Aug 2010
    Sorry, this is the correct link

  2. hfantasy0106 says:

    We can not now going to kill Reid because they do not know what to do with Noah!
    Noah always get by without Luke … to fend now also!

  3. fantasy0106 says:


    I need an explanation to this that was published … I do not want to lose LURE!

    lovelure here: this comment was edited to remove the incorrect link; correct link appears in a later comment.


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